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Release Your True Form

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The soul and the mind collide

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Mortuus Magica


AN: Helloooooooo Fan fiction community this is wiwuno you friendly neighborhood Author bring you all the Mortuus Magica your little hearts can handle. Free E-cookies to any one who knows where that reference is from. Another thanks to all my readers and reviewers for your constant support. And so I bring you the new chapter of everyone's favorite story. Now for the obligatory disclaimer.

Disclaimer: You win this round Rowling and Kubo but I shall return and when I do my vengeance will be swift and merciless. Mwahahahahahahaha. Disappears in swirls of fan fiction that I do not own.

So far Halloween was turning out to be fairly interesting for Harry. Waking up that morning to the sight of the common room filled with decoration's of all sorts. Floating pumpkins everywhere, plastic animated bats, and lets not forget the occasional straw and burlap dummy running around in Slytherin robes with large glowing hex me signs on their backs (A Gryfinndor tradition). Classes were fairly uneventful it was what took place during the lunch break between charms and transfiguration that surprised Harry. After breakfast the great hall had been closed to students for the purpose of preparing for the feast. Lunchtime meals would be taken in the houses respective common rooms. Harry was on his way to the Gryfinndor tower when a sudden outpouring of spiritual energy caught his attention. Following the trail for several moments he came upon a door at the end of what looked like an abandoned hallway on the fifth floor. Sensing the energy originating from this room Harry drew his Zanpakuto and released the transfiguration on it. Bracing his foot against the door he counted to three and forced the door open. Bringing the blade of his spear to the fore he prepared for whatever the evil spirit he believed was in the room could do. The one thing he wasn't ready for was seeing a student in Gryfinndor robes in the room standing over low alter looking up at him in shock. Harry quickly recognized the person.

“Terry?” he asked. Terrance Rivers was a quiet first year Harry had barely noticed during his time in Hogwarts. Neville was more remarkable that the average looking boy in front of him. The only reason Harry even knew who Terrance was because Snape had forced them to work together in potions claiming.

“In life you are often unable to select your own coworkers. Best get used to it now.” the professor the proceeded to pair Harry with the only person worse at potions than Neville. Terrance was completely inept at brewing even the simplest potions. He couldn't tell ground boomslang skin from crushed neddle root. He made up for that inability as a brewer with an almost impossible skill in transfiguration. And apparently he was a Necromancer.

“Harry what are you doing here.” the Blue eyed boy asked before noticing the weapon in Harry's hand and feeling the spiritual energy flowing off of it. His eyes went wide and he pointed a finger at Harry nearly shouting. “Your a Nagromancer!” Harry just stared at him in confusion.

“What's a Nagromancer?” Harry asked slowly lowering his weapon while maintaining a firm grip so he could raise it quickly in case the Necromancer attacked. Getting over his shock of finding a fellow practitioner of the death arts Terrance slowly approached Harry speaking carefully sensing the tenseness of the dark haired boy.

“Harry a Nagromancer is sort of like the opposite of a Necromancer. While I use the energy of living Spiritual energy to call up the dead and use them a Nagromancer like you uses the spiritual energy of the dead directly. Casting magic usually reserved for those who have passed on. I've often wondered how they managed to harness that power. Some sort of ritual or sacrifice. Maybe they have to be born with it. Perhaps a bit of both?” The brunette boy began going off on a tangent completely forgetting Harry was there in his musings. Clearing his throat to draw attention back to himself Harry began asking.

“How long have you been a Necromancer”

“Most of my life. It's a family tradition.”

“Isn't Necromancy evil or something?”

“Not all of it. Most Necromancer only summon spirits to use for advanced Divination. Conjuring the dead into undead is a restricted practice left only to important research or emergency situations. Most Necromancer's keep to themselves the ones that don't are usually nuts and try taking over the world.” The young Necromancer began pacing while discussing the topic of death based magic. His favorite subject. “Tell me Harry how did you go about gaining your Nagromantic powers anyway your kind are fairly rare and I haven't been able to ask about it before?”

Harry and Terrance spent the next hour discussing the differences between their two different types of magic and the general theory behind their their different spells.


Charms was the real turning point in Harry's day though. Today they were doing the practical portion of their study on the levitation charm.

“Remember students swish and flick, swish and flick. Don't be afraid of a little finesse, this is a charm not a curse you don't need to be so rigid.” The short professor was going around handing out advice to his students. “Enunciate Ms. Patil Enunciate. WinGardium LevIosa. Good good now you've got it five more points from Gryfinndor. Good work.” The little half goblin was fairly kind as a teacher usually awarding points for the faintest accomplishments. Harry and Hermione had earned twenty points each for casting the charm within a few moments of class. While Hermione was giving out tips to other students Harry was reading Newt Scamander's follow up to his best selling school book Even More Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Rugaru (A.K.A. The Super Gator)
ministry rating XXXXX
The Rugaru is a large reptilian creature, growing up to fifty feet in length and weighing easily several tons, it is a massive creature similar in appearance to the American alligator. A Rugaru possesses two massive mouths one positioned above the other used to speed along the eating process and devour twice the pray it normally would. A Rugaru is known for a few dangerous features including a paralyzing toxin that can be emitted form it's upper mouth into the surrounding water disabling any animal within a mile of the beast. It's most dangerous aspect however is it's tail. A long segmented tail tipped in a razor sharp carapace harder than steel the Rugaru can wield it's tail with the skill and precision of a master swordsman. It's skin is the most resistant of any magical beast where physical damage is involved of any other creature. It has been known to swallow...

“It's LevIosa not LeVioSa Ron like this.” Hermione said next to Harry drawing him out of his book. Ron had so far frozen, burned, blown up, and liquifying his feathers so far. Being corrected by Hermione caused him no end of embarrassment due to the fact that her loud instructing voice had drawn the attention of several students most of whom were already levitating their feathers. After class Ron was complaining to a barely listening Harry and Sam.

“I swear she's the worst “It's LevIosa not LeVioSa.” stupid bird. No wonder she doesn't have any friends. Who could like someone like her anyway.” Ron ranted ignoring the sniffling mass of bushy hair that had pushed itself past him before rushing off. Stepping to either side of Ron Harry and Sam both simultaneously delivered a hard slap to the back of Ron's head. Sam then hurried off after Hermione while Harry dealt with Ron.

“That was just low mate. She was trying to help you. If that's how you thank someone you really need to reevaluate yourself.” Harry scolded before walking away from Ron and heading towards the library He'd managed to talk some escorted time in the restricted section out of Professor Flitwick after he managed to levitate five feathers at once.


The Halloween feast was truly amazing extravagant decoration's surrounded the great hall, music boomed from the ceiling, the School chorus was performing with their singing toads, and a general festive sense permeated the air. But something was missing, something that took nearly half the meal for Harry to place. Turning to his girlfriend he asked worriedly.

“Sam where's Hermione?”

“She's in the girls room still having a good cry. I stayed with her for a while made sure she was OK but she sent me away saying she just needed time to calm down.” The blond girl clarified while having a butter knife with Seamus Finnegan over the last biscuit near them. The peace was quickly broken however by the sight of Professor Quirrill bursting through the great hall door's yelling as loud a possible.

“TROLL IN THE DUNGEONS! Thought you ought to know.” He finished quietly before passing out. The Hall broke out into panicked screams terrified children yelling about how they were to young to die.

“Silence!” Dumbledore ordered his voice carrying over the entire hall. “Everyone return to your common rooms immediately you will be informed when the crisis has passed.” The Headmaster announced gathering up the staff to escort the Slytherin to their common room. Halfway out the door Harry remembered something extremely important.

“Hermione! Oh bugger she doesn't know about the troll I gotta find her.” Harry yelled running off telling Sam to stay with the group before he disappeared around the corner. Nearing the third floor girls bathroom he hears the last thing he wants to hear. A high pitched scream pierces the air followed by a deep bellow and the sound of crashing. Flinging open the door Harry releases the transfiguration on his spear and levels it at the troll's back. Casting a quick stunner at the troll to get it's attention off Hermione he sees the girl crawl beneath a set of sinks as the troll turns to him reflexively swinging his club towards Harry. The boy uses a quick flash step to get away from the club before casting rapid fire cutting hexes at the trolls legs hoping to get through it's skin enough to stun it for a moment. Bellowing in rage the beast hefts it's club at Harry fearing through the wall behind him as he jumps forward under the swing. Rolling with the momentum of his jump Harry regains his balance under the troll. a pair of quick side swipes and he cuts deep into the back of the troll's Achilles tendons dropping the brute to hits knees. Taking that moment he aims the jewel on the end of his staff at the creatures head and rapidly chants out. “Flash and crackle, scorch and draw, cleans in flames and render pure, strike down the vile to bring forth resolution. Way of Destruction Number Fifty-Four: Abolishing Flame!” A ball of purple fire blasts forth from the end of the staff rushing towards the trolls wide eyed gaze. Striking the beast head on not even a trolls natural resistance to magic was enough to fully shrug off the Abolishing Flame causing the injured brute to be reduced to bare ashes club and all. Even as the troll continued to burn Harry had already turned to the sink's Hermione had taken refuge under. Nearing the frightened girl Harry is immediately engulfed in Hermione's panicked embrace. Sobbing into the boy's shoulder muttering incoherent thanks and fears of near death. She seemed to be unharmed for the most part and Harry was about to help her to her feet when the sound of the door opening drew his attention.

“Here Headmaster. I was worried someone was after the stone so I was making sure it was secure when I heard a loud...” Snape tapered off after opening the door. The sight of a destroyed bathroom and a pair of frighted first years huddled around a massive pile of putrid ash silencing him immediately.

“Heard a loud what Serverus. Oh my what happened here?” Dumbledore asked shocked by the sight just as much a Snape. “Harry? What happened here?” He asked the boy Hermione still clinging to his robes upset.

“I heard that Hermione was here during the feast sir. I knew she wouldn't know about the troll so I came here to help her. When I got here the troll was in the bathroom attacking. I got here in time to distract the troll when it attacked me I panicked. I saw a flash of hot purple light and the troll was burned to ash sir. I don't know what it was.” The boy lied figuring that claiming accidental magic would be easier that explaining Kido to the faculty. Reaching under the sinks when the teachers were examining the ash he quickly recast the transfiguration on his Zanpakuto and stuffed it into his holster. Recovering form his shock Professor Snape took this opportunity to cause problem's for the Gryfinndors.

“Fifty points each from Gryfinndor, for recklessness and endangering a classmate.” The unwashed brewer declared with heavy smirk.

“Quite right Serverus can't allow students to believe recklessness is a good thing. And two-hundred points to Gryfinndor for bravery and dedication to a friend. Qualities we must defiantly encourage in our students. Don't you agree.” The old man finished turning to the greasy professor who nodded stiffly in false agreement. Summoning McGonagall to escort her lions back to their dorms the rest of the staff began the process of figuring out what happened. Harry noticed Snape limping heavily on his left leg. Seeing that neither student had been injured by some miracle both were sent off to bed to recover from their harrowing ordeal. Harry's mind buzzing with questions. 'where did that troll come from?, what happened to Snape's leg?, and what stone was he talking about?'

“Ah Harry so good of you to visit. To what do I owe this pleasure.” The spirit of his Zanpakuto greeted him amiably. Standing up from his favorite couch in the soulscape library.

“Last time we met you said implied that I wasn't ready to hear your name.” Harry more stated than asked getting a nod in the affirmative from the spirit. “How can I prove I'm ready?” Harry questioned with a fire in his eyes.

“Oh my such fire. May I ask what brought about this change? Last time you were here you were more than happy waiting.” The well dressed spirit asked of the boy his head tilted to the left and his Royal purple eyes piercing into Harry's with an endless curiosity.

“I faced a troll today. My performance was not up unsatisfactory. A friend of mine was nearly injured and was most likely traumatized by the situation. I intend to prevent such a thing from happening again.” The green-eyed Nagromancer answered a cold stare meeting the spirits unflinchingly.

“Your friends well being is of no concern to me Harry my duty is to protect and guide you. Anything else is pointless to me. Why should I waste my time meeting this goal if it means you will only endanger yourself further.?” The taller man responded coldly firmly announcing his stance on the matter.

Harry felt his blood run cold. This man was supposed to be the spirit of his weapon. Their goals should be the same. Their desires should coincide. But they didn't. The spirit cared only for Harry's life to the damnation of all others. Something Harry was not willing to allow. Finally the boy made up his mind. He marched up to the spirit grabbed him by the shirt and drew him down to look him in the eye.

“If you don't help me I'm still going to throw myself into danger. I'll just be doing it with less power than I would with your help. And you don't want that do you?” Harry stated coldly the challenge permeating his voice. The spirit shocked Harry by grinning at his demands.

“Good your learning Harry. Very well lets I have no choice now do I I'll tell you my name but remember having power and knowing how to properly are two very different things. I am the one who leads the blind, I am the one who guides the fools, I guard wisdom and distribute knowledge to he ignorant, it is my duty and my honor to teach the masses in hopes that even one gleamed my meaning. I am...” Shooting up out of bed Harry looked out the window to see the light filtering through the morning clouds. Rushing off out of the tower not caring about cleaning up or the hour it was the boy rushed towards an empty classroom in just his PJ's with his Zanpakuto held firmly in hand still in wand form. Entering the room he quickly releases his weapon form its stick like image. Holding the unique weapon overhead the spear blade pointed forward he began to call our his new command.

“Lead the ignorant to the truth!” he slams the blade down onto the stone calling out the name of his Zanpakuto spirit. “Tamashigaido!”

AN: And there's Halloween. Now I know what several of you are gonna say and no Terrence is not another member of Harry's already larger than canon entourage. He's a plot device mostly. Like how Rowling used Neville in her books. Very little information or screen time until he's needed then sinking back into obscurity. How did I do with the Troll scene. I've never been sure about my fight scenes so I want your honest comment's on how I can improve. That's about it so I'll see you all later. Ja Ne
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