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Quidditch Mania

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The first game of the season

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Mortuus Magica


AN: So this is what writers block feels like. It sucks. Sorry for the wait folks its been like 2 months since my last update and I have no excuse. But here I am churning out this chapter. I know all of you are looking forward to the Quidditch match so I hope I can do it justice. I'm not much of a sports person myself so I tended to gloss over the cannon matches myself but I'll try to do them justice but don't expect to many written out matches I'll most likely skip most of them. Enough yammering on with the disclaimer.

Disclaimer:While I do subscribe to the multiple worlds theory which states that in at least one of them I do in fact own Harry potter and or Bleach this unfortunately is not that world.


The first day of the Quidditch season was apparently a very big deal around Hogwarts. All around the school one could see the individual house colors of the competing teams warring with each other for supremacy, the great hall itself was a prime example of this the read and green meeting in the middle looked like a clash of two opposing forces pushing at each other trying to gain supremacy.

“You know it almost looks like Christmas came early this year.” remarked Alex while looking around the hall at the obviously hostile atmosphere that seemed to develop between the team supporters. “Minus the love and togetherness that is.”

“Why on earth would we want to show those slimy snakes any love and togetherness?” Ron questioned as he began pulling out his novelty lions rule table napkin the sight of which caused Alex's eye to twitch.

“And another thing. How exactly is Quidditch athletic. Your sitting on a broom flying around. I suppose if your a chaser or a beater you work out your throwing or hitting arm, but other than that your not doing anything seriously physical. From what I've seen its like wizards go out of their way to avoid as much exercise as possible.” Alex ranted on despite most of his friends were either only paying half attention or in Ron's case ignoring him entirely. Walking up to their group the Gryfinndor captain Oliver Wood put his arm around his new seekers shoulder and pulled him off to where the rest of the team was gathered for a last minute meeting while proclaiming loudly.

“You ready to get a real workout today Harry? Doesn't get much more physical than a serious game of Quidditch.”

BAM The sound of Alex's head hitting the table echoed through out the Great hall although no one could hear his mumbling about lazy wizards and not knowing what a real workout was.


The Quidditch stadium was absolutely packed full of mindlessly screaming students of every year and house all dressed in red and green here to support their favored team. The sound grew to near deafening volumes as the two teams walked on to the pitch and approached each other and the school referee madam Hooch. After giving the traditional speech about fair play and the team captains disguised their attempts to crush each others good hand behind a “sporting” handshake the players were quickly air born and preparing formation for the game. Harry allowed himself to drift higher than his teammates in order to get a better view of the field and, as he noted, completely removing himself from the majority of the game.

As the balls were released the game took off with Slytherin taking control of the Quaffel and running a confusion attempt to move down pitch the chasers would maneuver closely together and would randomly hand off the ball to another player making it difficult at times to keep up with which was in control at what point. Arriving at the scoring zone the three chasers scattered in different directions each pretending to have the Quaffel even going so far as to mime tossing at the same time. Oliver in his surprise maneuvered towards the wrong ring. Realizing his mistake to late to correct his maneuver Oliver could only sit and watch as the Quaffel hurtled closer to his goal. Time seemed to slow down for the keeper as he thought over his mistake only to see a Bludger sent hurtling into the Quaffel knocking it away from its target and into the waiting hand of Alicia Spinette who took off like lightning past the stunned Slytherin team towards their goal. Shaking their confusion off the green clad Chasers took off in pursuit of their red counterpart while Oliver looked towards where the Bludger had come from to see one of the Weasly twins waving cheerfully at him.

Katie Bell now holding the Quaffel was rapidly closing in on the rival keeper weaving past Chasers and Bludgers alike she managed to get in the scoring zone and spun her broom around quickly in a circular motion. Using the added force of her spin to strengthen her throw Katie released the Quaffel and watched it sail past the green keeper and into the center hoop right into the waiting hands of Angelina Johnson who circled around and delivered a swift over under into the hoop on the far right bringing the score to twenty zero. The third score attempt was finally intercepted by the Keeper who handed the ball off to one of the green chasers who was already accelerating towards the other end of the pitch. The Green Chaser handed off the Quaffel to team captain and fellow Chaser Marcus Flint just before a rapid flying Bludger courtesy of both Weasly twins slammed into his side knocking him off course and dazing him severely. Marcus had made his way towards his rival Oliver and was performing overly complicated maneuvers around the scoring zone to confuse the keeper before faking a pass to his teammate and scoring while Oliver was looking towards the other boy.

The back and forth kept up for over an hour with both teams pulling off their best maneuvers both overly complicated and effectively simple. Harry himself was annoyed at being so far from the action and was sorely tempted to cheat and use a tracking Kido to find the Snitch and end the game . Just as he was about to give in his eyes caught a glint of gold and he began scanning the area around where he had spotted the light. Fighting his urge to focus on one area he observed the area as a whole and finally pinned down the small ball. Just as he was about to rocket off after it his broom gave a heavy lurch and began bucking around like Neville's would during riding class. Gripping the handle tightly and preparing to send out a pulse of spiritual energy in an attempt to regain control of his renegade broom. That was however unnecessary as he soon regained control of the broom without any tampering on his part but lost sight of the snitch in the process. Absently noting a commotion breaking out in the teachers box around Snape and Quirrill and began to scan the area again only to notice his Slytherin counterpart taking off towards what he assumed was the Snitch. Taking off after the opposing Seeker Harry scanned the general direction the other was going in to make sure the snitch was really there only to spot it himself hovering near the far left end of the Slytherin supporters stands. Adjusting his flight path slightly to the right Harry pours his full power into his broom and takes off like a bat out of hell as Alex would later describe it. Harry was,'t fully prepared for the speed he'd get out of his nimbus and was surprised with how soon he had caught up to the other seeker. Seeing Harry gaining on him the Slytherin attempted to ram him out of the air only for Harry to quickly drop altitude slightly and allow the green Seeker to fly straight over him.

Moving towards the Snitch Harry passed his opponent easily however at the last moment the golden little ball took off past Harry completely and stopped almost half way to the other Seeker who was closing in quickly. Bringing his broom around and taking off again at full speed Harry's superior broom helped make up the difference in position. The snitch in all its rambunctiousness had initiated a game of Seeker chicken that had the whole stadium on the edge of their seats. The rest of the game had more or less stopped as the teams watched the two dare devils hurtling towards each other at full speed. The Seekers reached the Snitch simultaneously and collided in a heap falling to the ground. After the impact Madam Hooch rushed to the two players to assess any injuries and managed to reach them just as one of the players stood up and held his arm up. There in his hands was the snitch gleaming in the sun like a trophy held tight in the grasp of Harry Potter.


“That was bloody amazing mate!” Ron yelled for the fifteenth time during the Gryfinndor celebration party. Harry however was more interested in Hermione's story. Apparently right around the same time that Harry's broom was going nuts Sam had spotted Snape quietly chanting what Hermione believed was some kind of jinx under his breath.

“So your saying that you think Professor Snape was trying to hurt or even kill me out there?” Harry asked trying to wrap his head around the events. Hermione's hesitant nod confirmed Harry's fears. “Great next thing you know I'm gonna run into some mythical devil beast hiding in the castle. He groaned out putting his head in his hands.

AN: There we go new chapters finally out. If any of you like my work please feel free to check out my other story Chronicles of the Mage and let me know what you think. Oh and Yay I finally broke the 100 Review mark and it only took me 10 chapters. Not as good as some but better than a lot others so I'll take it. Remember I feed off your feed back so review. Until later. Byezees
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