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A reassuring surprise

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The beginning of autumn hit us both hard. We were so used to having each other’s company constantly through out the summer that spending days apart became a struggle, but nothing could stop us by this point it seemed, we flew through everything with flying colours.

You reassured me that your feelings most certainly weren’t changing in a way that stunned me.

You had left school a period early to surprise me, It was a free period anyway so it wasn’t important but that doesn’t matter. As soon as I left the building and entered the playground I could hear the hubbub of something regarding someone at the gates. I didn’t think much of it but approached the gates anyway, to make my way through the sleeping leaves home.

I had just stepped out of the manic playground when I heard the whole playground gasp in amusement as a pair of petite hands slipped round my waist. I recognized them as yours straight away and automatically the butterflies in my stomach kicked in and I started grinning like a fool. You twisted my body around to face you and went on your tiptoes to kiss me for what felt like a lifetime, oblivious to the whooping and cheers surrounding us.

Time seemed frozen until you broke away and declared that you had missed me and didn’t want to risk me forgetting about you. You said this as if you had to explain yourself to me,and as if there was a chance of me ever forgetting you, which I found adorable as both were unthinkable.

Yes that was definitely the highlight of my autumn months.


My tears are still coming thick and fast, but the smile notciable through the waterfall of emotion makes the situation seem a little better. The fact you can still make me smile, makes it seem like you aren’t completely gone, it’s strangely comforting. My clothes are sticking to my skinny body, and each step and thought is becoming more and more of an effort. But one more mile, and one more season, I’m going to try my best to complete this for you, have faith, please.
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