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First love..only love?

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Life without you,would be impossible.

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Summer. This is my favourite chapter of “us”, which I’m guessing isn’t surprising as I always said you were my summer. It meant six weeks of you and nothing else. This, if I’m honest was complete paradise. My feelings for you became so intense it felt dangerous. The cause of this was that summer’s evening when we were in you’re garden having a barbecue to celebrate you’re 18th birthday. The majority of your family was there and it just seemed like an idyllic situation. The butterflies were fluttering their wings over everyone’s smiling faces, the sound of the champagne fizzing tickled my ears and most of all your face being lit up for the whole night put severe butterflies in my stomach. But you, being you, had a secret up you’re sleeve which was going to make the night even more perfect.

The fairy lights were dimmed and the birthday cake was unveiled. The chorus of Happy Birthday began, you had your whole family surrounding you but chose to keep eye contact with me for the whole song; this filled me with an insane amount of pride. Everyone was looking at you adoringly as you blew the eight candles out gracefully yet powerfully. Your father, attempting to be the funny one as usual, nudged you and asked what you had wished for, not expecting an answer. You surprised everyone and announced you’re one and only wish.

“Ok I’ll tell’re all the ones I love the most so why not? I wished for the only thing that can’t be guaranteed, I wished for my first love to be my only love.”

I couldn’t help myself I had to complete the moment and thank you for telling your family your feelings for me, by giving you the most meaningful kiss possible. It was either because you knew me so well, or kisses can actually speak, but the message of thanks did come across. We broke apart and you whispered “You’re welcome”. After that night I knew life without you would be impossible.


The tears are streaming down face at a speed that is unknown to man. My whole body is in ache for you Sophia. This fairy tale is most definitely pulling on my heart strings.
But onwards I shall trudge, on my journey home and through my autobiography of us.
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