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The second season

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This chapter is a bit short,but i was already over my limit of words for english and had so much more to write,sorry!

Category: Loveless - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Kio - Published: 2011-10-18 - Updated: 2011-10-18 - 262 words

Spring came like a breath of fresh air. It meant lighter mornings and evenings which meant you and I could spend more time with each other, as our time always felt limited due to us attending different schools. The more time spent with each other made us appreciate each other even more, this resulted in you reminding me of how you felt more often which made me constantly have a smile splattered across my face.

One spring evening we were sitting on “our” bench where we’d first met when you turned to me and said words that I shall always treasure.

“Stefan, even in my sleep I am still thinking of you. Even now you’re still managing to get me to love you more; I honestly don’t know how you do it”.

You made me smile so much with those few words that my face hurt, not that I’m complaining though, far from it. My response didn’t live up to your majestic way of making words sound like poetry. “I have told you before and will you continue to tell you that you make everything else seem like nothing.”

Pausing this wonderful story of what seems like my whole life seems like a crime, but that memory brought tears even when you were still...well you know. So you can imagine how I am now; feeling like a ship about to go under. But regardless, no point on stopping halfway through, my journey and reminiscence that is, so the next scene of our love story it is...
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