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You're My Summer

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Discovering each other's feelings

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The rest of the winter months were occupied with you and I discovering things about each other and ourselves that made us seem even more compatible. It was obvious to any outsider that you were slowly, but surely falling in love with me. How did I know this? I was informed by your mother. She bumped into me on one the rare days that I was without you’re company, a couple of months after she had met me for the first time. Her words almost knocked me off my feet.

“Stefan, you do realise my daughter is falling head over heels for you?”

I was stunned to silence but she could read me like a book.

“And you obviously feel the same. Well watch out, love is a difficult game”.

Looking back, those last words were incredibly wise.

Surely enough at the beginning March, just when the last of the snow had almost disappeared and taken winter with it, you spoke the magical words. I was waiting for you under the harsh light of a sheltered bus stop, when you sneaked up behind me and said the words which blew me away.

“I hope you know that I have been slowly falling in love with you ever since you wished me a late merry Christmas.”

You said this in such a causal tone that I could have mistaken you for asking me when the bus was due. But the words that were spoken in the causal tone meant so much that I could never have misheard you.

My reply on the other hand was the complete opposite of casual. I turned around and stared at you dead in the eyes, summoned up the courage and told you “You’re my summer in the depths of the winter. You’re my summer I need your warmth. You’re my summer...the rest feels like nothing”. This was my way of admitting my true love for you in the most serious tone I had ever heard come out my mouth. I had to make sure she knew how strongly I felt about her. There was another thing that had to be said though. You started to smile and opened your mouth, and by coincidence we both spoke the exact same words at the exact same time “I need you.”

A sigh of relief escapes from within me; the first chapter of our very own fairytale is over and I have covered about a mile of my journey. As much as this reminiscing is hurting me, I can’t help but smile through the pain, these memories take my breath away even almost a year later, so I’m more than happy to carry on narrating. Also because the weather I’m experiencing is hideous. Fat dollops of rain cover my top half whilst the remains of snowy slush cover the bottom. Reminding myself of my past life takes my mind of my current conditions so I shall carry on.
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