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Flashback-The first encounter

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Stefan reminsices over the first time he ever lay eyes on Sophia

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Its Boxing Day 2010 and I decide to go for a walk in my local park to cure my hangover. The streets are dead and so is my head so as you can imagine I’m really not expecting to be put in a daze by a figure perched on a bench and staring into space, but that’s what happened. I had been pacing around the duck pond numerous amounts of times, letting the icy air escape into my lungs so was in need of a rest, I chose a bench and settled into it. The metal plates on the back of benches have always fascinated me so I automatically studied the one on the bench I had chosen. Engraved on it was; “In memory of my first and only love, Sophia. Your’s forever, Stefan”. “Aw isn’t that a coincidence?” I thought to myself “A bench with my name on it! Never came across that before...” My thoughts were interrupted by the sudden awareness of someone staring at me, so I shifted my gaze and stared at them in response.

I didn’t know what I was expecting, an awkward stare off maybe? But what happened next could have never been predicted…

We met eye contact, myself and the most breath taking human being I had ever seen. Slowly you approached me and sat down, you spoke her first ever words to me.

“We both looked like we could do with some company”.

It wasn’t a question; it was a fact so I nodded in awe, taking in your facial features, which I was soon to know like the back of my hand. I felt rude not speaking so felt the need to mumble “Merry Late Christmas...I’m Stefan” followed by a nervous giggle. Your next few words put my whole world on pause for a few moments.

“Thanks Stefan” you replied, saying my name cautiously, trying it out for the first time, “I’m Sophia.”

And it was at that moment I fell completely, unquestionably, uncontrollably in love.


People talk of fate as a miscomprehended piece of information, as if it is the talk of mad people, when in fact; fate is the key to some people’s complete happiness, myself being one of those people.

The blatant truth is, if anyone was put in the situation I was faced with and didn’t see true love staring them right in the face, they must have a something wrong in the head. I for one don’t have anything wrong in my head so acted upon this fate. The result? I experienced emotions which aren’t defined in the dictionary and a sort of happiness which is unexplainable.
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