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Why don't you admit it?

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Gerard is trying to weedle out Franks secret, but Franks under so much pressure to keep it from him! Will Frank confess??

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Frank was downstairs, looking at some of the comics. It turned out Gerard had a second home just above the comic store that he owned. For the first time in almost a year, Frank felt brilliant. He had a full stomach, clean clothes (with the acception of the fact he had no shirt) and most importantly, Gerard was growing ever-closer to him. It seemed like a little spot of paradise. What made Frank feel so much better was that, when a young boy ran in and picked up the first Batman comic he didn't have, he gave Frank an amazed look. He then turned to his mum and said "I wanna have a tattoo!" Of course, his mum ushered him out of the shop, making Gerard wonder if it was right to let Frank see the comics.

"Frank!" He shouted from behind the counter. He was in a little office chair, spinning slowly from left to right. It seemed to amuse him, so Frank had no objection. "Are you scaring away my customers?"

"Maybe." Frank smiled, facing away from Gerard so it seemed he was smiling at Superman. The truth was, he hated Superman. Who would like someone who could do anything? Even Gerard couldn't do everything, as he had asked Frank to help out around the shop. "I think your customers are just easily scared.

"Oh, you think?" Gerard laughed. There was a pause. "I think it's time to take off that halloween mask." Gerard joked. Frank grinned, launching over the counter and landing on Gerards lap, straddling him. The warmth of Gerards thighs next to his was so relaxing, and Frank had to put his hands on Gerards shoulders, or his face would have replaced them. He was crossing the line already, he shouldn't be touching Gerard much more than a friendly hug. But, strangely, Gerard had never protested for every time Frank had jumped on him, even if it was in a playful manner. Well, Gerard was likely just being polite, Frank thought.

"How do you do that?" Gerard gasped, his hands instinctively on Franks hips. Frank grinned, then shook his hands away by waving his butt around a bit. Gerard laughed. "Great, my shop assistant is giving me a show." It was like they were childhood friends. I guess that's what happens when two people like each other. But, of course, Frank was still trying to kid himself out of believing that Gerard liked him. Gerard was just being friendly, just joking around. But, Frank was confident in the fact that he definately had a home for the winter. While he was sat on Gerards lap, hands on his shoulders and Gerards hands securely on the arm rests, a young girl cried out. Gerard spun around the computer chair, pushing Frank away and looking for where the commotion was coming from. Frank hopped onto his feet, also looking.

"Mum! Mummy!" The young, blonde six-year-old was crying. "The two men kissed!" The mother took her child, obviously homophobic, and picked her up. She looked about fourty years old, her face aged like a plum to a prune. The fact that she was cringing with the thought of two guys in love didn't make her look any better. She took the comic from her childs hands and put it back, before rushing out of the shop in her dainty, pixie-like heels and her swish, black suit. She probably didn't even agree with her daughter being in a 'boys' comic shop. Horrible, sexist, homophobic bitch. Gerard wouldn't be surprised if she was racist and rude too. Under her breath, she muttered something along the lines of "Dirty faggots." but Gerard took no notice. He turned the chair around, looking for Frank again.

"Fancy that!" He laughed, nervously. "Me and you, kissing!" But Frank wasn't there. Gerard looked down the hall, then back into the shop, but there was no sign of him. "What the..." Footsteps coming from upstairs caught Gerards attention, and he followed the sound.

When he got into the livingroom, Frank was watching TV franticly. He was forcing himself to look interested in the program, although it looked like a bunch of barbie doll ads. Did he not want to talk to Gerard? Gerard watched for two seconds, before coming to sit next to him and putting a hand carefully over Franks resting on his knee. Frank pulled his hand back like he'd been bitten, then relaxed it in his pocket.

"Oh, come on, Frank!" Gerard groaned, maybe a little too annoyed. "Just because one girl accused you of kissing me, you're going to get all awkward? Seriously?" Frank looked back at Gerard, confused within his own thoughts. He didn't have an answer on the tip of his tongue, and Gerards heart sank with realisation. Of course, he was homophobic. "Frank... do you have a problem with... y'know... gays?"

"What?" Frank finally spoke, but he was almost horrified. "No, of course I don't have a problem with being gay?!"

"Whoa, being gay?" Frank blushed deep scarlett.

"No, not being gay!" He laughed nervously. "I mean being with gays. I mean, homosexuals. I mean, I'm not gay... or... or actually..." No! What was he doing! Frank shut up, staring at the TV intensively. Gerard threw his head back into the cushioned sofa behind him, careful not to hurt himself, and rubbed his temples.

"Frank, I don't get it. And don't stutter, just give me a straight answer. Are. You. Gay?" Frank pretended he hadn't heard, and Gerard suddenly decided if Frank was treating him like shit, he would do it back. But how? Frank had done nothing wrong, he was innocent. Then Gerard remembered Franks clothes. Angry and looking for answers, he took them from the washing machine and brought them to the window, holding them on the outside.

"Whoa! Stop!" Frank shouted. "Are you an idiot, I need them!" Gerard had gone crazy now, Frank thought. Why couldn't he just understand that there were some things Frank didn't want to talk about?!

"You need these?? Gosh, well, I'm a curious man. I want answers, now you can hear me." Franks cheeks burned with rage. Why was Gerard doing this? Frank knew. Gerard was a forward man, he didn't like secrets or liars or messing around. It wasn't that he really, completely despised Frank, but he was seeing it as a bit of a game, a challenge, even, to get at Franks dark secrets. Frank couldn't usually tell people too well, but he'd been observing Gerard for quite a while, now. He knew what he was doing. "So tell me, Frank. Are you a homosexual, or do you want to keep these coats?"

"I'm... I'm..." Frank couldn't take it. He felt weak, vunerable. Gerard was threatening to throw out his ways of survival, things he had saved up for months for. He wanted to hit Gerard, kick Gerard, absolutaly slaughter Gerard, but a the same time he wanted to throw Gerard to the floor and kiss Gerard. There was something in him, something more than pure beauty, something within his personality that Frank desperately wanted. Wanted like Gerard wanted to know Franks secrets.

Franks soul cracking under the pressure, he ran for the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. He was horrified that Gerard was smiling as he hung things so important to Frank over the window. Frank collapsed onto the bed, burying his face into the pillow and crying. He hated Gerard, but loved him all the same. Why was he so complicated? Why had he been so... he didn't even know any more. He was sure his things were probably all over the street now, Gerard laughing in the living room. He was wrong, he found, when he felt a warm hand rest on his shoulder.

"Frank? I'm sorry but I didn't think you'd take it this bad, y'know?" Gerards voice was soft, guilty. Frank had noticed more than a hint of regret in it, but he still didn't want to look at Gerard. How could he, after all Gerard had done? Sorry was just an apology, a word.

As much as Frank wanted to hate Gerard at the moment, he knew he couldn't. Especially not when Gerards arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him up, his head now resting on Gerards shoulder, his stomach against Gerards side. Gerards arms tightened around Franks waist, and Gerards face dissapeared into Franks hair. Without thinking, Franks arms instinctively wrapped around Gerard in return, and he pushed his face into Gerards neck. Then, Gerard said something that was a true apology. There was no buts or ifs, it was Gerard admitting he was wrong. "Frank. I'm sorry I'm a dick sometimes, okay? I'm really, really sorry."

Frank looked up, his heart sinking as he realised they both had tear stained eyes. "Y'know." Gerard continued. "Last night, when you ran off, I didn't sleep a wink. I was so scared to death you'd get lost in all of the snow, and after an hour I was driving around in my car looking for you."

"Really?" Frank asked, his voice slightly warped from his crying state.

"Really." Gerard whispered, his lips brushing Franks ear. Frank looked down at his feet, ensnared in the duvet and Gerards legs. It must have happened unknowingly, because this was the first he'd seen of it. He was completely lost in Gerard, now, the warmth from both his body and his eyes were making Frank loose himself. He'd never gotten this close to anyone since his old boyfriend, so he guessed he might as well relieve some of the pressure.

"Gerard, every homeless man has his story, okay? And some are pretty boring, but some aren't. I'm just not ready to admit mine, yet." Frank put his head back on Gerards shoulder, and Gerard rocked him gently backwards and forwards. If he hadn't been mistaken, Gerard had also kissed his forehead very lightly, but of course... no, Frank wasn't kidding himself anymore. Gerard had kissed him. It was time Frank accepted it.

Just listen to this song. when I heard the chorus I was thinking of how Frank felt in this chapter, and it made me cry a little. Try it.
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