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Gerard has to find a way to apologise to Frank, without letting on that Gerard likes him. And Frank has to accept the apology, without letting on that he loves Gerard. Can they do it?

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Whrn the two boys gave up crying, Gerard walked Frank to his car, after locking up the old comic shop. Frank had found himself wearing Gerards coat, considering how cold it was outside, and he had no objections. Secretly, on the ride home, he savoured the sweet, mesmerising aroma of cologne and sweat and hair products. It strangely smelt familiar, like the first time he'd met Gerard.

"Frank... when we get back, I'll have a bed all set up for you, okay? And don't worry about breakfast, I'll make that before you get up." Gerard said. He was smiling, but it was an awkward smile, maybe even a fake one. After what had just happened, nobody wanted to talk.

"Hmmm, okay." Frank sighed. He was facing out of the window, somewhere between the real world and the nightmare one. All these horrible things kept seeping in and disturbing him. He'd allowed Gerard to kiss him! Was he a straight man, or was he gay? And how could he forgive Gerard after all of this? Go back to his house? Invite himself in for more torture? No, Gerard didn't seem like that anymore. He appeared to have changed after seeing Frank in that state, like he knew his limits now. Maybe that was why he did it, to test Franks limits and to test his own. Gerards limits probably ended somewhere close to murder, he had thrown Frank out onto the street in the middle of the winter with no coat or shoes, after all. Frank still had no shoes.

The car pulled up at some traffic lights, and Gerard reached his hand out and have Franks a quick, reassuring squeeze, making Frank look at him. He wished he hadn't, since when Frank looked at him his eyes were full of remourse and sadness, like he'd been through the whole ordeal before. Well, maybe he had? Every homeless man has their story, right? Gerard dropped Franks hand softly and turned on the radio. Immediately, Sum 41 - Fat lip, began to play. It made Frank smile slightly, this song was one of his favourites when he was younger. It reminded him of a better time, when things weren't this complicated.

"You like this song?" Gerard asked, grinning. He was glad to know Frank knew his music.

"Yeah..." Frank sighed, then he looked back out of the window. Why did Gerard feel so empty all of a sudden? Just because Frank wouldn't start conversation with him, he felt alone. Gerard kept on driving, up different streets and into an alley, then back out onto another street and down a main road. Finally, at the speed they were going at, Frank didn't want to look out of the window. It slowly dawned on Gerard that Frank had been looking at him for quite some time now.

"What?" Gerard asked, feeling a little awkward as the next song came on. Of course, it was No-one knows by queens of he stone age. This was a song Gerard loved, a song he was always caught absent mindedly bobbing his head to. He tapped the steering wheel as he drove, singing along to some of the lyrics he knew.

"Gerard, you're a really good singer, you know?" Frank raised his eyebrows curiously at Gerard, as they pulled into the garages across from Gerards actual flat. Gerard opened up Franks door for him, and Frank gsve him a little "thank you".

"Well, thanks for thinking that." Gerard finally replied. He made Frank laugh.

"I don't think, Gerard. I know." Gerard opened up the door and let Frank back into his flat. What Gerard had said about him not sleeping seemed almost true. There was a cold cup of coffee in the kitchen, still half full, and a peice of paper was on the sofa. A fresh drawing, maybe? No, Frank realised as he picked it up, that it was so much more than that. "You finished my sleeve?!" He screamed excitedly.

"Yeah," Gerard said, turning to Frank (complete with spastic grin), happy now that Frank wanted to start conversation again. "I got bored, so I thought I'd do it for you." Frank looked at it, each and every detail exactly as he'd explained it. He ran his finger delicately over each pencil line, over the skulls face and the babies bodys, and the little Gee A. Way signature in the corner. He also noticed another little signature under it, and with a little dignity, he read it.

"Frank... the... hobo?" He asked, then he grinned at the nickname. "Why not Frank Anthony?"

"Well, I didn't know your name, then. Did I?" Gerard said. Then he paused. "Wait, Frank Anthony? Anthony's never your last name? Right?" Frank paused, then looked up at Gerard. Gerard seemed to be so interested in Frank, so curious and at the same time, polite. Well, polite when he wanted to be. Frank had better tell him this one, or next time he'll threaten to throw Frank out of the window.

"My last name is Iero, but I don't use it. Frank the hobo is great, better than most of the nicknames some people give me." Gerard grinned.

"Why, what do people call you?" He asked. Frank gave him a half-obvious look.

"I'm a hobo, Gerard. What the fuck do you think?" Gerard just laughed at Frank.

"You talk tough for a short man, Iero. How old are you, anyway?" Of course, Gerard had to ask him at some point. The only question was, how would he react? Would he treat him like all of the others, or would he be fine with it?

"I'm..." Frank hesitated. "I'm fifteen." Gerard just smiled more.

"Damn, you're young." He said, before walking to a shelf of DVD's. "Do you want to watch Shaun of the Dead?" Frank positively jumped for joy.

"Oh my god, yes!" He almost screamed. Gerard put the DVD into the DVD player and hit it a couple of times, before the movie came on. Then, Gerard came and sat back down between Frank and the arm rest. Frank shuffled slightly, so that he was cuddled up to Gerard, and he could hear Gerard begin to breath a bit faster. It made him feel strangely triumphant to know that he made Gerard nervous, and that good feeling made him cuddle up more. Gerard decided to go along with it, putting his arms around Frank and holding him still.

"Frank, stop. Ouch! Stop shifting around. You're so boney." Which was true. In Franks time with little food and much running away, he'd slimmed down so well. Frank decided to stop shifting after a couple more minutes. By this point, he was resting his back on Gerards side and had his feet up on the sofa. Gerards arm swept over Franks shoulder, and he held Frank securely to his side. This was the most comfortable he'd felt with Frank, he seemed to have just stopped caring about what Gerard did. It was both an amazing and a worrying feeling, Gerard didn't know what Frank had in mind for him.

They watched the movie, laughing at some parts and being grossed out in others. All the while, Frank grew tired. The movie ended at about 11pm, and Frank didn't want to get up. He wanted to stay there all night, watching TV with his only friend. Because that's what Gerard was, Franks friend. Someone who had seen the best and worst of him. Frank smiled sleepily at the thought, and Gerard looked down on him.

"Frank, you okay?" He asked, biting his lip softly.

"I'm a bit tired." Frank admitted, but he didn't like to talk about it. He was still like a five-year-old, the whole, stereotypical "I'm not tired yet!" thing living on in him, but he had to admit that he was. Gerards arms took Frank gently and rested Franks head on his thigh. This time, Frank didn't have to get comfortable. He moved his head backward, so that the back of his head was neatly resting by the crease between Gerards stomach and leg.

"F-... Frank?" Frank looked up at Gerard, and Gerard thought he was adorable. He suddenly had the most amazing hazel eyes, and brilliant pale skin, and perfect, slightly pinker lips. Gerard lowered his head down to Franks, pausing so that their lips were just a breath away. "May I?" He whispered, his peppermint and coffee breath stroking Franks cheek. Frank paused. He was a straight man. He was a straight man! He couldn't kiss Gerard, could he? Or, because Gerard had offered, would it be okay? Or was this just one of Gerards limits experiments? In short, was this a dream or a nightmare? Frank had a way of going half way inbetween. He raised his head, pressing his lips to Gerards, but just for a second, before pulling away. It felt strange, and he knew he just wanted to reach out and snog Gerard right now, he knew he couldn't. He just couldn't move too fast, it would make his risk of Gerard ruining his life ever-greater. Frank thought, as he drifted to sleep, it had solved everything. In reality, he'd just left Gerard hungry for more...
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