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‘Come ‘on Bella, please?’ Alicia was standing in the kitchen begging me to go on tour with her and the guys.

’I can’t Ally I have a place to look for and a job? I have to leave soon, you know that’ I hated this. I hated that I had to leave. I loved it here, the guys where great.

’But that’s the thing if you come on tour with us you wont have to. Look listen I can get you a job on tour with me, I work with them too, please, you will have money, they pay really well and when we get back you’ll be able to get your own plac3e if you really want to. Please? It will be so much fun.’ I knew Ally didn’t want me to go, but I had no idea she would go to all this trouble to get me to stay.

‘Uhhh… finnnne I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.’ Ally squealed and hugged me.

’This is going to be so much fun, I’ll go tell mikey’ with that she ran out of the kitchen to find Mikey. I laughed a little and went and made some coffee. It’s been a few weeks now and Mikey knows I’m Not who Ally said I was. Well I kind of am, they just don’t know the full story and they never will if I can help it. Mikey was fine with it and that made Ally happy that he wasn’t made at her. The Guys knew I’m a runaway but they didn’t seem to have a problem with it, although one member of the band did. A guy called Bob? Well I think that’s what his name was. He told Alicia I shouldn’t be bring in strays off the street, which kind of hurt my feelings a little, but I’ve been called worse.

‘So you’re coming on tour with us?’ I jumped and dropped my cup spilling coffee all over myself, I hissed as my skin burned under the hot liquid. I looked up to see Gerard standing in the door way smirking.

’Yes I am, and now I’m going to change. You can make me another coffee seeing as I dropped it because of you.’ He laughed and nodded his head.

’Fair enough’ I walked past him and down into my room. I took my top off and looked at the damage. My stomach was all red from the coffee but it wouldn’t blister thank god. I searched my drawers for another top to wear when I heard a nose at the door. I looked up to see Gerard standing at the door way holding a cup.

’Where did you get all those bruises?’ He pointed towards my stomach. I looked down and mentally cursed myself. I grabbed a top and put it on.

’That’s none of your business and stop creeping up on people. It’s rude.’ I walked passed him and took the cup from his hands and wet to the living room and sat beside Ally. What a prick. I very beautiful prick at that, but a prick non-the-less.

‘So Bella you’re coming with us?’ Mikey asked as he cuddled up with Ally.

’Yeah if that’s alright?’ Mikey nodded.

’Course it is, we’d be delighted to have you on bored. But Ally said you want some work?’ I nodded. ‘Well be have a place on the Rodie team? We need someone to kick all the guys into shape and make sure things are on stage on time and what not, you up for it?’

’Fuck yeah, that sounds awesome. When are we going?’ I was so excited but I didn’t show to much of it.

’The day after tomorrow, so your best bet is to start packing tonight or in the morning’

’Great, thank you. Well I’m going out, I have some things I need todo, so I’ll see use later’ I got up and walked right into Gerard.

’Watch yourself, don’t want another accident.’ He smirked down at me and I glarded back.

’Stop being a creeper and make yourself known when your standing behind people.’ I walked out of the apartment.

Yes the title has nothing todo with the chapter, but i was listening to that song when writing it so its now the title.
New chaoter, not as good or as long as the others. but i'm doing my best. I'm not well.
R/R as always
Cassie x
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