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It’s been a month since the tour has started and I fucking love it. Everyone is so nice, and I’ve even started a friendship with Bob. Me and Gerard are getting along great, he’s an amazing friend and right now that’s all I’m looking for, simply because Gerard sees me as nothing more then a friend and I’m perfectly fine with that. Right now though I’m rushed off my feet, tonight’s show is the biggest show yet. Well that I’ve been apart of anyway. I’ve taken on a bigger roll too, I’m still apart of the set crew but I also make sure the guys have everything they need, clothes, food, drinks, anything they need is there. I love my job and I love the guys more. Ally of course is head of everything. she’s the main girl you go to if you have a problem. And damn is she good at her job, she takes a lot of shit and handles it will. Right now I’m trying to sort out the set, there’s been a mega mix up with the guys stuff, things aren’t where there suppose to be and things are also missing, the guy’s instruments aren’t here yet and there 2 hours to go until the show starts.

‘Hey Bella, where shall I put this?’ Jake was standing there holding leads.

’Well first off, who’s leads are they? Franks, Mikeys or Rays?’ He shrugged and I sighed. I took them off him and went over to Frank.

’Are these yours?’ Frank took them off me and looked at them and walked off. I sighed and rubbed my eyes. I was quite tired already, but I think its more stress. A few minutes later Gerard came back carrying the leads.

’These are Mikeys sugar.’ He handed them to me and frowned. ‘Is everything Ok? Do you need a hand?’ I shook my head and took the leads.

’No, everything’s under control. Go chill out until the show starts.’ I walked off and put them with Mikeys stuff. Instruments still not here, just everything else is. How can we do a show with leads and no guitars? Ugh. I seen Ally and called her over.

’What’s up babe? Wow you look like shit’ She laughed a little but stopped when she seen my glare.

’Thanks ever so much for that little bit of info but there’s more serious things to be worried about then how I look. The crew messed up all the stuff so where trying to get everything in order and plus none of the guitars are here and either is the drums. What the fuck are we going to-do?’ Ally laughed and put her arm around me.

‘Babe the guitars are here because the guys have them in back, and the drums are coming in now, relax, everything will be fine. And the crew are dumb fucks anyway. Looks go back to the bus and chill out for awhile, you look sick and not just stressed out. I’ll look after these showers of idiots. I tried to protest but Frank came up and pulled me away.

‘You heard the lady now go, your sick you shouldn’t be working.’

‘Frank I’m fine honest.’ He healed up his hand to shut me up and pointed towards the door.

‘Go. Now’ I sighed and left. When I got back to the bus I crawled into my bunk and fell asleep. A few hours later I was rudely awoken by a huge bang. I got up and seen something or should I say someone I though I would never see again.

My worst nightmare has suddenly become reality …. Again.

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