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The Spirit-Bringer And The Devil-Caller

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The boys begging the ouija session and the ghost of a choked soul makes herself known.

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Okay, like i explained in the last upload, i am sick with a fever. Right at the start of half-term too... Just my luck - _- Anyway, enjoy!

"A what?” asked Ray, frowning a little and looking at Frank.
“An Ouija board” Frank repeated “They are used to contact the dead”
Mikey, despite being ill, sat up suddenly with a terrified look on his face.
“You mean ghosts and spirits?!” he cried. Mikey was afraid if ghost, spirits, demons and the like.

“Bang on right Mikey” Frank replied, eyeing the board as though it would explode at that very moment.
“Hey, what does the paper say?” Bob asked, pointing at the yellowing piece under the glass. Gerard leaned forward, carefully picked it up, opened it gently and began to read the neat writing.

“If you have acquired this artefact, be warned. This is not for the faint-hearted. This could bring forth good spirits, bad spirits and maybe even demons, the result will be uncertain. When using be aware that you are delving into the realm of spirits and you must be careful not to provoke as harm could be inflicted on you or anyone with you. Any spirit could come through from murdered souls to serial killers. You have been warned. Use at your own risk.”

Every face in the room looked worried, Frank was nervous, Ray and Bob concerned, Gerard had a blank expression but Mikey looked downright terrified. “Lets get rid of it” Mikey said quickly “Please!”
Bob nodded “I have to agree “ he said “This thing is dangerous” Then Gerard noticed a small note at the bottom in smaller writing and he read aloud once more.

“If you wish to be rid of the piece, you cannot throw it out, burn it or break it. If so, the darkness inside will follow you and perhaps kill you. The only chance of being free from the evil is to pass this onto another human’s hands that do not know that you have this particular item”

Mikey clamped his hands over his mouth “We...we can’t get rid of it?!” he cried, his mouth muffled.
“We can Mikey, but we can’t just throw it into someone’s hands. They have to be willing to take it” Frank replied.
“Then...Last night, if we were drunk, i guess...” Mikey fell silent.
Everyone’s eyes wide with fright.
“Should we try it?” asked Gerard.
All head’s turned to Gerard, mouth’s catching flies. “Gerard!”Mikey yelled “Have you gone fucking nuts?”

Gerard had to admit it, it was crazy idea. “I know it sounds mental” he said “But the paper said “Bad AND good spirits”
“So?” Mikey asked, sounding like a child who had done something wrong and was denying it.

“We could...Well....I was thinking...” Gerard kept faltering in his sentence, the final words to sad for him to speak. He looked at Mikey and Mikey suddenly realised.
“Grandma?” he whispered. Gerard nodded and looked at the rest of the band who were all looking at Gerard, wanting to see if they would delve into the depths of spirit.
“Mikey?” Gerard asked. Mikey didn’t reply, instead he looked at Gerard with the most scared face and nodded.
“Ok then” said Gerard, reaching for the box “We can begin”

When the box was set up, Ray asked “Right, how do we work this thing?” Everyone’s faces were completely blank, obviously having no idea.
“Read the instructions Gee, maybe it will tell us” Gerard looked back at the paper and found what he wanted.

“Everyone sit around the board, put an index finger on the glass and ask out” Gerard read. With that said everyone sat round the board apprehensively, placed a finger on the glass and waited.
“What did it mean by “Ask out”?” Bob asked.
“It means you call the spirits, see if they are around” replied Frank. Everyone looked at him, they though he was the last person to know of this stuff. “I was taught about it” he said “We were told to stop anyone doing it so they taught us how to handle them”

Frank leaned forward and said “Everyone close your eyes” The boys did so, Mikey still looking scared, his eyes wide open. “You too Mikey” Frank said sternly. Mikey closed his lids, against his will. Frank took a deep breath and said“Is there anybody there?”

Silence followed, nothing moved, the boys barely breathing. “Is anyone here with us now? If so, please come and talk to us” Nothing happened.
“Maybe no one is here” Ray said “Maybe they went to a spirit hote...” he stopped. The glass, which was stood on the board completely still, jolted a little and moved to “Hello”

Jaw’s hit the floor, shock rippled around the circle. “O...Okay guys” Mikey said “Real funny, which one of you moved it”. No one answered, they all looked dumbstruck.
“We didn’t Mikey” Ray whispered.
“It can’t have been us” said Gerard, his voice quivering “It moved as if...As if something was underneath it” Mikey looked as if he would faint.
“Shall we continue?” Bob asked, quietly. Scared faces exchanged glances and agreed.

“Um, hello” Frank said “Can you tell us who you are?” The glass moved a few seconds after the question was asked.
“Its spelling something” Gerard breathed and sure enough the glass moved to “A-M-B-E-R” Frank stared in awe.
“Amber?” he asked “Can you tell us how you died?” The glass moved immediately this time, moving over “C-H-O-K-E-D “then it fell still, as though an invisible hand had been removed off it.

Suddenly, a sound ripped the air, making the boys jump. A scream, a piercing scream erupted in the room, deafening and saddened. Mikey squealed like a girl and clutched onto Gerard who was equally terrified, Ray, Frank and Bob hugging each other in fright. Then, as soon as it started, it stopped.

“Wh...Wh...What was Th...That?” Bob cried, shaking madly.
“Amber, Was that you?” Frank asked, quivering as well and placing a finger on the glass. “Yes” it said.
”Can you tell us how old you are?” The glass moved once more, Mikey watched it go. “14?” he whispered “You died when you were 14?”
The glass didn’t respond to his question, instead moved to “Goodbye” and then silence fell upon them.

“Is she gone?” asked Ray.
“Let’s hope so” Mikey replied, shivering. Gerard looked at Frank.
“Let’s put this away, out of sight” he said. Frank nodded, knowing the perfect place, but was frightened to place it there. Frank jumped up, gathered the board together and left the room, heading down the corridor and went inside his room, muttering under his breath about how Gerard should keep it in his room.

It was rather like Mikey’s room, walls covered in posters of his favourite bands. His beloved guitar Pansy was situated in the corner of the room next to a wardrobe. The wardrobe was where Frank headed, stood up on a small stood, which was to reach the top of the wardrobe, and brought down a box. It was filled with sheets of music, artwork, writing and other gizmos. It was here where Frank placed the box, closing the lid and returning to its original place. He stepped off the stool and left the room quickly, leaving the spirit-bringer and the devil-caller inside the place where it should be, out of sight. But, as he left the room, Frank swore he could have heard an “I’m here to protect you” issue out of the door.

(DONE! That’s the longest chapter I’ve written in such a short time. Hope you liked, oh and Amber, you will be making another appearance in later chapters!)
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