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A Glint Of Silver

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Frank gets more than he bargined for.

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Sorry its kinda short, but im sick and my throat kills.

Darkness had fallen silently this very night. The house was now still and quiet, the last few hours had been filled with laughing, talking, joking and general good humour. The residence had been up and lively through the evening, trying to keep something out of their minds. Now, every one of them were in bed, sleeping or on the verge of slumber, all except Mr Frank Anthony Iero.

He was lying in bed, not trying to sleep at all, he was thinking. His mind was being interrupted by the thoughts of the “thing” in the box on the top of his wardrobe. The written words had said that it was dangerous; it could be life threatening for all they knew. But since the incident with the ghost of Amber, he had another worry.

Would the ghosts that came through the board haunt the house or stay silent in their graves?
Frank shook that thought out of his head and decided rest would be the best thing.

After half and hour he still lay there, awake and restless. “For the love of god” he whispered to himself, sliding his legs out of bed and sitting up, head in his hands. Whenever Frank was deprived from sleep, he would get very irritating and, right now, he was feeling incredibly irksome.

His eyes glanced up to the top of the wardrobe and a thought striking him. No way. He thought no way you are going to do that. He stood up and, as quietly as he could, stood up on the stool and, very gently, brought it down. Amber was a good spirit, why wont the others?. The other voice in his head thought and Frank had to agree with that voice.

He opened the lid and the thing that was haunting his mind was lying on the other random gizmo’s Frank had kept. He took it out very carefully, placed the glass on the board, put his finger on it and whispered
“Hello? Is anyone there? Any spirit people please come for...”

Suddenly, the glass whizzed around, so quickly that it looked like a blur. Frank could barely keep his finger on it and he took the opportunity to say “Who are you?” The glass flew off the board, hit the wardrobe and shattered, glass fragments showering the floor.

Frank was stunned and scared by the movements of the glass and prayed that no one had awoken by the loud of the glass smashing. Nothing moved or made a sound, so no one had woken up. Frank breathed a sigh of relief, saw a conveniently placed dust pan and brush, grabbed it and began to brush together the glass pieces.

Suddenly, he felt hands on his back and yelled as he was shoved forward, banging his head on the wardrobe and his hand, which had been trying to get rid of the glass, went into a sharp shard.

“Shit” he whispered, as he could feel the blood running down his hand and he hissed air through his teeth as he pulled the shard out of his hand, more blood spilling. Damn it! I bet its Gerard! He thought, he must have heard the crash and tried to scare him. He looked up, expecting to see Gerard or another member of the band above him, and the scream died in his throat.

A shadow, tall, black and evil looking, was towering over him. It was a silhouette of a person, a female Frank thought and felt the malevolence radiate around her. The only thing Frank could make out was that she had long hair and a flowing sort of dress. Then, she lunged.

Frank cried out as something tore his shirt and drew blood from his chest and stomach. He screamed loudly, desperately trying to get out of the girl's way. He then saw in the darkness, a glint of silver, a sharp blade. The girl had a knife. Frank screamed again, trying to get the other boys attention, he called for Gerard and Mikey, Bob and Ray, tears cascading down his face. The girl chuckled very quietly and humourlessly, and then brought the blade down once more.

Okay, that was more bloody than i planned it to be. By the way, that was the ghost of Effie Hellings. You will also appear again in later chapters :) R&R
Emily :D
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