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The Shadow Itself

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Happy Halloween! Enjoy!

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Right! I have a hell of a bad sore throat and I need to do my homework....Ah well! Sorry its kinda short. I didn’t want to leave you guys on a cliff-hanger cause i have a CRAPLOAD of work to do. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEEPS! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANKIE IERO!!

Frank died. The end...

Joking aside, here’s the story

The flash of silver, the terrible chuckling, the realisation that he was going to die. Frank screamed, trying in a last attempt to get the girl to stop. “No! Please! Don’t hurt me! I...”

“Frank! Frank! Frankie!”

Frank jolted up, his eyes flying open, breathing heavily as though he had run a mile. Then he realised something, He was still in bed. Gerard, Ray and Bob were standing around his bed, staring at him; Gerard had been shaking him away.
“Frankie, are you alright?” Ray asked “You were thrashing around and screaming”

Frank let out a huge moan and fell back to the bed, his eyes wide with terror “Holy shit...” Frank said “It was a dream, or should i say, nightmare, that was horrible”
Bob sat on the stood that Frank’s dream self had stood upon to get the horror in the box.
“What happened Frank?” he asked.

Frank had explained the whole story to him getting out of bed to use the Ouija board to the “thing” pushing him into the wardrobe and cutting his hand and the shadow itself.
“Fuck” Ray said, shaking his head and breathing a sigh “That is one freaky nightmare” Frank nodded and looked around.
“Where’s Mikey?” he asked. As if on queue, Mikey came in, smiling.
“Morning Frankie” he said happily “You okay?”

Frank groaned and his head hit the bed. “Ah” Mikey said “Not so good?”
Frank gave another groan. “What time is it?” Frank asked.
Mikey looked at his battered watch “11:06” he said “That’s a new record for you Frank” everyone gave a little chuckle with very little humour as everyone was thinking about the creepy nightmare. Then Frank said
“I dreamt about the board”

Mikey’s face suddenly drained of colour as though a plug had been pulled. “Oh no. Oh no, not this again” he moaned “I don’t wanna talk about it”
Gerard stood up “Well, for a start, we should get this out of Frankie’s room if it’s affecting him like this” Everyone agreed. “But i wanna use it again” he finished.

Mikey rounded on Gerard at once “Gee! You’re not serious!?” Gerard sighed
“All of those who are unhappy about using it raise your hand” Mikey’s hand shot up at once and, surprisingly for the boys, Frank’s hand was raised into the air.

“I’m not going to do it” Frank said to the odd looks from around the room “Sorry, but I’m not risking another fucked up dream again”
Gerard shrugged “Fair point” he said “Okay, synchronise watches” he looked at Mikey’s old watch “5:52PM, that’s when we’ll start”
Bob looked confused “Why so precise Gee?” he asked.
“Tell you later” Gerard replied “We have a busy day”

Hearing the talking, the speech, the kind of sound that had been deprived from some ears which is a joy to hear if it’s something you haven’t heard in such a long time. The feeling of company, of not being alone was so wonderful, it was like a dream. But being dead, not living or being a ghost is like a dream. And the girl hiding behind the wardrobe was thinking just these thoughts, watching the people who were oblivious to her. With a small cry and a shuddering sob, she sunk back into the shadows, wanting to be heard to the world, especially as Halloween was coming ever, ever closer.
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