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Another ghost shows up and its getting much scarier now.

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Mikey sat alone in his room, flicking through songs and contemplating the whole day. The band had lazed around the house for a while before they went to an interview for the magazine Kerrang! And they had enjoyed every minute of it.

They talked about their latest album and what kind of plans they had for the future while laughing and joking together. Throughout it all however, Mikey’s mind was still trying to mask up the thoughts of ghosts and all that jazz.

He stopped on a song “Bullets with Butterfly Wings – The Smashing Pumpkins”, laid back on his bed and stared at the ceiling. After a short time someone knocked on his door. Mikey was surprised he could hear it through the blast of music and he called, rather loudly “Come in”

The door opened and Gerard was there, smiling as usual. “Oh, hi Gee” Mikey said happily.
“Hey Mikes” Gerard replied “Come on, it time”
Mikey looked confused “Time for what?”
Gerard sighed “The Ouija board session idiot!” he said chuckling “Did you forget?”

Mikey’s heart sank; yes he had forgotten it and he wanted it out of his head for the rest of his life. All he could reply was “Oh, yeah. That”
Gerard sat next to his little brother “Mikey, why are you so scared?” he asked “What could possibly happen?” Mikey took a deep, shuddering breath and said

“That’s just the thing Gee, Anything could happen, I’m scared that something will happen to you or Frank or Ray or Bob. I’m scared that you will get hurt”
Gerard moved round and gave his brother a tight hug “Its okay to be scared Mikey. I think we all are. I know i am”
Mikey looked up “Not as much as me” he said, bowing his head “Lets face it, I’m a scaredy cat” Gerard titled his brother’s head up and looked him straight in the eye.

“Michael James Way, listen to me. You are not a scaredy cat, believe me. Do you have a fear of needles like i do? No. You see. You just have a fear like everyone else. It’s okay to be afraid. And don’t worry about us getting hurt, we will be okay, i promise you”

Mikey hugged his brother harder and smiled “Thank you Gerard”. Gerard smiled back “Its okay. Come on, the guys are waiting”

When they arrived in the sitting room, Bob and Ray were already seated, waiting patiently. Frank, on the other hand, was sitting on the couch, clutching a pillow and squeezing the life out of it, zoned out. Mikey immediately went to his side and tapped him on the shoulder.

He jumped up and gave a small cry of shock. When he recovered, he said
“Oh, it’s you Mikey. You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Mikey gave a little chuckle and sat next to him “Sorry Frankie” he muttered

Gerard looked at the clock “Gentlemen, it is time. Bob, Ray, you ready?” they both nodded “Okay, we can begin”

The glass on the board jolted and came to life as soon as the boys touched it; it moved around a little then stopped, as though waiting. “Hello?” Gerard said “You’re here aren’t you? What’s your name?”

The glass, strangely, moved to “NO”. Gerard asked again and it did the same action. Only after the third time did it start moving to the letters, spelling out “W-Y-N-T-E-R" Gerard nodded.
“Wynter, how old are you?” The glass moved to “17” Before Gerard formed another question, Ray’s hand that wasn’t on the glass covered Gerard’s mouth.
“Shh” he said “Listen”

A sound, a quiet, soft but saddening sound reached their eyes. It was a sobbing, full of pain, loss and despair. Mikey and Frank were looking around, terrified, clutching onto each other for dear life. Gerard looked back at the board and Ray removed his hand from Gerard’s mouth.

“How did you die, Wynter?” The glass zoomed around as if half-angry, half wanting to get it over and done with. “S-T-A-B-B-E-D” a pause then “S-T-E-P-M-O-T-H-E-R”
Bob gasped as the glass halted. “Your stepmom killed you?” The glass moved to “YES”

Suddenly, the radio that was on the table came into life. The boys all screamed as Disturbed – Down with The Sickness blasted out of the radio loudly. Gerard covered his eyes and shut his eyes tight, the others doing the same. He could hear Mikey cry out over the music and he opened his eyes and stared at the radio. It was unplugged.

As soon as it started, the music died instantly. The room was deadly silent and the only sounds heard were the boys breathing and Frank and Mikey whimpering on the couch. The pair slowly let go of each other as they had been locked in an embrace from fright. Bob and Ray remained frozen, trying to fathom what had just happened.

Gerard stood slowly from his sitting position, he was half frozen still and he barely could move. He looked at the glass which was now over “GOODBYE” and the thought of the murdered girl make him freeze ever more to the spot. He eventually picked the board and glass, went over to his brother, knelt down and put a hand on his shoulder “You okay?” he asked.

Mikey looked at Gerard with wide, terrified eyes and nodded sharply. “Gee” he whispered “Why did you choose this specific time?”
Gerard’s eyes widened and he stood up and said “I wanted to do it for 1 hour and 14 minutes. We started at 5:52” He walked to the door turned to face the room and before he left, said

“552 plus 114 is 666”

Sorry i havent updated much people! I have science exams next week and i have homework and stuff. Hope you enjoyed it and Wynter, you will show up again, all the ghosts will appear again!
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