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Chapter 8

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Violets P.O.V.

Well today is my dads first day of work. Im glad my dad finally found work. My dad works the night shift like back at home so nothing much has really changed.

"Alright hunnie. Im off to work." my dad said while making his coffee.

"What time are you coming back?" I asked him.

"3 a.m." he said not making eye contact.

"Oh." I said.

"If you get hungry, heres a twenty."

I took the money and put it in my backpack. I grabbed my hoodie and headed to school.

Once again I couldnt open my locker.


I was heading to the front office when I bumped into someone.

"OY!," the girl said while rubbing her head, "Oh my god! I am so sorry."

I helped her pick up my books.

"Hey my name is Amber." she said with a big smile.

The girl was very skinny with blue bangs. She was wearing black skinnies and A Day To Remember shirt.

"Hi, my name is Violet." I replied.

"Oh my gosh thats my favorite name!"


"Are you new here?"

"Yes I am. I was on my way to the office. I cant open my locker."

"Oh well give me your combination. Maybe I can help you."

"30, 36, 10."

In just 15 minutes she opened my locker.

"TA-DA!" she yelled jumping up and down.

"Hehe. Thanks."

"No problem!" she said giving me a huge smile again.

I couldnt help but smile too.

"It must be hard being new huh?" she asked me while I was putting my books in.

"Yeah. Kinda" I said with a sigh.

"Dont worry. Things will work out."

There was a moment of silence.

" what class do you have first?" she asked waiting for my answer.

"Oh, um I have history first." I replied a little nervous.

"Oh! Can I see your schedule?" she asked me.

I showed her my schedule. Then a smile spread across her face.

"We have...math, history, P.E. and study hall together!" she lightened up.

"Oh really? Thats cool, right?"

"Of course! Oh my god this is great!"

Amber ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. Wow. Shes the first person who makes me feel special and not an outcast.

The bell rang.

"Come on! Lets go!" she told me.

Amber licked arms with me and we walked to class. I feel so happy I have a new friend by my side. All I want now is Frank by my side.

Gees P.O.V.

I felt horrible yelling at mama last night. I was just really pissed. I shouldnt have taken it out on mama and Mikey. This morning Mikey was eating breakfast and I just left for school. Maybe I should call Mikey just to make sure hes at school. I dialed Mikeys number and waited for an answer.



"Mikey, you at school yet?"

"Yeah, I just got here. Gee can I ask you something?"


"Why did you yell at mama yesterday?"

I thought for a moment on what to tell my baby brother.

"Ill tell you at lunch."

"Yeah sure okay bye Gee."

"Love you."

"Love you too Mikes"

And with that we hung up. I walked down the hall and I saw Frankie. Should I tell Frankie about me seeing Tom? Im not sure. Ill just talk to him.

"Hey Frankie."

"Hey Gee." he said not looking at me while putting books in his locker.

"Um...were you home yesterday?"

"Not until 5. After that I fell" he asked me with those innocent eyes I csnt deny.

"Yeah Frankie?"

"What happened last night? Mikey called me asking me if I knew where you were. I had no idea. I was starting to get worried. Why didnt you answer your phone? I called you many times."

God. I have no idea what to tell Frankie. Should I or should I not? Ugh. I have no fucking idea. I needed to come up with something. And fast.


He glares at me.

"" I stare at the girl that passes by.

"Um...Frankie I dont think Im ready to tell you."

"But G-"

The girl taps Frankie on the shoulder.

"Hey Frank!"

"Oh, hey Violet."

"Whose your friend?"

"This is Gee."

"Hi Gee!"

I gave her a small wave. ""


"Were going to be late!" Amber tells Violet. "Oh! Hi Frankie! Hi Gee!"

"Hi." we both replied.

"Lets go!"

She dragged Violet to class leaving me and Frankie alone again.

"Well, I guess Ill see you later..." he said closing his locker. And not looking at me, he left.

Now I feel so fucking guilty! I walked to class finding a tear roll down my cheek.
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