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Chapter 1; Demon Teddiursa.

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Miho was a demon in the Pokemon world on her final mission to settle the bond between demons and Pokemon. However, she lost the battle and her memory and is now in a world she does not recognize!

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Chapter 1: Demon Teddiursa.

As I approached the battle field I kept the same thought in mind: save the relationship of demons and Pokemon.

"This is it, Luxio," I said. "The battle that will decide if demons and Pokemon can be together!"

Luxio nodded. "Correct, but you must keep in mind who we are up against," Luxio pointed at the enemy on the top of the battle field.

"Yeah, yeah I know," I said, complaining. Luxio got agitated a little.

"Miho, enough of this...we need to go now," Luxio said in a serious voice. I decided to not make Luxio wait anymore.

"Fine, we'll go," I flew up to the battle field, Luxio followed me.

"Cobalion!" I shouted. "It's time we settle this once and for all!"

Cobalion laughed. "There's no way you'll win, Miho, I brought someone who will surely stop you," Cobalion moved back a little to reveal the Pokemon he was talking about. It was a yellow Pokemon that looked like a pixie.

I suddenly felt a chill down my body; I knew that if this Pokemon was there, I would lose right away. Luxio looked at me; he could see that I was scared.

"Miho, you can't give up now! Attack him!" Luxio screeched. I knew he was right, but I was too afraid to attack.

Cobalion laughed an evil laugh. "Silence silver furred Luxio! She knows she can't win that's why she isn't fighting!" Cobalion exclaimed.

Luxio backed away a little, but he seemed to have an idea, and he seemed to want to use his idea right now.

"Fine, Miho, if you won't attack, I will!" Luxio's silver body began to blow a golden glow. I backed away from Luxio.

Luxio shouted an attack: "Gold Flame!" Luxio charged at Cobalion with full force and quickly attacked Cobalion.

Cobalion laughed its evil laugh again. The attack didn't faze Cobalion at all.

"I'll show you my attack, then!" Cobalion's body glowed a black glow. The attack was heading straight towards Luxio.

"Luxio, look out!" I shouted. Luxio could not move.

"What do I do?! I have to help Luxio, but I'm too afraid of that Uxie to do anything!" I thought. I didn't want to see Luxio hurt.

When Luxio was about to be attacked, I realized something but it would mean having to fight, but I knew I had to do it.

I tied my gold hair back and got ready to fight.

"This is it, Luxio! Die!" Cobalion's attack was about to attack Luxio.

As the attack was about to hit Luxio, I jumped in front of Luxio to save him.

"M-Miho!" Luxio said weakly. "I'll save you, Luxio!" Energy formed in my hand.

"Demon Acceleration!" I shouted. A black force surrounded the battle field. Then Cobalion.

"You think your attack will be enough to stop me!" Cobalion continued attacking. This time, it hit me. I instantly fell to the floor.

"Now, Uxie, attack her!" Uxie nodded. "Yes, Cobalion sir!" Uxie flew over to me and opened its eyes.

"It's going to erase my memory!" I thought to myself.

"This is it Miho, goodbye!" Cobalion attacked me one last time and I blacked out.


Several months later.

I felt something hit me, it instantly woke me up. "W-where is this?" I asked myself. I could barley tell where I was. I tried to look around, but I soon felt dizzy and lost consciousness again.


Later, I felt something hit me again, and like before it instantly woke me up.
I sat up to avoid blacking out again, I saw a Pokemon coming to me. It was pink cat like Pokemon I noticed that it had a jewel around its neck.

I didn't know what to do, I felt too weak to run away, but I also didn't know where I could possibly be.

I could hear the Pokemon coming closer to me. I had already given up, so I just let the Pokemon come over. And, before I knew it, the Pokemon was right next to me.

"Hey, are you okay?" The Pokemon asked. I nodded. It gave me a serious look.

"Really, are you sure? Your face is very pale," the Pokemon said. I decided to speak up. "...I-I'm fine," I said in response. I tried to get up, but I my body would not let me.

The Pokemon looked worried; it held its paw out. "Here, I'll help you up," the Pokemon helped me stand up.

"Th-thank you," I said. The Pokemon smiled. "You're welcome," The Pokemon said back, however it looked like the Pokemon had something else to say.

"Anyways, I'm Skitty, and you are...?" The Pokemon waited for me to answer.

"I'm Miho," I said slowly. Skitty look surprised. "That's a strange name for a Teddiursa," Skitty said. I didn't know why Skitty said that.

"Teddiursa?" I asked. Skitty giggled a little. "Yeah, you are a Teddiursa, right?" Skitty stared to get suspicious.

"I-I'm not a Teddiursa, I'm a demon," I replied. This shocked Skitty.

"No way, you're a demon?!" Skitty exclaimed. I nodded. "There's no way you can be a demon!" Skitty said in a scared voice.

"But, I know I'm a demon..." I said in a weak voice. Skitty shook its head.

Skitty brought up the same question as before: "Really, are you sure you're okay? You probably have a fever," It put its paw on my forehead. I shook Skitty off with all my might. "I told you, I'm fine, please believe me," I said. I felt a tear trickle on my face. "Please, I don't even remember anything, and I don't even know how I got here!" I said. Skitty's expression soon changed from worried to sadness, I didn't get this Skitty at all.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't know..." I could see Skitty start to cry. "I-I should of thought before I jumped to conclusions!" I could see two Pokemon come up from behind Skitty.

"Hey, Skitty, look behind you!" I shouted. Skitty swiftly looked behind to see what was behind it. There were two Pokemon: An orange, fox-like Pokemon with six tails, and an orange, dog-like Pokemon with fangs. The two Pokemon laughed.

"Ha! What a crybaby!" The fox Pokemon said evilly. "Crybabies like you shouldn't be allowed to hold the purifying ruby!" The Pokemon snatched the gem.

"Hey, give that back!" Skitty cried, but the Pokemon would not give it back. "Vulpix, this isn't funny, please give it back!" Skitty cried even more.

"No way we'll give it back to you, if you want it back that us in that dungeon over there!" Vulpix pointed at the cave behind us. "Growlithe and I will be waiting for you at the summit!" The two Pokemon ran into the cave so fast that it was as if they were never here.

"Skitty..." I said. Skitty walked over to me. I could see the stains from the crying.

"Hey, Miho...I know this is too much to ask, but...please help me get my gem back," Skitty said. I didn't know what to do.

Skitty gave me a desperate look. "Please, Miho! I need my purifying ruby! If it those two Pokemon use it, it will shatter!" Skitty said. I knew it wasn't giving me a choice.

"Fine, I'll help you," I said. Skitty smiled.

"Then, let's go!" We ran into the dungeon as fast as possible.

This will be continued in Chapter 2.
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