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Why wont he kiss me?

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Anna and Dru were both snuggled up in bed together,at Drus flat,they were the only people there.They were watching hot fuzz,it was one of Drus favourite films.Anna began too move closer to Dru.Dru seemed to move slightlt away,so Anna moved closer again,Dru moved away again,this went on until Dru fell off the bed.Anna helped him up off the floor,and turned away and went to leave.Stop,wait were are you going Dru said.Anna almost whisperd Home,i'm going home.Dru said well why are you going home?Anna said well it's obvious that you don't love me anymore.Dru said were did you get that idea from?Anna said well,i try to move closer to you and you move away and why wont you kiss me Dru?Dru replied saying erm uh,i don't mean to Anna,i promise,i'd love to kiss you i'm just scared that...Anna reversed and sat on the bed and said scared of what Dru?Dru said,you thinking i'm a horrible kisser and then dumping me.Tears filled his eyes.Anna moves closer to him and whispered in his ear,i'm not bothered if you're a good kisser,i just care that i'm kissing you,and i'll never leave you over something like that i love you!Dru hgged Anna and then they finally kissed!
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