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She's my sister...

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HOLLY?Poppy said,Well obviously Holly said shoving Stefan to the side slightly.Holly asked Poppy why she was her,Ashley butted in and said she's my girlfriend and grinned as he said it.Poppy kissed his cheek and then said Ashley i would like you to meet my sister,if you haven't already.Ashley said i have she is nice,i don't mind her,Holly smiled and guided Stefan into his own bedroom,leaving Poppy and Ashley peace at last.They laid together and watched a film,it was something to do with monkeys,It was funny.They kissed and hugged.They were snuggled together,Poppy started to shiver,Ashley said wow are you cold,Poppy giggled,Yeah a little.So Ashley Got the cover from underneath them and layed it over them,they snuggled back together and then kissed for a pretty long time,Poppy claimed it wasn't a kiss,or a snog it was in the middle,she called it a smooch,Ashley giggled and then they fell to sleep.Poppy was talking in her sleep saying Oh ashley,i love you don't leave me,you're so nice,i'm very glad you're my boyfriend,ignore Holly if she gets bitchy,but then she actually woke up to find ashley with his hand on her arse,not sure if it was intended but Poppy didn't mind and she fell back to sleep and burried her head under the covers,and nestled her head onto Ashleys chest,they were like a jigsaw,they fitted together perfectly.
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