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Oh,how i love nandos.

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It was 12 Ashley was woken by a text from Poppy saying Are you still up for this date? Ashley replied saying of course,i'm going to get ready now! Ashley went to get ready,he brushed his teeth,sorted out his hair,got out of his pyjamas,and got into a pair of black skinny jeans and a blue vans vest top.It was warmer today,he didn't need a coat,he walked to nandos.Too see a girl in a purple dress stood outside.It was Poppy,she ran and hugged Ash.Ash said,lets go inside,i'm paying!Poppy smiled and said,are you sure?Then they both walked in and were seated at a table,Ashley just had a full chicked and chips,poppy had a kids meal,she didn't want alot because Ashley was paying.Ashley was bloated,he held Poppys hands and said i love you,do you want to be my girlfriend?Poppy smiles and said of course i do Ashley.Ashley Said oh happy days,the best of do thing happen in nandos,oh how i love nandos,Poppy laughed,they both got up and left.Together of course,Ashley asked Poppy,if she wanted to stay over at the flat,Poppy didn't refuse.They were in the flat together in Ashleys room,they were about to kiss,but then BOOM,Stefan walks in and says,ooh sorry bro,didn't realise you had company,Holly chased after him and said who's Ash with and peeped her head through the door,POPPY,she said sounding rather confused...
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