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So,we doing this or what?

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Ashley got home and shot his coat onto the sofa and shook the wetness off his hair.Stefan galloped down the stairs and said were have you been bro,i was wondering were you had been.Ashley replied half smiling saying i was just in the park,and thanks for the heads up.Stefan ran back up the stairs , Holly was there,Ash heard her scream,because Stefan had made her jump.Ashley sat down and slid his phone and the pink heart note that poppy had given him earlier out and started to dial the number into his phone the text read Hey Poppy,It's Ashley,do you still want to go out on a date?:)xxxxxxx He sent the text and saved her as a contact.Poppy replied almost instantly saying of course i do,why wouldn't i,is nandos okay?:)xxxxxxx Ashleys face lit up,he whispered the word nandos to him self and texted her back saying Yeah,nandos is good,what time?;3xxxxxxxxxxx Poppy replied saying about 1,is that okay?:)xxxxxxxxxxxx Ashley replied saying One is great,can't wait to see you!:$xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Poppy replied saying neither can i,i'm going to sleep,goodnight i love you Ashley stared at the text for about 5 minutes and finally replied saying I love you too Stefan came downstairs and was looking rather sulky,he said Holly has fell asleep and now i'm bored and she wont let me play with her hair.Ashley laughed and said you can play with mine if you want,i'm just kidding,and sorry bro i'm going to bed now,night. Stefan just glared and said fine,i'll go join Holly.
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