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Chapter Five- The Revelation

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Harry stopped himself suddenly, realising what he had almost let slip. But had he said too much already. A simple look at the face before him gave the answer instantaneously.

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Chapter Five- The Revelation

Disclaimer- Still not mine, never will be, all characters belong J.K. Rowling. I do not intend to make a profit or anything like that from this story.

The room was filled with daylight when Harry awoke, he saw three blobs to his right and one rushed over and leaned in and gave him a tight hug, he winced.

“Hermione, maybe you should give it a while before his next hug” Ron’s voice came from one of the blobs.

“Oh, Harry, oh, I'm so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” She said unhappily.

“…it’s… k…ok” Harry muttered with awareness, came pain; he was beginning to wish he was unconscious again.

“Honestly” Ginny’s voice came as she rushed over and put his glasses on him and the room came swimming into focus.

“What time is it?” He asked painfully. As Hermione went to the chest beside him and got a pain relieving one, Harry couldn’t see the name of it.

“It’s half past five, Harry. Honestly Madam Pomfrey was angry enough you had a potion last night without asking her first-” She said slowly, while sitting on the side of his bed and unstopper-ing it.

“Come off it Hermione, you can tell he’s in agony” Ron said, concern evident on his face.
Hermione then gave him the potion but stayed perched on the bed.

“…The light one or the dark one?” Harry asked as he felt the potion work almost instantly.

Ron chuckled and Hermione gave him a scowl and Ginny smiled at Harry.

“It’s 5.30pm, so the light one going into the dark one.” She said gently, Getting onto the end of the bed and sliding across to lean against the wall, though being carefully not to upset his legs.

Harry groaned quietly as he tried to get up, but couldn’t find the strength in his arms to pull himself. Ron careful put his arms on Harry and pulled him so he was sitting up as Hermione arranged his pillows for him, as he thanked them he saw a strange look on Ginny’s face which she quickly dropped when he glanced at her. Hermione was just about to tell him about when he had woken up screaming, when the door opened and Mrs. Weasley appeared.

“I told you kids to fetch me when he woke up” She said before rushing over to Harry.

“Harry, dear, you gave us all a scare, are you alright? You’re looking peaky and we desperately need to get some food down you, but its ok, don’t get up, I put a warming charm on some I made when Ginny said you had woken early this morning, Madam Pomfrey will want to have a look over you soon, and Professor Dumbledore wants to talk to you sometime as well.”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Hermione look over at Ginny with a questioning look as though Ginny hadn’t yet told them she had been there when he had woken up.

Mrs. Weasley meanwhile had flicked her wand and a tray of steaming food appeared in the room.
“I’ll let you get through with that first though before any visitors.” Looking at the food and bringing it over to his lap. “I assume one you will help him eat, and Ron, that does not mean eat it for him.” She said clearly, looking at the other children. “I’ll be back up later, Harry, I need to tell the order your properly awake now.” She disappeared out of the door, leaving them in silence. Harry grimaced at the food.

“Come on, Harry, you need to eat so there is no point turning your nose up at it” Hermione said grabbing a spoon and putting some soup on it.

“Anyway, it’s not like you have a choice anyway” Ginny said smiling.

Hermione then put the spoon into Harry’s frowning mouth then Harry coughed suddenly and made a face and garbled “Hot!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Harry” She said worriedly, putting the spoon down. She looked upset that she had hurt him.

“It’s fine.” He chuckled, trying to disguise his discomfort.
Ron then looked meaningfully at Hermione who looked over at Ginny who was looking closely at Harry.

“Ginny, can you do it? I don’t want to hurt him again” Hermione asked Ginny, with a meaningful look at her.

Before Hermione had finished asking the question Ginny had already begun crawling carefully up towards Harry. She was on the bed in-between the wall and Harry so she was very close to him.
Hermione gave her a raised eyebrow as she looked at them innocently. She reached over Harry and took the spoon. She put it carefully into the soup, blew on it and put it up to Harry.

“Open wide” She whispered playfully into his ear for the second time in hours, giving him the feeling of déjà vu. He stared at her and fought a smile by opening his mouth. It didn’t taste horrid, like food at the Dursleys, it was warm and good. Harry felt as though his throat was gradually healing.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” She said teasingly, they were shoulder to shoulder and Ginny strongly wished she was alone with him, not watched by her brother and best friend, but it still felt amazing to her to be lying next to him. As she had fed him a further seven spoonfuls, Fred and George appeared in the door. Their grins widened as they saw the sight of Ginny and Harry.

When Harry was looking down, Ginny gave them the evilest stare she had, which said you dare say anything…

The twin’s grins vanished as they sat on the edge of the bed.

“Alright?” Fred (or George) said.

“I have to hand it to you Harry; I didn’t think we would ever find a lazier git than Ron, but you’re being fed soup so I think you win” Said the other twin.

Harry chuckled then winced slightly.

“Mum sent us up with your owl results, the others got theirs days ago” Holding a letter out.

“Cool” He said absentmindedly as he swallowed another spoonful of soup. Hermione sighed and tore open the envelope and held it up to him as she did something fluttered to the floor.

Dear Mr. Potter,
Last month you took your Ordinary Wizarding Levels.
Enclosed are your results.
Care of magical creatures-O
Defence against the dark arts-O
Herbology- E
History of magic-A
Congratulations Mr.Potter. In particular I am very pleased with your Transfiguration mark.
Yours sincerely
Professor McGonagall.

“I did ok then” Harry said, the others had filed around to read them, but no one talked.

“What? I thought they sounded ok” He continued.

Ron pointed to the floor besides Harry’s bed, which was just out of his line of sight without moving.

“What? I can’t exactly move if you hadn’t noticed-”

Hermione held up a shinny badge with the word captain on it. It was shinny polished silver. It looked very nice, he had to admit. It was a quidditch badge.

“Oh” He said lamely. Ron, George and Fred cheered and at the same time Ginny fed him another spoonful of soup.

“Wow, you’re like my quidditch captain now” Ron said gazing dreamily at the badge.

At that point the doorbell rang and Fred and George looked at each other.

“Do you think-”one said

“We told him not to ring the bell though” Interrupted the other.
“Wait, mum might see it” They said simultaneously.

And the twins dashed out of the door. Ron then bolted after them curiously after being told by them not to follow.
Hermione sighed, no doubt they were getting up to something they shouldn’t be.

There was only one mouthful of soup left now but Harry felt completely full up, although Ginny seemed to realise this and had stopped.

“One left Harry” She said and got a grimace in return.

“Mrs. Weasley gave you a small portion especially and will not be happy if you don’t eat it all” Hermione cut in as she picked up her book from the window sill.

“I’ll just put this back in our room, Ginny” She said catching her friend’s eye before smiling at Harry and leaving the two alone in the room. Ginny got the last spoonful and held it up. Harry stared pleadingly at her. And she blew on the spoon and held it in front of him.
“Ginny, I can’t eat another bite.” He said desperately.

She smiled playfully at him and then to Harry’s surprise she leaned in towards the bowl on his lap and put the same spoon in her mouth and slurped the soup noisily. Harry gave her a wonder filled stare and chuckled slightly. She then smiled and giggled and said innocently “What?” Ginny gave him a drink and then got off the bed and brought the tray down to her mother.

“How is he?” Tonks asked

“Good” Ginny said smiling “He made quidditch captain.”

“About time” Mad-eye moody said.

“I need to go and talk to him.” Mrs. Weasley said, getting to her feet. “Did Harry eat all that, or did Ron steal it?” she then asked.

“No he did” She said, or slightly lied, thinking back to when he had laughed,’ was it because it was awkward or did he find her funny? Was it in a friend way funny? Or …’ she thought.

Ron arrived back in the bedroom after Ginny had left.
“They were trying to buy some things to put in their stock, but they were from Dung so I'm not sure if they were entirely legal” He said as he sat on his bed, “Where’d Hermione go?”

“Something about a book” Harry said sleepily, even though he had only woken up over an hour ago, he felt tired again.

“Being fed tire you out?” Ron asked in amusement, as his friend struggled to keep his eyes open.

A minute later the door opened quietly and Molly’s voice was heard, “Harry, dear?”

“Mmmm” He mumbled his eyes going out of focus.

“Madam Pomfrey visited earlier and said you had too much dreamless sleep in your system so would like you to go to sleep without tonight.” Harry’s eyes fluttered open. He thought carefully and then decided maybe a miracle would happen and he would sleep dreamlessly without the aid of a potion. So he nodded slowly. “She also said not to get up suddenly as you haven’t walked properly in a while. Earlier today me and Arthur bought all your and Ron’s and Ginny’s school supplies. Professor McGonagall brought your firebolt over; it’s by your trunk.”

Harry couldn’t see it but in the corner past his bed was his trunk, the firebolt was propped up next to it. Harry could just see the tip of the handle from where he was seated. The broom was looking as good and tempting as ever.

“Mmmm” He mumbled incoherently.

Mrs. Weasley and Ron laughed quietly and then she removed his glasses and kissed him on the forehead as Ron drew the curtains and they both left the room for tea, leaving Harry to enter a not so dreamless world of sleep.

It started out as the others did with Harry watching helplessly as Sirius fell through the veil and the n smothering gloomy fog appeared around and the scene changed. Harry found himself in a quiet street; it was lined with houses and cottages either side. If it weren’t for the moon illuminating the lonely street, it found be in entire darkness. Although he had no idea where he was it felt strangely familiar to Harry.
In the black of the night Harry saw a lone figure opposite him, walking swiftly and with a focussed expression, he had black empty eyes, an slightly out of place looking nose and an eager expression. Voldemort then stopped in front of Harry but did not appear to see him; instead he looked to his left at the house. It was perhaps the oldest house of the street. Behind its gate lay flowers of all colours planted neatly and judging by the disturbed soil, recently planted.
Voldemort then entered the property. He left the gate open behind him.
In the very far corner of the street Harry could make out another man, standing quietly in the shadows watching. Harry couldn’t see the figure’s face, but there was something familiar about him.

Harry couldn’t guess where he was, did Voldemort have a home, why did he have a nose?
Harry then guessed this was a memory, he was being shown. Could you dream memories you had never had before?
The house was in darkness apart from the upstairs window. Voldemort raised his wand and casted a charm and the door flew open.
Harry was looking down the lane now trying to find someone to ask for help then the thought occurred that they wouldn’t see him and he looked helplessly around again. Harry saw something up the lane, in the opposite direction of the mysterious stranger and ran to see it, it was a sign. Harry pushed the ivy and plants out of the way. It was an old sign. It was carved out of wood it seemed. It read ‘Welcome to Godrics hollow’.

Harry pelted down the street before he knew what he was doing, flew through the open gate and up to the open door. Voldemort was making his way up the stairs, however at the foot was a man lying dead on the floor. He had messy raven coloured hair and circular glasses, it was Harry’s dad. Harry didn’t want to go forward but his legs seemed to have a mind of their own soon enough he was kneeling at his dad’s body. It was still warm. The ghost of a desperate horrified look was still present on his face; his eyes were staring unseeingly up the stairs towards Harry’s mother’s screams and pleas.

Harry had never felt worse in his life. He knew the image would haunt him till his death but he couldn’t not look. His eyes felt glued. More screams drew him out of the trance.
Harry ran up the stairs desperate to stop it, somehow, anyhow. But he couldn't. He could only watch.

Harry’s eyes soared open. His throat hurt like hell, he thought he may have screamed or may still be screaming for all he knew.

He vaguely saw a room filled with people shaped blurs and then was violently sick over the side of the bed. He was shaking violently, his limbs moving in all directions, trying to wake him up. He was moving so much he thought he would collapse and drown in his vomit but couldn’t stop. Some people were saying or yelling his name, others were crying freely. His scar felt as if it was on fire. The heat was excruciating.
He was distantly aware of someone, the nurse maybe… casting charms over him and trying unsuccessfully to force various potions down his throat. He was also sure a lot of people were trying to force him down and that some were trying to support his feeble body. He hadn’t got his glasses on and everything was a blur and as he gave into the familiar comforting realms of unconsciousness the last thing he saw was his mother, her intense emerald eyes open, gazing unseeingly at him.

“Shhhh…I think he’s waking up” Harry distantly heard.

“Ginny, you have been saying that for about the last week” A different voice said, though slightly clearer this time.

“No, Ron, I think she is right” A third voice said.

“Ron, Hermione, Ginny! Give him some space” An again different voice said clearly.

“Harry, come on, come back to us” He thought he heard Remus say.

“Just open your eyes” said someone who sounded a lot like Mr. Weasley thought Harry.

It is easy to say open your eyes, its one of the first things you do as a baby but to Harry it sounded the most difficult thing in the world. He was scared, of what or who he might see. He looked briefly through one of his eyelashes and saw nothing but light and shadows. He then shut it and twitched his fingers; he didn’t feel any pain but still felt weak.

“Yes, that’s it, come on Harry dear.” He heard Mrs. Weasley say lovingly.

He cautiously and slowly opened his eyes, firstly he saw nothing but light, so seeing his eyes blink furiously Arthur drew the curtains. Harry felt somebody put his glasses on him. In the room were Ron, Bill, Fred and George sitting on Ron’s bed, staring worriedly at him. Ginny was sat on the window sill concern evident on the face but she gave him a small smile. Hermione and Tonks were standing next to Mrs.Weasley at the end of his bed, near his trunk, Madam Pomfrey was standing in front of him. Mr. Weasley and Remus were standing behind her. Everyone in the room was staring intently at him.

“What?” Harry said hoarsely.

“Harry, what happened?” Arthur said concernedly.

“What happened when?”

“When you woke up screaming.” Remus asked.

“Oh, that, oh, it… Erm doesn’t matter” Harry said, not meeting anyone’s eyes. Although Harry couldn’t hear anyone objecting to his last statement, he was sure that they all disagreed with it completely.
He really didn’t feel in the mood to talk about it. In fact he just wanted to lie on the bed. He had nothing to say. He still couldn’t get the memory out of his head. That is if it was even a memory, he wasn’t sure.

The room was then awkwardly silent and Madam Pomfrey took it to her advantage.

“Now, Mr. Potter, I gave you a dreamless sleep potion after you had woken up but I had to get Professor Snape to double the concentration of it for it to work effectively for you.”

“Professor Dumbledore is due to come back here later, Harry, and wants to talk to you before you go to sleep again. He is in an important meeting with the minister right now so you have to try to stay awake for a bit” Mr. Weasley said gently, coming foreword and lightly touching Harry’s shoulder.

After getting nowhere close to fining out what the dream was, many people left to give Harry some space. Soon there were only Molly, Remus, Ron, Hermione and Ginny left.
Mrs. Weasley came over and started straightening his pillows, “I will go make you some breakfast Harry, is soup alright again?” She asked, but he was sure she was going to make it regardless of his answer, after all no one could stop her once her mind was set.

“Yeah, I'm sure Ginny will be more than happy to feed you again, mate” Ron said with a hint of a smile on his face.

“Of course” She said serenely but giving Ron a glare, which Remus and Molly didn’t miss.

“Try to stay awake, Harry, Maybe a bath will help, I'm sure Ron or Remus can be of assistance if you need it” Mrs. Weasley said with a smile before disappearing out of the door to make his soup.

Harry blushed extensively as both chuckled and nodded. The girls remained quite quiet, not really sure what to say but enjoyed the blush on Harry’s face.

“No, I'm fine, really” He replied hastily.

“Harry, you know you haven’t really had one since the Dursleys, I mean sure Pomfrey’s been putting cleaning spells on you but it’s not the same.” Ron said matter of factly.

“But-” Harry began as Ron came over and pulled his covers off and the both males put their arms under Harry’s and helped him out of bed.

“We’ll wait here for you Harry” Hermione said, with a slight smile on her face.

Remus and Ron laughed freely as Ron then said “ I'm sure it’s the more the merrier as far as Harry’s concerned” Ron joked causing everyone, apart from Harry to laugh as they left the room both supporting most of Harry’s weight.
He was dreading what was going to be done about the fact he couldn’t really move his arms and therefore couldn’t undress or get himself over to the bath, he vaguely wondered if he could have a bath fully clothed. As Remus summoned a drink of water for Harry’s throat which was now becoming sorer and then going over to the huge bath and turned it on he turned to Harry with a mock evil expression and poured in a lot of bubbles. Harry was sitting on the stool trying to get his breath back after the short walk.
Ron then undid Harry’s pyjama shirt, as he coolly said “Although I think you probably preferred it when Ginny did this, your stuck with me, I’m afraid.” Harry actually choked and spat out his drink of water as Ron said this, both Ron and Remus laughed freely at this.

“Wha-...Nnn…No. no…How’d you kno-”

“Joke.” Ron said through laughter as Remus finished the now bubble filled warm, completely the opposite of masculine, bath. Harry was now extremely embarrassed sitting there in his boxers, which was obvious due to the vivid red cheeks on his face. Ron and Remus briefly looked at each other, sympathising with Harry’s discomfort.

“I’ll go and get you some clean pyjamas Harry” Ron said, exiting the room. Remus came over to where Harry was sat and knelt in front of Harry, making him feel even more uncomfortable. Remus only spoke when Harry looked over at him.

“If it makes you feel any better Harry, Sirius wasn’t the most insecure of people at times in our dorm room when we were young, which usually made the rest of us rather insecure.” Harry laughed at this, which was the first time he had thought of Sirius and not been upset, and presumably Remus’s as well. Remus then helped Harry up and over to the bath. “Ok, Harry, my eyes are closed” He said closing his eyes. “Come on”.

“You did lock the door didn’t you?” Harry asked in an attempt to stall, stripping off completely and getting in to the water.
“Yes, I locked it using my wand when Ron was making a joke at your and Ginny's expense.” He said smoothly. Harry just stood there for a while until Remus said “I’ve got all day Harry” quietly.
Harry sighed angrily and muttered under his breath “Ok, fine” and half wriggled out of his underwear and with Remus holding his shoulders, Harry, clambered into the soapy bath.
The water came up to the top of his chest, Harry whimpered somewhat as his cuts and grazes stung due to the water.

“Ok, happy?” Harry said, slightly annoyed.

“You should be glad I’m here, when madam Pomfrey said you should get properly washed, Molly was second in line to assist you if I declined” Remus responded, chortling slightly when he said Harry’s expression. He had gone to sit against the wall so he was looking slightly up at Harry who was looking quite content and relaxed now because of the water.

“So are you going to come straight out and tell me or do I have to ask?” Remus asked politely.

Harry sighed and looked away from Remus and instead at the bubbles."It doesn’t matter…I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Can you just go I’ll be fine now?” Harry said sadly. He knew it was a mean dismissal but he couldn’t stomach to talk about it, think about it even.

“No” Remus replied simply.


“No, I'm not going anywhere” The man said. “Now, can you trust me enough to tell me Harry?”
“You won’t want to hear it.” He said miserably.

“Harry, you don’t have to tell me, I am just merely asking you. But I do care and I want to hear it because it has obviously upset you.”

Harry was silent for a moment, contemplating. Then after ten long minutes Harry said “It started out as just a… normal dream then it… changed and Voldemort… showed me… or took me into… one of his memories. I think.”

“Which was?” Remus asked, although he thought he already had the answer.

“It was… them…and … him…and when…they…died” When Harry said the last word it felt like poison and figuratively burned his throat, but deep inside Harry thought he felt a bit better knowing someone else knew something about what happened. Remus was quiet for a minute then said in a quiet voice, “Tell me.”

Harry couldn’t have argued with him then, whether it be because of the caring tone he had used or because he knew he couldn’t keep it to himself.

Without looking up Harry told him everything. Every single detail. Every feeling Harry had and the fear he would see it again when he next went to sleep. Remus was quiet through out. It was like when in Dumbledore’s office after the tri-wizard tournament. He didn’t feel normal, but he felt well better(ish). Only after Harry had finished did their eyes meet, Remus’s eyes looked watery but when Harry looked back it was gone, he must have imagined it.

“Harry, you are… without a doubt one of the… bravest men I have ever met. Only few people could… endure that, never mind be able to talk about it and in doing so you have demonstrated unimaginable bravery and courage. I’m very proud of you, Harry. Voldemort may have been trying to highlight a weakness but I think it may have had rather the opposite effect. Your parents did everything in their power to stop Voldemort, which has given you even more reason to not let him get to you.”

“But it’s not just about not letting him get to he is it, I mean I have to ki-” Harry stopped himself suddenly, realising what he had almost let slip, he had been about to say ‘kill him’.
But had he said too much already. A simple look at the face before him gave him the answer instantaneously.

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