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Chapter 10

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Debating with ones self.

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Chapter 10

Gerard’s P.O.V

‘Well let’s get this party started’ Party? Bert really is creepier then I first thought. I never would have thought this would be Bert. He always seemed so quiet. I suppose it is always the one you least expect.
Frank looked terrified. I had no idea what to do.
‘Well it seems we can do this quick and painless seeing as you are such a good boy and obeyed me.’ He walked over to me and pinched my cheeks. I flinched away from him.
‘Do. Not. Touch. Him.’ Frank spat out.
‘Aww is Frankie getting jealous?’ I punched him and gave him a nose bleed.
‘You have no right to call him that.’ I shouted. He started cackling.
‘Oh Gerard that wasn’t very smart now was it?’ He walked over to a chest of draws and pulled something out of one of the draws. He hid it behind his back. ‘I shall be right back. Don’t bother trying to escape. You won’t.’ As he left I ran over to frank and wrapped my arms around him.
‘I love you Frankie. So fucking much.’
‘I love you too Gee. I can’t believe this is the end already.’
‘Don’t say that we will make it through this.’
‘No. We won’t Gee. He said he is going to kill us both.’ We sat there in each other’s arms. Then Bert came back. I saw he had a gun so I moved in front of Frank. Well if he wanted me to watch Frank die I’m going to make this as hard as I can for him.
‘Move Gerard. There is no way to prevent this. It will happen no matter what.’

Bert’s P.O.V

Why are you doing this?
‘Because I love him.’
How is this showing you love him?
‘Oh just shut up!’
No not until you show some sense!
‘This is me showing sense. If I can’t be happy why should they be?’
What would your parents say?
‘Why does it matter? They’re dead I have no one!’
They would be so disappointed.
‘I. Do. Not. Care. They already made it clear they were disappointed in me when I told them I was gay.’
This is going to end badly.
‘No it won’t it will all go to plan. I know it will.’ I walked back into the bedroom with the gun in my hand. Gerard must have noticed it because he moved protectively in front of Frank. That isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference.
‘Move Gerard. There is no way to prevent this. It will happen no matter what.’
This is when Frank spoke up. ‘Please Gerard. I don’t want him to hurt you.’ Gerard looked at Frank who had tears pouring down his face. After a long time of looking into each other’s eyes Gerard pecked Frank’s lips.
‘I love you Frankie. Forever.’
‘I love you too Gee. Forever and always.’ Then Gerard moved I Held the gun up. Pointing it to Frank’s forehead.
Was this really a good idea? Should I do this? Is it not enough for me to just have Gerard be happy? I should be happy for him. But I’m not I want him all for myself.
I don’t know if I can do this. I felt so confident about it. But now I’m not sure.

Don’t do it Bert.
But I have to. Don’t I?
Do you?

A/N Oooh Cliffhanger! So there is going to be one more chapter and an epilogue. But does Bert do it?
~Transmission Exploder. xoxo
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