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He's my boyfriend miss.

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Kay so I havent updated in a while. Truth is, I have been busy. Sure, I could have update after school or something but I have been busy. Like really busy. My house is pretty much being cleared out and tidied from top to bottom. Its manic. I actually have so much written up. Probably about 2 or 3 more chapters worth but I havent had the time to write them up. Sorry :/

Well anyway, enjoy!

“Well Mr. ‘Ero’,” Said the doctor and, as all people did, he pronounced my surname wrong. I swung my legs off the side of the hospital bed and narrowly missed the doctors’ legs.

“It’s Eye-Ear-Oh.” I said and Gerard laughed at my scowl. I didn’t like this doctor. He was rude, grumpy and a meany.

“Sorry Mr. Eye-Ear-Oh.” He said, exaggerating the end. “It looks like you are gonna need stitches.” I sighed. This was so boring. “I’m gonna call the nurse in. Could your friend,” he gave Gerard a disgusted look. “Step outside when the nurse comes.”
“Boyfriend.” I corrected him for the millionth time. The doctor ignored me and left the room, closing the curtain behind him harshly.

“Rude.” I said when he had left. Gerard burst out laughing.

“God that was funny.”

“He pissed me off.” I said sourly.

“Nahh never would have guessed babe.” He said sarcastically and playfully.

“Mr. Iero?” Came a woman’s voice. Finally. Someone who could pronounce my surname correctly.

“Yes?” I called.

“I’m the nurse who will be doing your stitches.” A very pretty brunette woman walked into the room and closed the curtain behind her. She was pretty, yes. But I only have eyes for one person. Gerard. Speaking of Gee, he stood awkwardly beside me. I could clearly see that he was trying not to laugh at my previous attitude.

“OkieDokie.” I replied.

“Could your friend please stop outside for a minute?” She asked me kindly in a soft voice.

“He is my boyfriend Miss.”

She looked at Gerard and he smiled. “Ahh, well in that case, he may stay and none of that Miss business. Call me Lyra.” She smiled at Gerard and me.

“Thanks Lyra.” Gerard sat down at the foot of my bed and I stopped swinging my legs. Unlike the doctor, who I purposely tried to hit with my legs to show my hatred, I liked Lyra. She has said my surname correctly and had been polite. I didn’t want to hit her with my legs. Lyra pulled a tray towards her and stood in front of me.

“Chin back.” I obeyed her and she took a look at my chin. “Well I don’t know what kind of drugs Dr .Carter was on when he made this analysis.” She said.
“Hopefully some that will kill him soon.” I muttered to myself. Gerard laughed and I saw Lyra try her best not to smile. “Sorry, I just really dislike him.”
“You and me both kid. You and me both. Anyway, you don’t need stitches.” She said to me and laughed.

“Oh, why?”

“Stitches won’t hold.”

“What do I need then?”

“Sterilized strips will do just fine.” Lyra said and she grabbed a sheet of, what I assumed to be, sterilized strips. Again, she asked me to put my head back and she applied the strips carefully. “All done.” She said, patting my knee.

“That was quick!” I said.

“It’s not that hard.”

“So I’m free to go now?”

“As free as the wind.” She laughed. “Just be careful.”

“Thanks Lyra.” I smiled at her and hopped off the bed.

“No problem.” She said to me and Gerard stood up.

“Thanks for that miss.” He said like a true gentleman.

“Lyra.” She corrected him.

“Thanks Lyra.” He replied and he followed me out.

“Take care!” She called.

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