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Gerard beat me up.

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Once we were clear of the hospital, I turned up the music and blasted Iron Maiden. Gerard just laughed at me.

As we pulled up to Amii & Emii’s house, I turned down the music. I could hear splashing and screaming coming from the pool behind the house. Gerard grabbed the bags from the trunk of the car and shoved them in the hallway. The door had been left open for us so as I closed it, I locked it behind me. We walked hand in hand to the pool and saw Amii & Mikey engaged in a very intimate splashing fight. Emii was laying across a sun lounger in the shade reading Kerrang! She looked up at out entrance but Amii and Mikey remained otherwise distracted.

“Whoa! Frank, what happened to you?” She said, nodding at my chin.

“Little Frank here,” Gerard said, patting my head. “Got over excited about Starbucks, tripped up some stairs and smashed his chin against the concrete.”

“Wow. Thanks ‘Frank’” I said coldly.

“Does that mean you are me now?” Gerard asked, turning to me.

“Ewww!” Came a voice from the pool. “Who would want to be smelly Gee?” Mikey chuckled.

“Shut the fuck up Michael James Way!” Gerard retorted.

“Hey! Gerard doesn’t smell.” Amii said to Mikey.

“Dude, you don’t have to live with him.”

Amii splashed him. Mikey grabbed her arms and wrapped them around his waist. He pulled her close to him and leant down to kiss her. “I was joking.” He said as she broke the kiss. Amii grabbed a handful of his hair and tugged firmly.

“Tell him you’re sorry.” She said.

“No.” Mikey laughed and then winced as she pulled harder.

“Say sorry.”

“Okay, ow! Okay okay! Gee, I’m sorry. You don’t smell.” Gerard threw the beach ball at him. “I said sorry.” Mikey said, turning to face Amii. “Please let me go now Hun?” He begged and she released her grip on his hair.

“What happened to your chin Frank?” Both Amii and Mikey asked at the same time.

Before Gerard could butt in, I blurted out… “Gerard beat me up!”

“What?!” Gee said. “I did not!”

Everyone but Gerard laughed. He stood there, with a shocked look on his face and his jaw wide open. “I’m joking babe.” I said when I saw the shock on his face. I stood up on my tip toes and leant up to kiss him. He bent slightly and kissed me back. He took hold of my hand and looked at me.

“Um, should take our stuff upstairs? Ya’know…” He coughed slightly and turned a bright pink shade. He looked so adorable!

“UGH!” Amii said. “Just go upstairs and make out for fuck sake!”

“Thanks for that Amii.” I said and I led him up the stairs with the bags in one hand and his in the other. I pushed me up against the wall on the stairs and began to kiss me. I kissed him back for a while and then pushed him away. “Wait.” I said breathlessly. I chucked Mikey’s bag in his room and headed to our bedroom. I pulled Gerard down onto the bed and began to kiss him. Slowly at first, but soon it became urgent, passionate and urgent. I felt his tongue flicked across my bottom lip and I parted my lips. Gerard lay back and pulled me on top of him. His hands ran down my hips and I sighed ever so slightly. I continued to kiss him.

“Frank?” Emii called.

“Ahh fuck!” I said. “Yeah?” I called back.

“Someone is on the phone for you.” Emii called up the stairs.

“Be right there!” I shouted back and I leant down to kiss him quickly again. “This isn’t over.” I whispered in his ear and crawled off him. I began to head down the stairs.

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