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Everything will be fine

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I think I have about 1 more chapter after this one saved on my pc them I'mma have to start writing again so the next update will be in about 1 week or so :)


Gerard’s POV

God. He drove me crazy. Looking up at him and seeing the need in his eyes made me go crazy. Hearing sigh when I placed my hands on them sexy hips made me want to do very sinful and bad things to him. Just the feel of his lips on mine made me feel so amazing. Kissing him felt like I was on cloud nine. It was amazing. HE was amazing. And when Emii had shouted up the stairs, calling him, I wanted to tell her to piss off. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to be rude. I knew she could either kick me out of her house or beat me to a pulp. I didn’t wanna get on her bad side. No-one did.

I was lying on an empty bed. Frank has gone downstairs to take a phone call from an unknown person and he had left me with the words ‘This isn’t over.’
He was such a tease. I sat up and sighed. He always had to leave at the wrong time. Such a fucking tease. But because I loved him too much and he wad so damn sexy, I’d let him off. I flopped back onto the bed, my mind filling up with thoughts of Frank. I heard a shatter come from downstairs and I sat up abruptly.
“What the fuck?” I said out loud and I got up and went downstairs.

That’s when I saw Frank. Crying…

I rushed to his side. Amii, Emii and Mikey were already there and Emii was kneeling down in front of the sobbing Frankie who was sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands. I knelt down beside Emii and touched Frank’s knee lightly.

“What’s wrong Frankie?”

Frank was shaking and he looked up at me with tears streaming down his face.

“Frankie, you’re scaring me Hun. What’s happened?”

“Its,” he tried to take a breath. “It’s my mum.” He finally said. I knew instantly what had happened. Frank had told me about his mum being an alcoholic. “She’s… She’s” Frank began to gasp for breath. “She’s in a coma.”

I could feel the tear start to stream down my face and I felt instantly cold and numb.

“Shhh,” He touched his fingers lightly to my cheek, stroking it gently and hiccupping. “Don’t cry.”

Amii moved from Frank’s side and allowed me to sit next to him. I pulled him towards me and his head found my shoulder and he began to sob again.

I took a breath, determined to pull myself together and stay strong for Frank. “Shhh,” I soothed. “Shhh baby, she’ll be fine.” I promised, knowing fully that it was a promise I might not be able to keep. I wrapped my arms around him and rocked him gently.

I saw Emii rise from up on her knees and back out of the room. Amii and Mikey followed her and a few seconds later Amii came back with a box of tissues and placed them on the table. I silently thanked her and she left the room.

“Everything is gonna be okay Frankie.” I said. He stopped sobbing and gasped for breath. I handed him a tissue and he wiped his eyes.”

“Will you,” He took a deep breath and started to speak again. “Will you come with me to the… the hospital?” He looked at me and his eyes filled with tears again and the look of pain in his eyes made me hug him tighter.

“Of course I will, Hun. I am gonna be with you no matter what. I promise.”

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