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Stay Strong

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My laptop got wiped. Not intentionally. This is the last chapter I have written that I managed to save. I dunno if I am gonna continue this story. Please R&R if you think I should continue

Frank’s POV

As I stepped into my mama’s hospital room, I felt my knees buckle and I was thankful of the arms that were wrapped around my waist supporting me. I felt the tears start to stream down my face again at the sight of her lying there, hooked up to many wires which were attached to her like snakes. I felt my chest get heavy and I took a step towards her. Gerard squeezed my hand and I pulled him forward with me. I looked at him and I begged with my eyes for him to come with me. He nodded and took a step forward. I gripped his hand with mine and used my other hand to touch my mam’s cheek softly.

“Stay strong mama. Hold on. Please.” I said and I kissed her forehead. I took a step back and fell straight into Gerard’s arms. The tears continued to stream down my face and he used his hand to wipe them away. Gerard gripped hold of my shoulders and lowered his head to look my in the eyes.

“Everything is gonna be fine.” He looked deep into my eyes and then continued to speak. “You are gonna get through this. No matter what. You are gonna stay strong. For your mama’s sake and for mine.”

I sniffed and leaned up to press my lips to his.

“I promise. I promise I will stay strong. For my mama’s sake. And for yours.” I whispered. He pulled me close and I sunk into him.

“Gerard?” Mikey’s head popped around the door and Gerard turned around but took my hand to comfort me.

“Yeah?” He said.

“Mum’s here.”

“Oh okay, Shall we go?” He said, turning to me. I took a deep breath, exhaled and nodded.

Gerard held the door open and as I took a step out of the room I felt warm arms embrace me in a hug. I hugged the person back and as I took in a breath I could tell by the sweet scent of the perfume that it was Donna. Gerard and Mikey’s mum.

“Thanks.” I breathed and she looked at me. I could see her eyes were bloodshot and filled with worry and concern. I could tell she had been crying.

“Anything you need. Anything. You can ask me, okay?”

“Yeah.” I smiled as Gerard’s hand took mine again. Donna looked down at our linked hands and smiled. I guess Gerard had told her. Or Mikey.

Should I continue?
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