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Pinky Promise

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This is mainly just a trial chapter. To see if I should continue writing this. I have written another bit and if you think I should continue this, I will.
Thank you for reading this despite my lack of updates :)

Gerard’s POV

It was on the drive back to Amii’s house it became quite clear to everyone that Frank and I was a couple. Mostly because we held hands the whole car journey but maybe also because Frank had his head resting on my shoulder and every now and then I would kiss the top of his head softly. It took a lot to get Frank to leave the hospital. With a pinky promise from the nurse that they would call him if anything at all happened and a bunch of a dozen hand-picked roses left by his mums bedside in a vase, Frank had finally agreed to come back to Amii’s with us since no-one was at his house. Entering the front of her house, Frank made straight for our room. I nodded thanks to everyone and Emii told me to follow him. As I climbed the stairs, I heard sobs emitting from behind the closed door. I tried to push the door open but was stopped when it met a hard object that wouldn’t move. Frank’s back.

“Frankie, baby. Come on hunny, let me open the door. I can’t do anything until you move out of the way baby. Please. Let me come in.” I heard a shuffling and I pushed the door again and it swung open. Frank was sitting on the floor with his head in between his knees and I could see his body shaking as he let out another sob. I sat beside him and put my arm around him.

“Gee, what if she doesn’t make it? What will I do? I don’t have any other family. I will be alone. No-one will be there to look after me”

I felt like someone had stabbed me. “Frank, listen. She will make it. She will. And even if she doesn’t, you have family. You have me. You have Mikey. And Emii and Amii. You will not be alone. We love you Frank. You are family to them. You’re the brother Emii and Amii wished they had. And we will always be there to look after you.” I said. “And my mum cares so much about you and she would never ever leave you out there by yourself. We are all here for you. Frank, you mean so much to all of us. But you have to be strong baby. I know it hurts. I know it’s hard but you have to stay strong.”

I hugged him until he stopped crying then took his face in my hands for the second time today. I kissed his salty tears away and he rested his hand on my face. “Its gonna be okay Frankie. It’s all gonna be fine.” He pressed his lips softly to mine and I kissed him back. He rested his head on my chest and I rocked him softly.

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