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Diary Entry of Frank Anthony Iero

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Time Lapse of about 1 month

Diary entry of Frank Anthony Iero.

“I am at home. I have been at home for about 3 weeks now. My mama is slowly recovering. She got out of the coma about 4 weeks ago. She wasn’t in it for very long. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. It wasn’t alcohol related. Or drug abuse. She had fallen. Simply lost her balance on the top of the stairs and fallen. A freak accident some might say. She had to stay at the hospital for some time. I visited her every day. She is back at home now. Gerard visits every day. He brings her flowers. Different flowers every day. Today they were tulips. Tomorrow I bet they will be chrysanthemums. Mama and I bet each day what the flowers will be. I am winning so far. Gerard is just way to predictable. But she is getting better. Mama is now up on her feet every day. Toddling around in a nighty. She is still unstable and sometimes needs help getting up and down the stairs but she has managed to keep alcohol out of her life and this has made me so proud of her. I hope she continues to get better. School is back on in a week and I am scared about leaving mama by herself for a day. I haven’t done that for about 3 weeks. I haven’t really left the house. Gerard gets any shopping we need and we give him the money. I can’t count the amount of times Gerard has let me fall asleep in his arms after and exhausting day. But not one day has gone by when I haven’t seen him and I tell him pretty much everything. I am scared about going back to school. Not only because it means leaving my mum but also because I don’t know whether or not me and Gerard should come out as a gay couple. I’m not too sure if people would accept it. But I guess there is only one way to find out. Well I have to go since my mama is calling me. Things are so much better now. I think everything is gonna be fine.

F xoxo”
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