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Kat's Personalised Story

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Kat's Personalised Story

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Chapter One

“Have fun Kitty Kat!” My Mom called as I stepped out of the car “Have a great first day!”
“Mom!” I moaned, slamming the car door shut. I love my Mom but why does she have to try to embarrass me so much?
I walked towards the gates “Freak!” Someone called as I walked through the door “Why are you dressed like such a dork?”
I looked down. I was wearing skinny jeans, a ‘David & Goliath’ vest saying ‘I Feel Toasty’ with a piece of toast on it and red converse. What was wrong with that?
I continued walking until I reached my homeroom. I walked inside and got my time-table. Double art first lesson, English and then two free periods in the afternoon. Looked like a good day.
The bell rang for art and I stood up, trying to find the room. I walked around for about ten minutes until I finally found someone who looked just as lost as me. He was small with brown curly hair, tanned skin, wearing a Bullet For My Valentine tee-shirt and baggy black jeans. “Oh hey,” He grinned “Are you lost too?”
“Yeah,” I replied “What lesson have you got?”
“Art in Room 24 with Mr.Way.”
“Me too!” I smiled “My name’s Kat Welsh by the way.”
“Oh cool. Mine’s Chris Massey.”
I nodded “So do you wanna go find the Art room then?”
“Yeah sure.” He grinned “Let’s go find it.”
After another ten minutes we finally realised the art room was in a separate building to the main college. There was a whole section cut off from the school for the arts including music and stuff.
Chris opened the door and walked in first. I followed. Most of the class were girls, blonde with extremely short skirts on. They giggled as Chris and I entered the room. “I guess we should sit down…” Chris mumbled, taking us to two spare seats at the side of the room.
Once we sat down I asked “So uhh where’s the teacher?”
“He’s late,” A girl said, turning around to face us. She was sitting in front of us. She had chocolate brown hair, green eyes, pale skin and a sweet smile “My name’s Alicia. And you two are?”
“I’m Chris.”
“And I’m Kat.” I said with a smile “But please do not call me Kitty Kat.”
“Alright, I won’t.” Alicia giggled “Kitty Kat.”
I rolled my eyes when suddenly we heard “Right class.” We looked towards the front of the room. Standing at the front there was a young male with shoulder length-black hair, pale skin and brown eyes wearing a black shirt, black leather jacket and black skinny jeans. At first I thought he was a student but after a few moments I realised that he was the teacher “My name’s Mr.Way but you can all call me Gerard.”
He started handing out pieces of paper “We’ll have a pretty relaxed lesson today since it’s your first. All I want you to do is draw the person sitting next to you. See if it helps you get to know each other more. I’ll be coming round the room to learn your names and find out more about you all.”
All the blonde girls were nudging each other and giggling. They either thought Gerard was a loser or dead cute. I thought he was dead cute.
He handed me and Chris a piece of paper and moved on. I picked up my pencil and laughed “I’m sorry if this turns out completely wrong.”
“Oh don’t worry.” Chris laughed “Mine will probably be terrible too.”
Alicia grabbed her chair and scooted over “Kat, can I draw you please?” She asked “I don’t have a partner.”
“I’m drawing Kat!” Chris said, pouting.
I giggled “You can draw Alicia, I’ll draw you and Alicia can draw me. Fair enough for you?”
“Fine…” Chris sighed, grabbing his own pencil “You’re lucky that I think you’re cool.”
I giggled again and started drawing Chris in silence. All three of us walked in silence until suddenly Gerard was at our desk. “Hey!” He greeted with a small smile that made my heart melt “So, what are your names?”
“I’m Chris.”
“I’m Alicia.”
My mouth opened but no sound came out. Gerard raised his eye-brows at me. Chris finally said “Uhh her name’s Kat.”
“Oh cool.” Gerard smiled at me “So what made you three take art?”
“I’m too dumb to take anything else.” Chris laughed.
Alicia said “I just enjoy art even if I’m not very good at it.”
“I want to be an artist.” I admitted “Like cartoons and stuff.”
“Oh that’s cool.” Gerard said “I once made a cartoon. It was nearly on Cartoon Network but it was too much like some other programme so they had to cancel it.”
I frowned “That’s too bad.” I commented “Maybe some other network would run it?”
“I don’t think I wanna get into that really.” He said “I kinda like being an art teacher anyway.”
He smiled again before walking off. I sighed “He is so cute.”
Alicia rolled her eyes and smiled “Here we go…”

[A/N] – Not sure if I like this ;/ Not the story idea, just the way I write it ;D By the way Alicia is not Alicia Way, I just like the name Alicia :D
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