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Chapter 2

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Kat and Alicia go out for coffee.

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[A/N] - This is only gonna have one or two more chapters... Unless I decide to upload more :L

“How was your first day at college?” Mom asked when I got home “Meet any cute boys?” She asked, dragging out the word boys.
I raised my eye-brows “It was fine and I’m not telling you about the boys.”
“Why not?”
“Because I made that mistake in High School.” I laughed “And you went into the school and you told him that I thought he was cute!”
“He was pretty good looking,” Mom said, smiling at the memory “Come on… Tell me all about it…”
“Mom, I’ve got art homework to be doing!” I cried, running up the stairs to my bedroom.
Gerard had actually said that since it was our first lesson he wasn’t going to bore us with homework. But I just didn’t want to talk to my Mom, not when she was in this kind of mood.
I reached for my phone and text Alicia Wanna hang out? – K xx
Sure. Starbucks? – A xx
I’ll see you there in ten minutes – K xx
I took off my shirt, tie and skirt. I pulled on my black dress with cherries all over it to match my cherry red hair. I brushed out my hair, applied some red lipstick and a bit of pink blusher. I opened my wardrobe and slipped into my flat black shoes.
I ran down the stairs “Mom, I’m going to Starbucks to meet a friend.”
“Which friend?”
“Her name’s Alicia.” I said patiently “Can I just go out please?”
“Okay.” Mom smiled at me “You look nice Kitty Kat.”
I rolled my eyes and ran out the door before she could say anything else embarrassing. Starbucks was only a two minute walk away and when I got there, Alicia was already sitting at one of the table’s with two cups of coffee.
I smiled at her and sat opposite her. Alicia winked at me “Look at booth over there.”
I turned to the booth on our left and saw Gerard! He was sitting opposite a boy with lightish brown hair and black glasses. “Do you think he’s gay?”
“No!” I laughed “They’re probably just friends.”
“Friends don’t get coffee together.”
I blinked at her “Alicia, what are we doing right now?”
Alicia blushed “Oh… Yeah…”
We were both silent until she asked “Do you think we should go and say hi?”
I shrugged “He probably doesn’t even remember.”
“Oh hey Kat! Alicia!” We heard a familiar voice to the left say “Come sit with us.”
We turned to Gerard and the other boy. I glanced at Alicia who winked at me again. We grabbed our coffee and went to sit with them. I sat next to Gerard and Alicia sat next to the unknown boy.
Gerard smiled at us “Girls, this is my brother Mikey. Mikey these are two of my students. Kat and Alicia.”
“It’s nice to meet you both.” Mikey grinned “Gerard’s told me a lot about you both.”
“Oh really?” Alicia laughed while Gerard blushed bright red “We should’ve invited Chris.”
“He’s busy tonight.” I told her “Babysitting or something.”
“Have you two done your homework?” Gerard asked, taking a sip of coffee.
Alicia looked confused “You didn’t assign us any.”
“I know, I just like making students paranoid.” Gerard giggled “Have you guys got art with me tomorrow?”
“Yeah, a triple lesson.” Alicia told him.
We all talked for about two hours when suddenly Alicia smiled and said “I’d better be getting home.”
“Oh, me too.” Mikey said quickly “Do you wanna walk together?”
“Mikey, you don’t need to-“ Gerard started but Mikey cut him off by glaring at him.
Alicia smiled “Yeah that’d be cool. Let’s go.” Alicia winked at me and walked out of Starbucks with Mikey who clearly liked her.
I blushed bright red and Gerard turned to face me “So, how are you liking college so far?”
“Well, I like art.” I told him with a small smile “And my friends. The rest is a bit like high school. So many bitchy girls and stuff…”
“Has anybody said anything rude to you?” Gerard asked suddenly seeming a bit teacher like.
I blushed “Just stupid stuff about my hair and the way I dress. You know, the usual stuff.”
“People used to say stuff like that to me.” He nodded “Because of my hair being longer than most of the other guys. And because I liked dark clothes. You know. The usual stuff.” He smiled at me “What do you do when they say stuff like that?”
“I just ignore it.” I admitted “What did you do?”
“The same thing.” He said “I just let them walk all over me. It’s kind of funny though this one time I went into college dressed as a girl and everyone was nice to me all day!” I burst out laughing and so did he “But I couldn’t say anything obviously because they’d have heard my deep voice. It was quite funny though.”
“In primary school in like Grade 1 I wanted to be a boy.” I laughed “So my friend told me ‘boys pee up walls’ so I peed up a wall!”
“No way!” Gerard laughed “Don’t tell my brother I told you this but when he was five, for Halloween, he dressed up as Cinderella.”
“That’s nothing when I was five and I still lived my Dad, he used to be the entertainment at parties and stuff. And there was a Rocky Horror party and they made him dress up as a transvestite and he had to go and sing that song…”
“Sweet transvestite?” Gerard asked and I nodded “Your Dad sounds cool. What happened?”
“He walked out when I was seven.” I told him “I haven’t seen him since.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry…”
“No, it’s okay.” I told him “I don’t think I wanna see him. Not now, it’s been way too long.”
“Hey, it’s getting late.” Gerard said “Do you want me to walk you home?”
“Oh yeah sure, if you want…” I blushed “Let’s go.”
We stood up and walked out of Starbucks. Gerard took my hand and I smiled at him. We started walking back to my house. “My Dad walked out when I was little too.” Gerard said “But I won’t tell you that I know how you feel because I still see my Dad. I stay with him some weekends and he takes me and Mikey out for dinner every so often.”
“Do you like him?”
Gerard took a deep breath “I can’t say that he doesn’t try. He keeps telling me he’s proud of me but I know that he’s not. He gets mad at me if we talk to each other for a certain amount of time. And he’s always scaring Mikey. So sometimes I wish I didn’t see him.”
“Aww I’m sorry.” I said.
He shrugged “No problem.” We stopped outside my house “Well I’ll see you in art class tomorrow.”
“Yeah, see you…”
Gerard let go of my hand when suddenly I reached up and kissed him.
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