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We made it

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The last chapter :)

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Aah! So this is the end! I have loved writing every word and I love you all so much for helping me and giving me the motivation to write! You're amazing! Thankyou!

Gerards POV
Holy hell. Today, in two hours I"ll be getting married. Franks relative witnessing and permitting this marriage. We chose somewhere special to seal the deal. Last minute, I know but we're getting married back at the hospital. It sounds crazy to go back down that road again, we know. But its perfect. Its symbolic for us, its pretty, its accepting and my Mom got married there. So why not? We have more guests than Mom did though. The Cutleys and Nestors among them. Yep, that's right! Apparently it wasn't just Jamia that was invited, it was the whole clan. Kind of like Alicia but nobody gives a fuck because she's family. Its her, her Mom and her Grandma cming. I know right? Awkward that her Mom and Ricky used to date! Anyway, today is our day, me and Frankie only. That is wonderful, trust me. I've been excited for weeks but what if everyone else gets in our way, they've done it before after all.

Donnas POV
So, my lovely son is getting married today. I have every piece of decor on the floor of the chapel. "Roses?" Ricky asks me for the millionth time. Seriously, why do guys see arranging a vase of flowers such a challenge! " They"ll do." I reply because A. Were behind schedule and B. That's the best he"ll ever get them to loook. Next is the arch of white balloons. I know you don't usually see this at wedding ceremonies but as they kiss, the balloons will burst and flower petals will spread across everyone and everything. Now don't tell me that is not a good idea or worth the money I paid for it, because it will be. After everything, today must be perfection. Healthy, happy and devoted grooms. And that's just what they will be, I just know it.

Lindas POV
"Frankie, no calling him! It makes it more special!" I say again. He misses Gerard and its only been a day. I'm so excited for him, although I wished he'd been a little bit older maybe. Either way, he's been waiting for this and its almost time! He'll be a husband and father by his next birthday! He'll only be eighteen! But the cancer made him rethink his entire life. Before, he wouldve waited for marriage and especially children, but he is sure of what he wants and he wants as much time enjoying those two wishes as possible. I know Gerard can make him happy, I just hope for both of them that he doesn't mess up again. And I pray, that Frankie means his wedding vows. Til death do us part.

Franks POV
My suit has been ironed, my shoes have been polished and my hair is... A fucking mess. Typical bad luck. Every other day this month it has been fine but this day, which is the most important of the year, it decides to let loose and have some fun. Playing games with my self esteem. I(s mostly all back now, its been cut into a miniature version of the mohawk I used to wear with pride. I'm satisfied with that cut, its just the styling that's pissing me off. Urgh! Un fucking believable. And I miss my fiancee! The next time I see him is in an hour or so, and he"ll be my husband then. We slept at our parents homes last night so its been a while for us both. Well when your every millisecond of every hour of every day revolves around that one person it does. I'm not bragging, but he does love me. I'm sure of that now. I love him more though, jus' sayin.

Time Lapse

Gerards POV
Oh fucking fucker in fucking hell! Twenty minutes! The chapel looks fantastic, its all I couldve dreamed for. And its very me and Frankie. As though we've both let loose in this room and decorated it with ourselves as the focus. Both sides of the chapel are filled, some are having to stand up due to lack of space. Thank fuck, alicias mom and Ricky haven't crossed paths yet. I just hope it lasts. The sound of that's the way my love is by smashing pumpkins fills the air and the ceremony has begun in no time. The wooden doors swing open and in come a train of pageboys and bridesmaids. AKA Ray, Bob, Katlyn,Alicia and Christa. They all look divine but not as divine as the next person who enters the chapel, lighting up the whole room.

Franks POV
I walk shakily into the chapel. My mom trying with all her strength to steady me. The music was perfect for us after all. We changed it last minute like the venue you see. Its odd really, how before I was dying in here and now I'm looking to a long and happy future. The juxtaposition is mindblowing. Mom gives me a quick hug and kiss and retreats to sit by my smiling, proud Grandpa. I continue and just about manage to successfully walk to the altar. When I am finally there, everything else fades away. The only thing I can concentrate on is the person all I am revolves around, standing before me.

"Do you Frank Anthony Iero take Gerard Arthur Way to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do."
"I now pronounce you married. You may now kiss the groom."

An explosion of white rose petals erupts from above, as though heaven has blessed this and I could not be happier right now.

Suddenly, two huge looking police officers burst through the chapel doors. "Jamia Nestor?" One calls and she turns chalky white. So does her parents. " You are being arrested for the attack and intentional GBH of Gerard Way. You do not have to say anything but anything you do say may be referred to in court." Everyone is speechless. I am fuming. " How could you?! You were a friend!" I scream before Gerard puts a hand on my shoulder and pulls me towards him. "Ignore her. Todays meant to be a good day." He says trying to hide his own anger but being unable to resist flipping her off as she is dragged away. Yet somehow, it works on me. And I look forward to the remainder of today. That is until a piercing cry of pain fills the chapel.

Gerards POV
"She's in labour!" I hear my Mom cry.
I whip my head around and the sight I am met with terri
fies me. "No, she's due in February!" I scream, praying that this is not happening. But it is. Her waters have broken and she's screaming her heart out.
I run out of the chapel, "Nurse! Nurse!" I scream before someone finally helps me. A wheelchair at the ready. I"m about to be a father!

Mikeys POV
"Oh fuck!" I yell.
"Mikey calm down! You"re going to have three nieces!" Alicia cries happily, her face still wet from the tears shed at the wedding.
" They're not meant to be here yet though! What if somethings wrong with them." I force out, genuinely petrified for my family.
"Come on, think positive. We can go and pray if you think it could help." She smiles trying to comfort me. And so we do, and then I realise my proposal was totally real. I want to spend the rest of my days next to her.

Lindas POV
The young girl is wheeled away to the maternity ward. She wasn't much younger than Frank, the poor soul. Donna and I follow our sons to the girls bedside. All five of us terified beyonf words. Ricky being left with my sons new sister in laws mom who he used to date apparently. I hope they aren't angry right now. This could end badly.

Rays POV
"Ok everyone!" I interupt the more than awkward silence. "Let's get to the Way household!" And to my surprise everyone files out of the chapel to head to the celbration of my two best friends marrying at last. A party is a party after all! Plus Bob was growing very impatient, he needed alcohol in his blood and fast! If that fails, we go for desperate measures! The red bull comes out!

Time lapse
Franks POV
Hand in hand. Gerard and I enter his home. Filled with family and friends. Happiness and celebration, nothing but rock blaring from the house. As we enter a chorus of applause and cheers. We kissed just to show everyone the purpose of tonight but then the attention was taen away as our mothers entered, cradling three tiny baby girls. Our family. Finally, a new year and a new start in one. And I had every dream come true in twenty four hours.

"I love you." Gerard kisses my cheek.
"I love you too." I smile, cuddling up to my husband and taking two of our three daughters in my arms. Life was complete. We made it.

Thankyou for reading! Sorry this sucked! :) xx
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