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Hola kids! One last chapter after this! Xx

Gerards POV
The wedding is tomorrow. Jamia and Bert both coming. Why? I don't have a clue. I think Jamia was invited ages ago but Bert? And as much as I would kick that mtherfucker straight out, I am not rising ruining my own wedding because of him. And security was far too expensive. One extra guest was going to be our surrogate and her friend. She would need support and we wanted her there. It meant that our children could come too. Even our adoption agent was venturing out to witness the mariage. I'm excited but I'm terrified too. There's still time for Frank to change his mind. There's still time for my injurer to come back and finish the job this time. There was still time for everything to fall flat on its face. The priest could get sick. The church could burn down. Oh fuck, the church! The house of god! Homosexual marriage! I had my mother arrange this! Why did it only occur to me now! "Frank!" I scream from our bedroom. I hear a crash and he's through the doorway in seconds. " Oh fuck! I thought you were dying! I dropped a stack of plates to save you!" He said wiping his forehead with the back of his hand in relief. " No, no. Sorry, I'm not dead. Yet."

Franks POV
"Ah." I say baffled.
He was right in all honesty. We hadn't even thought of that. We should have. But with all that had gone on we barely had the time, plus I was just excited to be marrying him. Christmas had passed and the Ways and Ieros had had the best christmas ever together! Even dad managed to control himself over dinner but now yet another issue had came up. The police were still looking for Gerards attacker and I couldn't help but feel like I was making his life more difficult than necessary. I knew he loved me now but I stil felt guilty. Who wouldn't? Then an idea struck me out of nowhere. "Gee! We could get married at my Moms! Her cousin is a minister and she's all for gay marriage!" I exclaim! Why did I not think of this months ago?! He was going to be mine now and we weren't offending or being rejected by a single little soul.

Thanks for reading and bearing with me! :) xx
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