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Back to December

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Hey guys! :) xx

Gerards POV
" So they're our daughters then?" I say amazed at the blurry yet oh so clear images Frank is handing me one at a time. "Yes" He smiles. God, his smile. " Beth likes the names we picked, except Lily was her grandmas name so she'd like her middle name to be Rose like her Mothers was. I thought it was pretty so i agreed but now we need a middle name for Cherry." He said excitedly, he was born to father children. Everyone knew that now. "Why?" I ask laughing slightly.
" Because the other two have middle names so she needs one! She can't be left out Gee!" He squeals at me. He's definitely the woman in this relationship. I'm in hospital still yet he's still nagging! I'm all for feminism and all and i love Frank but seriously, guys need rest! Especially ones that have just got over concussion. " Claire is a pretty name." Frank says, his eyes shining. And so we're set, when he looks like that that is final. There is a knock at the door. " Happy 1st December!" Katie and Carley exclaim back here again already. I see Ray Bob and Mikey appear from behind. All look happy except for Mikey. " Alicia's just headed home." Ray muttered just loud enough for me to hear. Mikey always got like this when she had to go again. But she always came back as soon as she could. They didn't have children or anything particularly adult to take care of so they could travel as often as they liked. " I'm sorry Mikes. But hey, two weeks and four days and she'll be heading back for our wedding." I say taking Franks hand. Plain and simply delighted.

Rays POV
"Bob, look! I know you like the girl but it's pretty clear! She fucking hurt Gerard!" I say to my smitten best friend. He's only gone and fallen for Jamia. I thought he was beginning to like Katie. Apparently, he does like Katie and thinks shes supercute but his heart belongs with Jamia? He doesn't even know her properly. " We have no proof that she did it. It was probably Bert Motherfucker McCracken again." He said not taking his eyes off guitar hero. I had taken Bob over to Jamias earlier considering he crashed his car and she lives out of town. Well way out, considering Gerard and Frank are in New York and we have to travel up and down all week long. Anyway, Jamia has her own home. Her parents live with her but they're at work most of the time so she's pretty much living on her own. In her kitchen, there was a baseball bat with blood on it. And it's fucking obvious she likes Frankie. She did that to Gerard. And before any judgements are made, no way in fucking hell is she getting away with it. Not only have the police been called but i left her a little surprise in the hallway of her house.

Jamias POV
I curse myself for not hiding the bat. Frankie would never speak to me again. I had found a rat in my hallway and i was now facing charges of GBH. My parents were going to kill me. One, for our new addition the rat and two for hurting someone like that. I didn't actually do it though, i just got someone to do it on my behalf. I paid them too but it still shouldn't count, right?

Franks POV
"Jamia!" I gasp, horrified and fuming. I had trusted her. I should have known it. I thought it was her, i really did at first. How fucking dare she?
"Sounds like a right whore to me." Carley adds to the hate we are all feeling.
"She has an okay name though. It's not something ridiculous like Justine or Hyacinth." Katie adds cheerily as usual.
"My.Mother.Is.Called.Justine." Carley practically growls at Katie. Katie cowers away slightly and mouths a quick sorry to her best friend. I definitely sense a love hate scenario here.

A while later, Gerard was allowed home. Jamia was in custody until at least tomorrow and Katie and Carley were getting picked up and taken back to Jersey. Alicia had stayed longer than planned and so Donna and Ricky extended their honeymoon by visiting Ricky's cousin Frances in Alaska and they were due home in tow days. " Gee, i've booked us a cab. We're going to get the coach okay?" Frank whispered to him, fearing he wouldn't be able to bear the ice cold air outside. Nobody had informed Donna about Gerard being in hospital. She worried alot about her family, especially her sons and everyone knew she needed a stress free honeymoon, plus Gerard was going to be fine. It wasn't relevant anymore. This time tomorrow everyone would be back in Jersey. Frank and Gerard in their apartment with Sweetpea and Mikey, Katie, Carley and most likely Ray and Bob would be in the way household. Life would be normal, one more time.

The Next Day
" Mikes, this is just.... aaah!" I can't help but gush at the guys kindness. They've decorated our nursery for us. Pale Blue walls with one white wall for them to draw on once they're older as well as a second white wall for people to put their handprints on. " We had a blast decorating it. Now all we need is you and Gee to dip your hands in some yellow paint and get your handprints on the wall. Yours have to be first. You're the parents. Nobody elses are allowed to be yellow." Mikey instructed. Gosh, he had been with Alicia for a long time. It was perfect though. This was the best nursery ever, and it was going to be decorated with family and friends. What a beautiful thing life can be.
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