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The Take Over, The Breaks Over

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Hola! So i'm just home from parents evening and im looking forward to this half term! I need to work on myself a little and finally sort myself out! Im dysfunctional and say the wrong thing to people alot! McrLoverCarley and Rainbow_apocalypse also make a return in this chapter. The title is a FOB song that has been in my head since Monday! Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee! :)

Franks POV
New York. I remember we came here once before. Before Colorado ever came around. It was in between Christmas and New Year and we weren't together yet. Good friends but we weren't together. It was also here i first got to know Hanna. Weird right? You travel out here with the guy you fall in love with but you also found the girl who kept you sane for the period of his absence. I guess it's almost twisted. The way some things pan out. They say the worst things happen to the best people. To test them. To try and break them. Ruin them even. But that's not the case with me, i've just always been cursed from day one. The day i was born, so was this plague that has hung over me forever. He's just lying there, stiff, cold and still with wires coming out of him. It's worse than when Bert got him that time. Alot worse. He's completely out cold. A coma. In a fucking coma. I swear to God, i'm going to find who did this and if i have to, i swear i will rip them to shreds. Tear them apart like i'm going to make a mosaic out of them. But they wouldn't even be good enough for that. Maybe there's more than one person. Maybe they've been planning this for months. Maybe they've been laughing about killing him whilst we sleep at night. Fucking Sick.

Mikeys POV
"Katie?! Carley?! Ray?!" I scream. Ray's been and picked them up from the bus station. I was starting to miss him actually , after being with him everyday since the wedding an hour or two was giving me separation anxiety. Plus, i needed him right now more than i had ever needed him before. He had just came striding through the door with my brothers best friends in tow. It was the ultimate thing i needed to end the awkwardness growing in between me and Alicia after my random yet serious marriage proposal. She had laughed at first, it was when she actually looked at me her face grew white and her eyes were the size of jupiter. "Hey!" Katie exclaimed running over to me and jumping on me before laying down across my and Alicias legs. " I need to rest! Carley made me run!" She wailed. Alicia now looked more terrified than she did after the proposal. " Actually genius, we only just made the train to go and see Gerard. If we hadn't made it, he could of woke up alone." She said rolling her eyes as Katie looked up at Alicia with a question mark on her face. " Who's this Mikey?" Katie asked reaching up and touching Alicias chin. Making her shiver slightly in shock. " This is my girlfriend, K." I smile using her old nickname. " You know Alicia right?" I ask looking over at Carley. She winks and smiles widely at me. " I do." She said simply. She had a slight liking for Alicia. Always complimenting her and stealing looks at her. I always passed it off though, i mean Alicia was quite something. Eye catchingly attractive, stubborn yet lovely. Although let me tell you, when she wanted to be cold she could. It never lasted long thankfully though. She just wouldn't speak to you at all and it would kill slowly. " Yeah, they needed to come and see him at last. It had been ages. I told them all about the wedding and Frank. They'll be there." Ray said patting Carleys shoulder as Katie giggled at his gesture. "Ray! You totally still like Carley!" She laughed even more as Ray turned red. He and Carley had used to date. It only lasted four months and he had Christa now, but he still felt something. It was pretty obvious. " Shut Up Katie!" Carley hissed at her. Now it was Ray's turn to laugh. " Come on guys. Let's sit down. Katie maybe you should get off Alicia now." Ray giggled. " Okay then!" She grinned sitting opposite Alicia and taking a long gulp of Relentless and handing it to Carley. " Oh fucking hell no!" I groaned. Katie and Carley on a sugar high in a hospital? One description: Chaos.

Franks POV
"Mr Iero, someone is here to see you?" The doctor says sounding rather confused. How odd was this? He held the door open as a tall girl with multicoloured hair walked in. She was young. Well, around my age at the most. "You're Frank, right?" She says chewing gum as the doctor swiftly closes the door and walks away again. " Yeah..." I say unsure of who this kesha impersonator was. " Hey dude, i'm Bethan. Beth though. Call me Bethan i'll castrate you." She say sitting beside me. " You're going to be my babies dad come Febrauary. They're due on the fourteenth. Valentines Day." She said. " I bought you all this shit to look through basically, you know ultrasounds, 4D Videos from the ultrasounds, my family history, Adoption agency details. I also wanted them to have some kind of gift from me for when they're born. They each have a Red Rose and a white dress in this bag here. You know, although i'm letting them go. It is still hard. But i don't go back on my word, this adoption will be closed." She says through pauses to compose herself. I felt bad for her in all honesty. She couldn't keep them but she was finding letting go a challenge. "Hey, would you like to know what their names will be?" I smile at her, somehow wanting her to be even more a part of this than she already was. She looked up hopefully at me and nodded. " Bandit Lee. Lily and Cherry." I say and she gasps, a few tears slipping out from her eyes. " I love those names. Could you do me a favour though?" She said rubbing desperately at her eyes with her sleeve. " Sure." I say feeling awful for the girl. She takes my hand gently and says " Take care of them, give them the life i never had nor could give to them. And Lily was my Grandma's name, could she have the middle name Rose like her?" I smiled at her. " That sounds like an awesome name, it's done." I say and she throws an arm around me. We hug tightly for a short while before she is gone again. Well i guess next, it's waiting for Gee and thinking of a middle name for Cherry. Can't let her be left out. "You can see him now?" The doctor says to me.

Gerards POV
I'm awake. But fuck my head hurts. I can't will my eyes open. I can't bring my mouth to speak. I can't bring my muscles to let me get up. Out of nowhere, my eyelids snap open like those of a puppet and a man in a white coat comes over shining a light into my eyes. "Ah Mr Way, you're awake." He smiles at me and i gaze at him confused, only one name comes to my lips and i will him to be here. " Frankie." I say simply. He nods and leaves.

Moments later in comes a hysterical, tiny little figure with gelled black hair that i recognise as Frankie. I smile at him as he sits down next to the bed. His hair is growing back now, i notice. It's a lot longer than it was last time i saw him. "What happened to me? Am i dead? Where are we?" I say. He kisses me softly and sits back down about to explain everything.

We are rudely interupted by six giggling adolescents. Mikey, Alicia, Ray, Bob and CARLEY AND KATIE! "Ohmyfuckinggod!"I scream before Frank looks at me confused. " Frank these are the best people in Colorado, except when Mikey and I were there of course." I laugh as Katie smothers me and Carley scowls at me before copying Katie. They are both on a sugar high. They fall straight off the bed and knock my fluid bag needle right out of my arm. Carley smacks her head on the iron bed frame. But to intoxicated by sugar to notice they lie on the floor laughing. Nobody else can help laughing either. Franks snuggles up to me laughing wildly, and i know it's really okay. He's wearing his commitment ring.

Thankyou for Reading! :) x
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