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I'm not Okay

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Aww thankyou for reading guys! Dont worry! This story will be ending soon! I'm kind of unhappy with it! My writing didn't fit it well! But thanks all the same! :) xx

Franks POV
" HELP ME! HELP ME! FUCKING PLEASE!" I screech running up and down the hallway searching for someone, anyone in the world who could help Gerard who was laying there hurting, dying for all i knew. If he was going to die, he couldn't go like this. Not now, not ever. "Sir?" A member of the crew asks me. " What's the problem?" He says in a deep italian accent. I glance at his shiny name tag , Leonardo. " It's my fiancee! He's in there, he's bleeding!" I wail. He look at me directly, his face twists into a disgusted scowl. " Gays?!?! You should burn in hell!" He screeches and he makes me so angry i punch him square in the nose. "Homophobic bastard!" I mutter before screaming for more help. Instantly a first aid crew come to the rescue, Jamia hot on their heels. " Frankie! Oh my goodness, are you okay? I got them for you, they'll help him! You can stay with me tonight hun. You need to rest, you look exhausted." She said sympathetically. Boo fucking hoo. She was the reason i was fucking knackered. She was the one who did this to him. But looking at her bright, brown eyes she couldn't have, could she? She wouldn't hurt a fly. I'm debating furiously with myself inside over what to do before i realise where i should be.

I sprint into the room and kneel down beside him leaving Jamia looking puzzled outside the door. " Gerard?! Can you hear me? It's Frankie." I say clutching his hand and stroking his hair, praying for some kind of response. Oh Fuck! What if he gets amnesia! What if he doesnt remember who he is, what if he doesnt remember me, what if he doesn't remember that is going to be a father. At this thought i begin to cry. He was always the strong one, whatever happened he was always the one who held it together. Shut up Frank! Shut Up! Why are you talking about him in the past tense? He's still alive! Still alive. That must mean that i am too. We both go down together.

Jamias POV
I watch from the doorway. Gerard being tended to by all these trained first aiders. Everyone fussing over him. He isnt bleeding that much. I could handle that and i don't even like blood for crying out loud! So yeah, i don't like Gerard. I was orginally civil with him but i finally see it. He's using Frankie. He'll take what he wants, abuse him to the point of despair and break him down. I would never do that to him or anyone for that matter. He needed to be punished for all he's done to Frank before, the good doesn't outweigh the bad, he deserved this night.

Time Lapse

"A what?!" Frankie screams. The doctor sitting on the otherside of the desk peers over his spectacles to look at a terrified Frankie closer. " A coma, Mr Iero. The blow to his head fractured his skull. As far as we can tell his brain was luckily narrowly unscathed. We're going to wait for his skull to heal and then hopefully he will wake up if he already hasn't by then. But i've seen this before sir, just incase, prepare yourself for the worst."

Mikeys POV
They airlifted him to the hospital. The nearest hospital was in New York. Which was where i was heading for now with Alicia in tow. Sitting on this train bored shitless but worried sick. It's a head injury. A head injury. Dangerous. Harmful. Damaging. Fatal. No, shit no not fatal. He was my brother he couldn't go like that. He couldn't go yet anyway. If he was in his nineties i'd understand possibly, but he couldn't go now. He's barely even twenty one. He's getting married in less than six weeks! He was going to make me an uncle. No, he is going to make me an uncle. Fuck, this has made me reevaluate everything already. And the next thing i know, it sets right in and i'm turning to Alicia who's looking at me, curiosity blazing in her icy blue eyes. " Alicia Marie Simmons, will you marry me?"

Frankies POV
" Love You Too." The third phonecall made while i wait to be given access to him. My Mom, Donna and Mikey all know where he is and what's happened now. Why didn't they hit me? Why Gerard? They could have spared him, he has so much to live for. It's all ruined. This weekend, my new found sense of security, our relationship? I pray it's not ruined. But this is the second time he's in hospital because of me. The second time he's been hurt, because of me. This is all my fault and i hope he won't leave me, but i understand if he does.

Aaah! Gerard in a coma! What will happen?! Thankyou for reading! :) xx
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