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Tonight, Tonight

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Tonight's the night! :)

Gerards POV
I adjust my tie for the thousandth time in the bathroom mirror. I've redone it continuously but tonight everything has to be just perfect. Even this ridiculous silk red tie. Usually, i like it but tonight? It's wearing me down and pissing me right off. I run a slick line of jet black eyeliner under each of my hazel eyes, giving them definition and making me look more awake. My once shoulder length black hair has been cropped short and dyed red and the suit i'm wearing happens to be the very one i met Frankie in. We met at a school dance. I know right? Gerard Arthur Way at a school dance, because he would really go to that waste of time. I thought the exact same thing until i met the most important person in the world to me that night. Mikey had dragged me there because he was meeting up with a girl called Meg who he had a slight thing for, way before Alicia was ever in the picture obviously. He was wearing a suit too as this shambles had a black and white theme. I would have been more than happy with grey skinnies, my red converse and my favourite Green Day shirt but no, i had to look smart. Mom and Dad were still married back then too. An odd thought now she's married to someone else. They took pictures of Mikey and I. So proud of their boys going to a school dance all dressed up like grown ups. Our mother has always insisted on documenting every moment of our lives, even now she still gets the video camera out. I remember the exact second i saw Frankie. I was sat on my own in a corner watching everyone else grinding up on eachother on the dancefloor, including my baby brother and his lady of the night. It was cringeworthy to say the least. I took a sip of my doctor pepper as i continued to watch the many silhouettes practically dry humping one another underneath the pink and yellow lights and then through the crowd a pair of beautiful eyes caught my attention. I was more than a little intrigued right now and as i waited for the perfect moment to try and get closer and see who owned eyes so enchanting, the eyes were gone in a flash. And then came my little brother laughing hysterically as he stumbled towards me. "Gee, i would like you to meet-" And i fazed out after that because right there before me were the eyes and the rest of the perfection i imagined the owner would hold. As he shook my hand, sparks shot up my arm and as we properly looked at eachother for the first time ever, i knew something great was coming for me.

Jamias POV
"Hello." I say to a smart looking waitress on the ship's top deck restaurant.
" Hello there. Can i get you a table?" The red haired woman asks me suspiciously.
"No thankyou, i'm here about a reservation made earlier on for this evening." I say ever so politely, not breaking my cover is vital here if i want my plan to work. " A Mr Gerard Way, i believe?" I say raising an eyebrow deliberately.
"Ah yes, he's treating his fiancee tonight." The waitress smiles at me.
"Yes, lovely isn't it? Well i'm afraid he's had to cancel. His brother is very ill suddenly and so he and Mr Iero are devastated and can't wait to get off this boat." I say dramatically.
"Oh no that is awful!" Haha, poor naive bitch. " We will cancel their plans right away. Would you be a doll and pass that on to him please?" She asks pleadingly.
"Of course i will. Thankyou for the cooperation sorry for any trouble." I say and i skip off to go and get dolled up for operation ruin Gerard Way.

Gerards POV
" No we definitely made reservations sir. No cancellations were made by me and my fiancee doesn't know about this yet. It was meant to be a surprise." I say my anger and stress levels reaching breaking point. Not a single person is listening to me. They're adamant that i cancelled tonight. Like hell i did. He was going to be treated to dinner and serenaded right here in this perfect restaurant. " I'm sorry Mr Way but you will have to find somewhere else to dine tonight. There's a great selection of places on the floor below." The white haired man smiled at me kindly. Great Selection? That's what it's meant to be then. If i owned this ship i would be straight up honest and blunt, it wouldn't be a great selection it would be called " shitty busy cheap fast food joints full of hyperactive snotty nosed kids and overprotective parents." Because that is exactly what a wonderful selection of places to dine this boat has to offer. Before i lose it completely i hastily turn away and retreat back to the cabin, hurt that this perfect night was well and truly fucked.

Franks POV
" Gerard?" I say confused, i was meant to be meeting him in an hour at some restaurant on the boat. "Hey Frankie." He says plainly which is unusual for him. He also pretty much slams the door which again is really not him. He only slams the door when he's upset, drunk or majorly pissed off and by the look on his face the third option seems most accurate. "Is everything okay?" I ask him, expecting him to tell me Mikey has blown the house up whilst taking a shower with an electric heater close by. Which would piss him off big time but wouldn't exactly surprise me or him. "Not really. I had some things planned out for tonight and somehow they've been sabotaged." He says reaching into his old jacket that still contained an old packet of king size menthol cigarettes. " You quit, don't start up again." I say failing to hide the disappointment in my voice and on my face as he sparks up a cigarette and puts it in between his pale, soft lips inhaling deeply and letting the relief sweep over him like waves in the ocean. "Gerard! Stop it!" I shout at him now getting angrier with each passing second. I can't start again after what happened last time but that doesn't stop me wanting to and him there smoking without a care in the world makes that craving about twenty thousand times worse. "I fucking need a cigarette, okay?!" He was turning red in the face and snapping at me now. He knew i hated when he snapped at me yet he didnt give a fuck. " I HAD FUCKING CANCER!" I scream at him and how insensitive he was being. " Well excuse me! I didn't fucking want you to get cancer! But you fucking did ok? So get over it! Stop feeling so sorry for yourself!" He screeches at me and i run for the door as the tears come and succeed in falling this time.

Gerards POV
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fucking. FUCK. Why am i so stupid? Because you're not good enough for him. Shit, why did i say that? Because you're an idiot. I need to get him back and sort myself out for future reference. Haha fat chance Fuckface. I ignore my brain and run after him as fast as i can, he's at the end of the hall wiping desperately at his face. I catch up with him and pull him by the shoulders to face me. I look at him for a fraction of a second, his sad hollow eyes, his tear stained cheeks and as i try to open my mouth his hand collides with my cheek and he tries to escape again. But i'm not losing him again. I repeat my failed attempt but kiss him this time. At first he shoves and pushes my chest but i just tighten my grip as though i'm a boa constricter. Soon enough, he gives up trying to break free and melt into the kiss. After a few mindless moments we break the kiss and i stare at him. He's still crying. " I am so so so sorry. You know i didn't mean it right? You know i was so scared when you were sick, i know it was nobodys fault and i shouldn't have lost it or gone back for the cigarettes. I know i don't deserve you and you probably shouldn't have to forgive me yet again but i promise Frankie i promise you, i will never let you down like that or in any other way again." I say quickly hugging him into my chest again and holding him there until his breathing returns to normal. I carry him back to our cabin and lay him in our bed, before snuggling up to him.

He proceeds to kiss me again as we listen to the now heavy rain hitting our tiny cabin window. He slowly begins to loosen my tie and in response i begin to slowly unbutton his shirt. Soon enough we are both shirtless and are moving onto unfastening belt buckles. I unzip his trousers and stop to look at him properly again.

Franks POV
He stares at me enchanting me again. I kiss him tenderly and he deepens the kiss before licking along my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I decide to use it to my advantage and bit his lip gently earning a groan of pure lust from my beautiful fiancee. He slips the smooth black material off my legs and i copy his actions. He reaches over and pulls a packet of strawberry flavoured lube from the bedside table drawer. He hands me the packet as he pants with anticipation. I rub some onto my hands and lubricate Gerard gently before kissing his tip softly, knowing that this drives him insane. He moans softly this time before pulling me down and lying me flat on the mattress, gently kissing my forehead, my nose and finally my lips. "Are you ready?" He asks sounding concerned. " You're sure you want to do this even though i was a total jerk." I pull him towards me by his shoulders and begin to bite and suck at his neck. "Does that answer your question?" I say into the perfect pale skin. He smiles at me before kissing me again and then he puts two of his fingers in my mouth and i suck them, coating them in my own saliva. He slowly inserts them, one at a time to help me get used to the feeling as he always does. I moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he begins scissoring inside me. He slowly slides his fingers out of me and then lines himself up with my entrance before gradually entering me. The pain aches as it's been so long and i feel tears begin to stream slightly. "If this hurts too much Frankie, don't worry i'll stop." Gerard says as he stops thrusting. I shake my head and arch my back and so he continues thrusting. It feels purely enjoyable now and moments later i feel a familiar warmth building up in my abdomen. " Gee, i'm gonna-" And i scream in pure ecstacy, Gerard close behind me. We collapse onto the mattress and he kisses every feature on my face before reaching over to the bedside table yet again, this time pulling out a small heart shaped red velvet box. " Frank Anthony Iero Jr. my soon to be husband and the love of my life. This is a symbol of my commitment to you for eternity. I know you could do better and i'm a full on asshole sometimes but you will always own my heart, never forget that." He says and i kiss him softly before taking the box. " I couldn't do better." I say and as he goes to protest i put my finger to his lips. I open the box as he watches me contently. Inside is a beautiful gold band with G.A.W and F.A.I pressed on the inside with a heart next to it. I simply smile at him as he slips it onto my finger and we fall asleep wrapped up in eachother.

Gerards POV
So we don't need money, fancy venues or even awesome ideas to have one of the best nights ever. It was more perfect than i ever imagined it could be in a tiny little cabin on a ferry. I guess Frankie makes the best of nights.

Donnas POV
" What you would do that?!" I ask the young woman sitting opposite me, who's rubbing her rounded stomach and smiling. " Yes, i'm only sixteen. I'm a mess in honesty. No purpose of direction and triplets on the way. Fucking great right?" She laughs as Ricky looks horrified for the millionth time we've been in her prescense. " But are you sure?" I ask again. And she rolls her eyes before taking my hands in hers. "Yes. I want your Gay son to be my babies' daddy. I don't want them to meet me like ever so it'll be a totally closed adoption too." She said sipping her supersize coke again. " Here's my adoption agent. Give her a call and explain. I'm due in four months so congrats you're gonna be a grandma! " I could not believe this girl. Of course we wanted her triplets and i knew that Gerard and Frankie would too but she was only a kid herself. " What about your parents? The babies dad? Won't they want to have a say?" I ask trying not to get my hopes up incase they were going to be shot down further in the future. " My Mom died when i was pretty young so i never really knew her but she wants me to study at Harvard and really make something of myself and i can't do that with three babies to take care of. I never met my Dad either. I grew up in care and don't have any relatives so yeah it's a guaranteed sealed deal. Plus the father of them is a total douchebag, he dumped me when he found out i was pregnant and since then he and his family moved to Toronto." She smiled. "Oh and would you like to know the sex of your future grandchildren?" She said. I loved the way it sounded. Grandma Donna, i vowed i would be just like Grandma Elena was to my boys. "I want to know please." I said. She smiled at me before taking my hands again and leaning closer to the table. " Three little girls." She whispered and i couldn't contain myself much longer as i began to cry right there. I had known tonight was going to be special but this was simply indescribable.

Franks POV
It was around Midnight now and i was having a quick shower before we ordered room service or cabin service technically speaking. Yeah this place was fucking awesome. "What?!" I heard Gerard scream. " Yeah i'll tell him! Oh fucking lord! This is the best thing ever! I thought you didn't know i wanted Kids! I did want them i'm just scared of being a shit father!" I wrinkled my face in confusion before turning the water off, tying a towel around my waist and walking out to see what all the commotion was over. " Frank! We're going to be parents!" Gerard screamed, picking me up and spinning me around. " What?!" I said, this was obviously some sick fucked up joke of his. " Mom and Ricky met this chick earlier and she's only young and she's pregnant with three girls. They've spoke to her adoption agent and if we want them then in four months time we are dads!" He screamed before i joined in with pure joy. " Oh my god! We can convert that spare room in the apartment and it can be all pink and cute and with loads of teddies and flowers and sparkly girly things!" I squealed before realising i was slowly turning into a little girl myself. Gerard chuckled slightly before coming over and kissing me. " And we will be married by then. This couldn't be more perfect." He smiled. I couldn't agree more.

Gerards POV
"What are we going to call them?" Frank asked after the jumping around phase had ended. I propped myself up on one elbow and looked down at him. " Bandit. Bandit Lee." I say. " After Elena." I say scared he will refuse to let me call one of our daughters that. " Aww thats so cute! I like it! Could we call another one Cherry?" He asks excitedly. He has fucking awesome ideas. Cherry and Bandit, we're on a roll. " And?" I say as i have ran out of name suggestions for little girls. " LILY!" He exclaims pointing to a bunch of white lilies on the dresser. I laugh at his childishness excitement. " Well there we are then. Our three daughters. Bandit, Cherry and Lily Iero Way." We couldn't have been happier.

Time Lapse

I'm awoken by a loud crash in the pitch darkness. " What the flying holy fuck?!" I scream as Frankie shakes and whimpers in fear next to me. The next thing i know a familiar silhouette swings at me with a baseball bat and the searing pain in my head worsens with Franks blood curdling screams. " See you in hell, Bitch." The animal grunts before leaving as the darkness consumes me. Only one name springs to mind. Bert McCracken.

Franks POV
A broad tall silhouettes stalks towards our bed making us stiffen with pure fear. I can smell the negativity, the anxiety, the danger. And then, My Gerard falls to the floor. Only one person comes to mind when i think of that silhouette. Jamia Nestor.

Oooooh! Ws it Bert or Jamia? Thankyou for reading! :) x
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