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You'll never forget tonight

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I have been so stressed and busy this weekend! And next weekend looks very similar haha! Jeez being a teenager is work! I hope youre all well! :) This is coming up to the end, i'm thinking another five chapters after this one and then ending and beginning a brand new story :) The next one will have a little bit Frerard, a little bit ray and christa, a little bit of eliza and a little bit of Mikey and Alicia with some fictional characters! Which i would love you to play! I would like: Someone Eliza cheats with,someone fighting with christa over Ray, Bobs girlfriend and Mikeys girlfriend before he meets Alicia :) Thanks lovelys! xx

Gerards POV
"I'm so cold!" Frank screams and so i usher him off the deck of the boat and give him my jacket. He's still recovering and cold is his weakness right now. He can barely take it. "Shall we go and find our room?" I suggest to him hoping he'll say yes so we can avoid Jamia. I like the chick and all but i saw her touching his knee. Something tiny, yes but something i don't like all the same. "Okay then." We walk up a few sets of stairs with our suitcases until we finally reach "Swans quarter" the part of the ferry we will be staying on tonight. I have a few surprises for him planned out too. 5 to be exact, for every letter of his name. We're going to have dinner at the best place on this boat, we're going to sit out and see the stars, he's going to get a commitment ring, he's going to have his portrait drawn and then he's going to be serenaded by yours truly. And judging by my christina aguillera impersonation earlier, it's going to suck. I suck at singing anyway but i thought it'd be really romantic. Plus Mikey told me my voice was good and so like the idiot i am i trusted my tall, gawky little brother. One thing i know, i will never forget this night.

Jamias POV
I just can't take it anymore. Gerard and him. It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. " I'll look after him Linda, i promise." Thats what Gerard vowed to Franks Mom yet already in the space of two hours he's almost made him cry and nearly froze the boy to death. I have to do something. If not for Frank, then for his mother. Gerard needs to know he can't hurt Frank yet that's all he will ever do, i can see straight through his facade. I will make sure he never forgets tonight.

Donnas POV
"Rick, you didn't have to!" I squealed as he fastens the clasp on my beautiful diamond necklace. "Every real man loves to spoil their leading lady." He says kissing my shoulder. We're on our honeymoon now. Two weeks of just us. That doesn't stop me worrying though. My boys alone in Jersey. Gerard has taken Frankie away for the weekend leaving Mikey and Alicia at home. Although when Gerard comes home she leaves again too. I can't be there to ask about their trip and help with the final adjustments to the wedding. I can't tell them about the revenge we carried out on those vile McCrackens. And i can't hug my youngest son when his heart will break yet again. Long distance relationships aren't always fun or romantic like in movies and books. Coming from a woman who once lived one and is now seeing her son try to make one work. Ricky reads my mind like he always does. " Stop thinking so much. They're big enough to take care of themselves and before you know it, you'll be at home with them and the chaos again." He laughs and i believe him. Now we just need to make tonight a night we will never forget.

Franks POV
"Frankie, i love you. You know that don't you?" Gerard says laying down next to me in the ocean of soft, white blankets.
"I do Gerard. I never doubt it anymore." I smile at him, feeling content that i now believe it.
"Good, because we're in this for life. I'm not leaving you. Ever." He says moving closer to me and cuddling up tightly wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Good. I love you too. More than you know." I say smiling into the crook of his neck. And we stay there, slowly falling asleep. Tonight will be a night i'll never forget.

Ooh! What won't they forget! Thankyou for reading! :) xxx
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