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Wow! It is exactly eighteen days until Halloween! Which means! Happy Birthday Frank Iero! :) This story does suck! And i am so sorry about that! But hey, not much more to endure so i hope this is an alright chapter and i hope you mildly enjoy it at the least :) x

Gerards POV
Why? Why do i fuck it all up? I know how fragile he is and yet i still seem to break him slowly. With words. My tongue, sharp as a butchers blade. I stand dumbstruck for a few moments after he walks away from me. My brain not registering that i should certainly go after him. Now.

Alicias POV
" Mikey! This dog has messed everything up!" I freak out big time as i stand in the middle of ripped up cushions, scratched skirting boards and pure wreckage, screaming into my cell phone. I agreed to take care of this place whilst Gerard and Frank were away. The deal being me and Mikey alternating each day and it seemed i got the short straw again as i ended up with this mess to clean up. "Don't worry about it. Clean it up and take the dog for a walk, tire him out then lock him in the kitchen and come home." He says calmly. Fuck you, Mikey Way. I love the guy but come on, i'm a feminist. As if, i'm doing all of that on my own. I'm not even good at cleaning. " Err. excuse me dear boyfriend. You will get your ass over here now, you will clean up whilst i walk the dog and then we are taking the little thing home with us so he doesn't cause anymore damage." I say in a deliberate patronising tone of voice. Just like the calm, ordinary one he gives me when he's suggesting i snap into domestic goddess mode. "What!? Ali, you know im busy." He whines. Busy? He's sitting at home watching phineas and ferb. And Ali? He always uses my mothers nickname for me when he's pleading. It's cute how his bribery methods make me melt. But like i said, i'm a feminist. " Aww honey! I miss you so much! So get your lazy ass over her now!" And with that i put the phone down and await his arrival. Fucking feminists.

Franks POV
"Aww i'm sorry you and Gerard are having problems." Jamia says placing a small, tender hand on my knee. I find it comforting. I need reassurance now more than ever and that's exactly what Jamia has always given me since i met her all those painful months ago. I smile at her gratefully and her cheeks pull upwards into a smile also.
" Hey." The moment is interrupted by none other than my fiancee. He looks startled to see Jamia. His eyes shining, not in the usual beautiful way though. More of a protective, get your hands off my property kind of look. It almost terrifies me.
" I'll leave you guys for a little bit then." Jamia says and rushes to leave. " I'll catch up properly with you both later tonight. They're having a ball. You should come." She adds.
" Hey Frankie." Gerard slowly approaches me with a small smile on his face. From behind him he whips out a huge bouquet of blood red roses. "I'm really sorry." He says softly sitting down and taking one of my shaking hands.
"It's ok. I just feel so ugly." I say being honest with him at last. Avoiding his gaze still though.
" Ugly? Frank if you are ugly then i'm hideous. You're beautiful in every way. You know that?" He says and i just shake my head looking at the perfect bunch of roses and wishing with everything that i could be as perfect as they were. I couldn't look at Gerard because i would want to be as perfect as he was, and that could never be even nearly possible.
" Look at me beautiful one!" Gerard says smiling slightly. He then bursts into Christina Aguilleras song beautiful, earning more than a few odd stares from other passengers. It makes us laugh though and so i can't help but forgive him for earlier. We were both in the wrong, but we could both make it right too. And that;s what we had done. Honesty and Humour make it all better.

Thankyou for reading! :) x
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