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Hola! This story will be ending soon i think! Just a few more chaps to go kiddos! Thanks for everything! :) Xo

Gerards POV
"Run! Frankie! Just run!" We're sprinting towards the security lugging cases and bags behind us. We're both panting and slowly feeling the pressure of all the weight that's been in our hands all day long. First, we missed our coach to the Ferry port. We didn't want to take the car originally but then of course we had too to make it. Some romantic weekend this was starting to be. Late, stressed and already bickering. We barely ever bickered and when we did neither of us liked it. We just made it by seconds. The ticket collector looked at us oddly before allowing us to board taking our luggage and putting it in a safe place. "Thankyou." Frank replied before we hastily walked away. A nice little ferry this was. It was difficult to walk in a straight line though, i tripped over my own feet on concrete. " Gerard?" Frankie was chewing his lip nervously and picking at his nails. " Yeah?" I said, i was still pissed because we had been late. We were late because of Frankie having separation anxiety from his mother and Sweetpea. " Are you mad at me?" He said, his voice shaking a little bit. " Nope." He looked around a little bit, he knew i wasn't being honest. He knew me as well as i knew him. He then walked away, his shoulders shaking as i watched him leave.

Frankies POV
He was so mean sometimes. Well, okay he was never mean. It was his right to get angry and annoyed. I was just going to miss people though, that's all. Sure, it's three days. Seventy Two hours if you prefer, but i needed comfort and the places i was getting that these days were from my Mom and my dog. Gerard was there too of course but i couldn't talk to him about some things. He'd simply cut me off or tell me i was being ridiculous. I couldn't explain how i felt ugly still, how i felt old, how my hair wasn't growing back quick enough, how terrified i am that the cancer could come back to finish me off. I couldn't tell him how desperately i wanted to be a woman just so we could have children. Then i would want to be male again of course but we'd have our kids that way. People wouldn't frown on us if it were that way. But it was that way and as i was becoming prouder and prouder to be with Gerard, my insecurities and fear of our relationship breaking down only grew more aggressive.

I stare out of the window at the sea. We were going to be on this boat for a long time. Overnight stay to be exact. And god knows how many hours aside from that. The water was so clear though. So deep and dark and enchanting. When i was younger i wanted to be an explorer. I wanted to go through forests and swing from treetops and reach the bottom of the ocean. Then i grew up and my desires changed. I wanted to be a guitarist, i wanted to be someone's world and i wanted to somehow make a difference in some way. Do something magnificent and amazing. I jot this all down in a little notebook that sits in front of me. It's my scrapbook. My songs, quotes and poems go in there. I was planning on giving it to my firstborn child to pass down through the generations. Now i may as well take it to my grave. " You did do something magnificent and amazing Frank Iero. You were simply born." A sweet voice says and as i turn around i am shocked to see Jamia standing before me.

Jamias POV
I missed Frankie alot. He'd not long been out of hospital, not long turned seventeen either. Yet his twenty year old fiancee wasn't exactly being supportive it seemed. Frank alone on this ferry? Writing about how he feels for Gerard and wants to become significant to the world? Gerard should be with him, telling him how special he really is. "Hey Jamia! Oh my god! What a surprise!" He said standing up and reaching over to hug me. " Aww hey Frankie!" I replied so happy to see him again. And reading a few lines of his scrapbook i had a proposition for him. " Frankie? You said you want children?" I say smiling as he begins to pour his heart out. Maybe, just maybe it's my turn to love.

Oooh! Crafty Jamia! Thankyou for reading! :) Ps I love Jamia really! She seems super sweet!
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