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We're on the getaway now

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Good day fellow ficwadders! This is Mr Ways little weekend with Mr Iero! Have a wonderful day and thankyou for reading this because i know sometimes it's not exactly the best of stories out there! :) x

Gerards POV
A weekend in France. I have it all mapped out. We're taking a ferry boat instead of a plane. It means we have to stay awake all day but i hate flying and so does Frankie. I could probably bear it as i had done for years now but if Frank didn't like it, it just didn't happen. This trip was his trip after all. Ferry Tickets. Spending Money. Suncream. Water. I'm squishing all our things into bags. Some smallish and some the size of the entire US. I'm also doing this alone as Frank is to wrapped up in his new dog. He loves the little thing. I can see them in the lounge. Frankie is watching television while the dog sits in his lap and Frankie cuddles her to his chest slightly. I walk in and smile " You know we're going to have issues if your new dog replaces me." I say trying to look all stern and angry but failing because of how simply cute the sight before me was. " Aww Gee you are sweet. But Sweetpea's sweeter so she's my new life partner." He laughed.
" Fuck You." Gerard smiled before resuming his packing.

Frankies POV
My little dog. MY dog! He bought me a new dog for the apartment. How adorable is that?!?! It's kind of like having a baby. My and Gerards baby. To take care of together and to provide for, that kind of thing. I do love this little dog but i can't help sighing. I mean, to put it straight i still want kids. I gave that all up when i decided on Gerard i guess. Not that i regretted that or anything because believe me i don't regret choosing him and i never will. It just doesn't drop though. Nothing could compare to actually having a child. Not even our cute little dog.What about my parents? I couldn't give them even one grandchild? Just be a failure all my life to them. Mom had tried to tell me it was something she could live with as long as i was perfectly happy. Yet deep down i know she would love a grandchild and i also know how proud she would be of me. I never talk about how i feel about this because what can we really do? It's not like we could ever biologically produce a child and adoption? Sure there's that option but what about the child? They had a mother and a father typically. There were more same sex relationships these days but not many we knew of actually had children. They seemed satisfied with just their partner. Exactly the way i wished i could be.


Gerards POV
We sit under a blanket just watching shitty TV like most nights. Usually we wouldn't have to watch this over dramatic documentary about rich families. It was depressing too. We have little money right now considering i'm still searching for a better paid job so to watch people flounce around in suits and designer clothes was depressing the shit out of me. No, usually i would simply talk to Frank. We'd be all cuddled up under a blanket and we'd just sit up to our hearts content. He was clearly distracted though. Chewing his bottom lip whilst his twinkling pools of hazel were fixated on the floor. " What are you thinking about?" I say breaking his concentration so he looks up at me a little sadly. " You've done enough for me Gerard. You've got us a house and a dog. You don't need to hear about this, it'll make me sound ungrateful and i don't want you to think that." He said swallowing. His signiture nervous habit. " I won't judge you like that, i swear. Come on though, please tell me what's up? We'll see if we can fix it." I said trying to be optimistic but i was actually quite worried about him. He barely ever gets upset with his thoughts. He is sensitive in a sense but he's good at pretending to be fine and hiding his feelings. However usually i just know when he's lying or somethings getting to him and i can see that is happening right now. " Gerard it's not fixable!" He says frustrated and standing up. " I'm sure we could work something out. Come on just give me a chance here Frank. I don't like seeing you upset." I stand too but keep my stature poised and my voice calm. " I fucking want a family Gerard. Shit. Fuck it.!" He kicks the wall, a sign he obviously had no intention of telling me but he snapped anyway. I look at him baffled for a second, " Come December we will be a family." i say and go towards where he is standing to hug him and hope he's okay again now." No Gerard. We will be a married couple. We won't have children like other families." He started to tear up a little at this. Children? It was THAT important to him? I didn't care whether i had kids or not as long as i got to spend my life with Frankie. " I'm sorry Gee." He says after a few agonising moments. He was right all along, i can't give him children. I can't fix it this time. I can't say "I love you" and everything will be right again. But i say it anyway.
" I love you."

Thankyou for reading! xx
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