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It's Simply Perfect

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Hola! The morning after the Wedding! Hope everyone is doing good! :) x

Franks POV
The next morning i woke up feeling content. Strangely content. I hate waking up with a passion yet today something felt okay. As though something amazing was going to happen. Something was waiting for me. I sat up and realised where i was. Gerards bedroom. The comic books lined up perfectly on the shelf, the lava lamp switched on and the curtains still closed. I was still in my tux from yesterday, feeling stiff and uncomfortable if i'm honest. I hated to sleep in clothes. Especially smart clothes or skinny jeans. Don't get me started on the Skinnys. I stretched out as far as i could go and finally was able to slowly but steadily crawl out of bed. I stumbled downstairs to be greeted by a dishevelled looking Mikey. " Hey Mikey." I croaked out at him as he rubbed his new bleached hair and grunted in reply. " Rough night?" I guess looking at him. His eyes are like snooker balls and his hair is sticking up wildly. Odd compared to his usually clean cut exterior. " Yeah man." He yawns. " Me and Alicia got pretty drunk and went out somewhere i can't remember, but i woke up a few seconds ago and i have this." He exclaims holding up his wrist. On the pale skin that resembles Gerards so well is a tattoo. A jar with fire coming out of it and a heart banner across the jar that reads forever. I can't help but laugh at him. " Yeah im so screwed, i know." He sighs. " And Alicias mom is going to murder me because she has one exactly the same." Awww! How cute! I wish Gee wasn't afraid of needles, then we could get matching tattoos. "Aww his and hers tattoos!" I exclaim giggling and pinching my soon to be brothers cheeks! Wait! I'm getting an older brother! Freaking awesome! And not only that! He's a new tattooed older brother!

Gerards POV
I sit here in the apartment checking it's all ready. A few shelves needed putting up and some more painting needed to be finished off. Now Franks healthy again i have to keep him that way so it's super important that this house is perfect and especially safe. I've plastered our bedroom in posters just to give the room a sense of home. To put it simple its as though Warped Tour is happening in our bedroom. There's Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, The Strokes, you name it pretty much every decent band is on one of our four walls. Speaking of making things homely, i wonder how he is right now. For all i know he could be coming here now. Which would ruin the little surprise i've put together for him. I'm fixing up the apartment which is one surprise but what he doesn't know yet is we're having a sort of pre wedding getaway before all the stress sets in and i have him a pre wedding present, which i can't wait for him to see.

Alicias POV
"Fuck Mikey!" I wail throwing my forehead right onto his shoulder blade giving me another injury. I got a freaking drunken tattoo! A fucking coloured in, fucking massive tattoo! Okay, so it's only on my wrist and it's not a sleeve or anything but still, if you knew who my mother was you would be feeling sick for me right now. Mikey also has the same one! We got a couples tattoo and sure we're a couple and i never ever want it to happen but we could break up! And then we're stuck with this reminder of one another for the rest of our lives. " Laser removing!" Mikey exclaims. I just glare at him. " Laser removals? Laser fucking removal? Do you know how much that costs Mikey? A fucking lot, that's how much!" I yell at him unable to control my temper and the effects of this killer hangover. " Hey it's not my fault Alicia! You got drunk yourself, i didn't force you." He says calmly and i realise i'm being a total bitch for no reason. " I know Mikes, i'm sorry. It's just Fuck!" I say and Mikey knowing me as well as he does. He tucks himself up in bed beside me and we snuggle up in an embrace. " Do you remember, i asked you out last time we did this?" He says and i can't disguise my huge smile at his words as all the memories from when i was thirteen come flooding back.

Donnas POV
"Ricky, have you got this?" I ask for the billionth time. I'm so nervous, this just has to go well before we jet off to sunny Italy for two weeks. " Yes Don, i have it all set up. Stop worrying." He says calmly. Don may be a male name but i love it when Ricky calls me that, only my Mom ever used to call me that. We hatched a plan. A mildly intoxicated one at that but still when we awoke this morning it was still an amazing idea. We're getting even with the McCracken family. So we decided to get a little crazy, like the family themselves. They'll never know it was us. It could be anybody from anywhere so we're feeling pretty confident. I notice we have been quiet for the last few minutes and i think it's right about time. " Well, are you ready Rick?" I say smiling at him slightly because in all honesty i'm excited. " Yeah!" He says back enthusiastically. We both dive out of the car with our weapons in hand and launch our balloons filled with every colour paint possible at their house. Scatters of pink, blue, green and flurescent yellow cover every inch of their country home and suddenly they're not looking so privelleged anymore. I take hold of my last balloon and as i throw it a dazed looking Bert emerges from the front door. The balloon splatting him square in the face. " What the fuck?" He yells, suddenly looking more awake not to mention red in the face. Not only from the paint. " That was for my boys." I say under my breath, grabbing Rickys hand and sprinting towards the car laughing. Now that is revenge!

Franks POV
I shower and eat my first decent meal in weeks. I didn't feel like eating much in hospital considering i was throwing up all the time and since i've been out my mind has been occupied with other things. It is possible to forget or be too tired to eat sometimes. I don't make it a habit though. Breakfast. A bagel with low fat cheese, washed down with two coups of coffee. Perfection. The mess in this house is insane though, i mean i was expecting untidy but this is off the radar messy. Pigsty kind of fits it well right now. No doubt Alicia will be down ordering everyone she can find to clean it all up in a short time and so i make a hasty exit, heading to the apartment. I haven't got to spend much time there so far but i 'm planning on changing that. I really love it there. Especially now Gerard is no longer jealous of Jamia. What an idiot he is sometimes! As if i would date my counsellor when i had him! It made no sense to me. I only loved him. I hope he knew that. I hope he still does. As i turn the corner, i catch a glimpse of a raven haired skinny male. And i am certain it is Gerard but something's telling me it isn't. For this boy i'm captivated by is walking along with a dog. Gerard doesn't have a dog. He 's more of a cat person. Or a hamster person. The mystery boy beckons me over and without any contemplation i go straight over there finally realising that it is infact my Gerard. " For you." He smiles giving me the red leather lead to a little black pug. " I've named her already. I thought Sweetpea was appropriate." He says still smiling at me. I looked from my new pet back to him. " It's more than appropriate." I said. " It's simply Perfect."

Aww i love Frankie and his doggness! Lots of love! Thanks for reading! :) x
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