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The Aftermath is Secondary

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Hey Guys! I love you! Jus' saying! :) x

Franks POV
We stay upstairs for the remainder of the night. It's eleven PM now and we're just snuggled under the duvet leaning against the headboard. " You really scared me, you know?" I ask Gerard looking up at him.
"How?" He says his face now becoming puzzled. I sigh and turn around so i can sit up and look at him properly. " You took a Blade Gerard. You could have hurt him." I say seriously, the moment replays itself in my mind. " He would of deserved it." Gerard replies back simply, shrugging his broad shoulders. "But you would have had to go. You would have been locked away for years in Prison and then what would i do? I know what i'd do actually, go back to the way i was before. Not eating, not sleeping, cutting to escape from everything. The emptiness, the lonliness the feeling of being trapped. I gave up Hanna for you Gerard. And she was the only one since you who actually made me mildly happy at times." He snorts a little at my last remark. I raise an eyebrow at him. " What?" I say as he laughs still. " Mildly happy? Sometimes?" He giggles. I can't help but smile at how adorable he's being right now. " Well yes, sometimes she did make me a little happy. I mean. nobody ever did or still could make me as happy as you do. But we do have issues Gerard. I don't want you to have to leave me again, yet that could happen couldn't it?" I say the last part quietly and Gerards once beaming face falls slightly. " Okay, I'm sorry. I promise you now, i will not be leaving. For Colorado, Prison anything." He says and i can tell he means it so i don't question him. I just kiss him.

Gerards POV
"Frankie? Why haven't you left me yet?" I can't stop myself from asking him, i've been waiting for him to leave for a long time. Yet when he did try and let me go, i fought for him. Twisted much? "What? Are you like insane? I wouldn't leave you for the world Gee." He says and he looks genuinely shocked, as though he wasn't expecting that at all. "Why do you think i'd leave?" He says touching my face with the softness only he has. " I don't know. It just doesn't make sense. You could do a lot better. You've given me this new chance and i did that to Bert earlier. I don't mean to scare you and i wasn't thinking straight but i get why i may have had to leave you again. You had Hanna though. And she's still a big part of your life. You could still have her. Or Jamia for that matter, i guess it just-" He cuts me off and swiftly one of my cold, pale hands in both of his. Unlike mine, they're warm like his heart and softer, despite every little callous. " Shut the fuck up. None of that matters. I don't want anyone else. I want to keep you though so behave yourself and never doubt what you mean to me. Okay?" He says and i nod resting my forehead against his. We stay like that for a while, just smiling at one another.

Donnas POV
"I think that was your que to leave thankyou." I say to Mrs McCracken and her spawn of satan child. Ricky is still in shock. It was our wedding day yet she still tried to make a pass at him? Messed up doesn't cut it. " I'm sorry." She says starting to cry before fleeing the house, dragging Robert with her. Or Bert as he prefers to be called. Bert? I won't forget that name. He's done something to my Gerard, i can just tell he has and when i find out what he's done there will be hell to pay, i swear.

Rickys POV
So maybe i should have told her that Mrs McCracken was an old school girlfriend of mine, but i didn't think it would have mattered that much. It lasted four and a half months during the summer and we were just kids back then. Luckily, Donna's okay. She knows i would never do that to her and so we're just enjoying our day again before the interruption.But we both know something has happened involving McCrackens son and Gerard and Frankie. We don't know what yet but we need to find out. The way Frank was so terrified, so vulnerable curling into Lindas side like a toddler. That wasn't Frankie at all. And i did not want them to have to be in fear of that family. Especially since they're moving across the street from us....

Frank Sr.'s (Daddy) POV
What the hell? What had that ghastly boy done to my son? The way he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. The way he shivered and avoided his gaze. The way he yearned for Linda to protect him. I haven't seen him so terrified since he was three. Not even when he broke his arm at ten or when he fell off his bike at twelve. And both of those events were horrific for him. Before i could step in, Gerard was there giving the guy a piece of his mind. But something wasn't normal. A glint came from an object in his hand, a kitchen knife! That was why i didn't trust him with my son, exactly why. But as i watched Frankie calm him down and lead him away it dawned on me. It wasn't Gerards fault. It was this kid in front of me. And the way Frank just snapped him out of it and Gerard obeyed purely because Frank wanted him to? Well it was clear now. Clearer than ever. They were head over heels for eachother. And Gerard would protect my son with his life. Maybe i will never see eye to eye with Gerard, but now i can finally see them marry and be happy and proud of both of them.

Aww! Thankyou for reading! xxx :D
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