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Bert's Back

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Woo! Hola! So McrLoverCarley has a new prologue for a story she;s writing and it's awesome! I so recommend it! Thankyou for bearing with me and i pray this story isn't a disappointment! Much Love Ficwadders! :) x

Gerards POV
What is he doing here? How dare he come here! Not only did he ruin Frankie and I once before but he tried to hurt Frankie last time. The second thing hurt me more although both pissed me off no end. His fake mother waltzed around greeting people with that hollow point smile of hers, nobody seemed to mind her prescense but her sons was another story. Especially me. I looked to Frankie and saw him shaking as his mother looked on baffled yet still trying to comfort him the best she could. I leapt up from my seat and strode across to Bert picking up a knife as i got near to him, my blood began to boil.

Berts POV
A way wedding. I wasn't here to make peace, but i wasnt here to raise hell either. I was simply here to meet my mothers friends. She liked to show me off. Sure she knew i did some bad shit but i was still her son. My sister Emily was away at college in Scotland and so she didnt have anyone else to take with her. Emily probably would have been the best bet. Working towards a masters degree, working as a sa;es assistant, Straight A grades, ex head cheerleader, committed relationship. You name anything good, she's done it. As the baby of the family though i get away with alot. And when i say a lot i mean every fucking thing, I guess i feel bad for Mom, She doesnt know about my drinking, drug use or even dropping out of school. I tell her im leaving for school when actually i head to Jephas flat and play music all day. I'm doing something productive though? Surely that counts for something?

Franks POV
Fuck you! I hear screaming out of nowhere very suddenly. And i recognise the voice to belong to Gerard. I gather myself together as quick as possible and dash over to them both. Gerard is holding onto a blade. A sharp, cold blade. He's raging like a bull running at his matador. He's panting and shivering with fury as Bert smirks at him. Gerard put that down! I scream at him, not wanting him to be in any trouble. Desperately trying to save Donnas day. I hate Bert, i fucking despise the guy but i'm not about to let my fiancee butcher him in front of thirty other guests. He hurt you Frank, he's going to pay. How dare he be here again! Gerard is trying not to cry as the anger continues to build up inside him. Bert just stands there smirking away. Don't worry Frank leave him, we can go off and finish off the last time we met. He strokes my shoulder from behind winding Gerard up even more. His anger now changing to being utterly livid with the guy. He clutches the knife even tighter and lunges towards berts abdomen, a crowd of witnesses gathering around. I grab Gerards wrist at the last second, the blade however scraping the skin of my knuckles in the process. I yelp in pain but don't ket go, knowing Gerard will kill him if i give him the chance. Gerard please, stab me instead. I won't get you sent down, you go for Bert you're looking at twenty five to life. I plead with him desperately trying to keep him out of harm and from doing something crazy. What? I'm not going to hurt you, Frankie. It's him! Tears fall down his flustered angered face and he drops the blade on the floor as i stare at him. I fling myself at him, hugging him tightly. I then drag him away up the stairs to his room. I can't lose you Frankie He says thinking i don't hear, but i do and as we sit on the bed i silently declare to him that he never will just because he won't.

Thanks Beauties! :) xxx
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