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The Best Day

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Woo! Hola! Jeez my little sister is getting to me! Haha my patience right now is actually zero! I hope the stress doesnt make this story even worse than usual though! Here is the new chapter! :D

Franks POV
I'm sitting alone in Gerards home where the reception for the wedding is taking place. Neighbours and friends have come over for this part of the day. Ricky's parents have finally flew in from New York and made it just in time for the reception along with Ricky's sister, her husband and their three Kids. I recognise one family in the corner as my old elementary school teacher and her twin daughters are here. One of the daughters was a little bit of a whore at school, despite her mother being a teacher with morals and strict parenting her daughter still managed to do a fair bit of sleeping around. She got something to show for it though. That little " souvenir" is her baby son Joel. His father is here with them both too. I hear they have one of those on and off relationships, ugh, i hate those type of relationships. Me and Hanna were like that when we first began. We dated for a month, split up for a week then got back together, split up three weeks later.. you get my drift. It plays with your head and your feelings. One day i would have nothing but adoration and devotion for the girl and then next week i would curse her name and wish we had never even met one another. I suppose me and Gee have been on and off as of late. We had those months together first time around, then he left me, then he came back and we were together again. Then i ended things and now we're only a month and 2 weeks away from our Wedding Day. It does make me wonder though. You see, What if we aren't happy? What if it's all too soon? What if this is the complete wrong thing for both of us? I can't have an on/off husband. I don't want an on/off husband. If this isn't forever, as much as it would kill me, then there will be no marriage. And as far as a relationship goes? I still want that more than anything, but i can't stop feeling like he'd be better off with someone else.

Gerards POV
I'm sitting next to my mother as she prepares for her speech. I keep glancing across to Frank and i can tell that he's deep in thought. He's chewing on his lip and his eyes are fixated on the wall in front of him. He often zones out and sometimes, it's hard to snap him out of it. Especially when he's writing a song in his mind and trying to fit chords in with each little lyric. He's great at that kind of stuff, but usually he looks happy when he's doing that. His eyes shine. Right now they look how they did that first day at the hospital, dull and empty. Struggling to find a sense of life and refreshment. I worry about him alot, I worry that he's going to leave me, just how i left him.

Lindas POV
" God love you all and God Bless every single one of you. We feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by all of you helping us celebrate today and we are especially grateful for life." Donna Way says. She's making her speech now. And she has alot to say. That's something i love about Donna, she says what she thinks is right and makes every single person in the room feel special even if they are about to hit rock bottom. " I'm grateful for my sons. Mikey has found happiness with Alicia and they have their first anniversary coming up soon. And then i have my eldest Gerard and he is getting married next month to someone who is so brave and stronger than many people. He is blessed to have him as his fiancee and I am blessed to call him my soon to be Son in Law, Frank Iero, we are all so proud of you. You are a credit to the Ieros and we welcome you into our family with open arms." She smiles and Gerard blushes next to her. I almost cry with pride and pure happiness whilst my father smile warmly at Frank patting his back and kissing his cheek. They have such a nice bond. It's heartwarming to see and i am blessed to have both of them. Frank's father? He leaves the room and as the door swings i see a face that is vaguely familiar. As i realise who it is my guts start to turn.

Rickys POV
Donna tosses the bouquet. Shes been practicing that for weeks purely being scared that she might hit somebody in the face with it. The person who catches it shocks us all. The guests who've tagged along with her anger us all. The bouquet of white and soft pink lilies lands into the small, delicate hands od no other than Gloria McCracken. She smiles shyly and everyone bids a polite hello. She hasn't been around here for a long time. Her son was still on the scene constantly but she had been travelling since he had been very young. She had been a friend of mine at high school. It was good to see her again, honestly she's a good person with a good heart. Her son? Her son was a well known troublemaker, and seeing Frankie shiver and cuddle closer to his grandfather and Gerards face flood with a rush of rage. Dread filled my body. What had he done? And how did he have the nerve to come and try and ruin today for both of them?

Thankyou for reading! :) x
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