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Home at Last

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Hola wonderful friends! I think there will be a few more chapters of this before i move on for my next idea! I'm planning on a wedding chapter, a christmas chapter and a couple of twists in between :) If that sounds awful feel free to yell at me and tell me to stop being stupid. I like constructive criticism :) x

Gerards POV
I turn over in the warm comfortable haven that is my bed to find my fiancee staring at me. If it was anyone else i would have screamed startled but with Frankie, it seemed perfect. Today was the day my mother was no longer going to be Mrs Donna Way. She was marrying for the second and hopefully last time. Although it was unexpected that Frank would be home before the wedding Mom had booked the ceremony at the Hospital Chapel. A tiny little statue and a minister, in a fucking hospital. Now don't get me wrong, some christenings and weddings that happen there are beautiful. Really pretty, serene, you can feel all the emotion between everyone who's there but my Mom? Marrying in a hospital? She hated the places, just as i did. " It was just in case Gerard. Frankie had to be there healthy or not. He's still very weak Gerard. And he has things to pick up from there still. We're very blessed to be marrying there." Mom had told me last night. I was touched that she had wanted Frank there so badly. That she'd given up her perfect church wedding for him. It was so kind of her. Frankie? He had other feelings towards the matter. " What?! Donna that's ridiculous! You should have got the church. It wouldn't have mattered about me, i'd be happy knowing you had got your dream day!" He had said last night also. He felt terrible about it all. He even felt bad about being better and being home because the wedding was still happening at the hospital. It's silly really. He has nothing to feel bad about. Mom wanted him there regardless. She would have got married in a desert wearing a ski suit if it meant Frank could watch her get married." Frankie, you are going to be my third son soon. I need you there. It was no problem with either of us. Any of us for that matter. We only wanted you, Mikey and Gerard to be there to see it, even if it had been held in a forest we wouldnt give a damn." She laughed. And they hugged for a short while. Life had never been prettier.

Donnas POV
" You look lovely Donna!" Frank said to me as i fiddled desperately with my mass of blonde hair, trying to make it look half decent. " Thanks son. But i look like a lion. An electrocuted one at that!" I sighed continuing to comb various parts of my fringe and frowning as strands stuck up out of nowhere. " No honestly Donna. Marry him as yourself. Just let your hair fall naturally and go without make up. You'll look stunning. Plus, it's not your fault the stylist and make up artist both failed to show up." He smiled at me. And although the photgraphs would be terrible, i quite liked his idea. What a sweet boy he is.

Franks POV
Fuck. Fucking Fuckedy Fuck. I didn't have a tux. I had only just realised i had nothing suitable to wear. And they were getting married in an hour. The whole morning had pretty much been a shambles. I had spent to long in bed with Gee just laying there in silence whilst Donna had been pacing and panicking. And now Bob and Ray had showed up with bows and flowers tied onto their fathers cars. Fathers cars, the best option for a budget wedding. "Frank, are you okay in there?" Gerard called through the door. " Ermm.... yeah fine." I say but as always he reads me like a fucking book. He knocks on the door lightly, " Frankie, you know you're an awful liar. Please let me in." And so i do. " What's up?" He says and i turn around, my eyes watering at my reflection. I'm scrawny, short, bleary eyed, bald and downright ugly. He notices me blinking absently as i just stare at myself. What used to be me, but was now merely a shadow. " Frankie, you look gorgeous." He whispers and he gently kissing my face every piece of skin he gets he kisses. I feel better now. It works like magic. And as by magic he pulls out a tuxedo from behind his back " Got you something." He smiles.

Time Lapse

We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining in holy matrimony of Mrs Donna Marie Way and Mr Richard Adam Walton.

Mikeys POV
We all sat in these wooden chairs, shifting uncomfortably but so happy at the sight before us. Mom had not a smidge of make up on and her hair was tumbling down her back like a waterfall. Ricky looked purely ecstatic. He even cried when Grandpa gave her away at the end of the small aisle. We had some extra guests here. My grandpa had managed to make it over for the weekend and with him was a photograph of Grandma Elena. He said no wedding should commence without it present. He was sure right. He was crying softly too. No doubt remembering the day he got married. Mr and Mrs Iero were also here. There was Franks Grandpa, then Franks Mom, then Franks Dad then frank and at the end of the row was Gerard. A good sitting plan if you ask me, no conflict possible that way. Then there was Me, Alicia, Ray, Bob and Jamia. And finally and unexpectedly, there was Hanna next to Matt, they were holding hands and looking very cosy next to another couple, that consisted of Eliza and her new girlfriend Juliet. This day was amazing and as the classic line " You may now kiss the bride!" is delivered we are all cheering wildly. Excited for the upcoming day for Gee and Frankie to become one. Finally.

Haha sorry! Wanted to keep it simple as im hoping on a detailed long chapter for the wedding of Frankie and GeeGee! Thankyou for reading! You're beautiful and i love you! :) x
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