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Surprises in store

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I have been looking forward to this chapter since i started writing this! It's a happy one! :)

Gerards POV
5th November. I hadn't seen Frank in five days. That's 120 hours. It felt like 120 centuries. If i could live that long anyway. Normally at this time i would be having a cigarette and a few vodka shots to brace myself for all of our relatives visiting. Despite having moved since last Bonfire Night, everyone was still coming over to celebrate. There was only one person i really wanted there and guess what? He couldn't come. So my plan was basically watch fireworks from my window, sneak downstairs every now and again for the occasional slice of pizza or chicken nugget and when everybody had left, go outside to burn things. Riveting right? Everybody else was happy. Ray and Bob were playing Grand Theft Auto, sitting on the floor whilst Mikey and Alicia were making out sitting on my tiny little couch in my old bedroom and i was resting against the headboard feeling more alone than ever. I had initially wanted to sit in the apartment with a few horror movies and a few cans of Relentless but no. Mom had insisted i be here tonight so i was deliberately going to be anti social and sit in this little bedroom. Alicia was here again for the first time in a while though, and it was nice to see Mikey so happy again. She could only stay for two nights but every second counts when you're apart for a long time. I should know after all.

Alicias POV
It was so nice to be back! Although tomorrow Donna was marrying that jerk, i was happy for her. And it was bonfire night too! That wasn't exactly why i was so hyped up though. Asides from being with Mikey again, Gerard was getting a surprise tonight. Midnight on the dot. Yes. very cliche but so romantic. And under the stars and the fireworks too? I definitely wouldn't complain about that. I would however complain about Gerards current mood. Not that anybody could blame him or would say anything to him about it all but he was bringing everyone down a little bit. Staring into space and not talking to anyone? That just wasn't Gerard, not at all, but then again a part of him was missing.

Bobs POV
" Take that! Motherfucker! Yes i just took your sexy ass car, what you gonna do about it?" I was talking to my video game characters again. It was consuming, okay? Anyways, we're all sitting here in Gerards bedroom. All excited for bonfire night and burning some newspapers and shit later on but i did feel lonely. Not completely lonely. I mean, i had my best friends all around me, and they were like brothers to me. But i didn't have someone to call my own. Mikey had Alicia, Gerard had Frank, Ray had his cat and as pathetic as it may sound, he doesn't actually want to date anyone. Even Hayley Williams! Now that is saying something! The boy has issues! I didn't really get why i hadn't just asked Jamia out to be honest. I admit i liked the girl. She was kind, sweet, smart and let me tell you, she was beyond pretty! I wonder if i ever find someone who feels that way about me. I really hope so.

Gerards POV
"Here you go Gee Gee, a sparkler!" my little cousin Abby squeals excitedly. I was alot like her at her age. She's only just turned seven. In some ways, i pity her. She doesn't know what lies ahead for her. Just like i didn't. I thought i did. No drink, no drugs, no smoking. I wouldn't date until i was 25. Ring any bells? Yeah, didn't think so. My life was not how i pictured it or even wanted it. But when i thought of the most important thing to me right now i realised for that single reason it was more than i had ever wanted.

" Midnight! Best wishes for everyone from here on in! " Mom screams as an eruption of fireworks fly off into the air, all safely prepared by Ricky and Ray. Why did she say that? It wasn't New Year! I was surely baffled by her excitement. We all watched wrapped up warm and in complete awe of the sparkling, beautiful colours dancing across the canvas that was the black sky. I felt someone tap my shoulder and so i turned around, shocked at who was standing before me. " Gee, i'm better." The 5 foot 4 frame before me exclaimed. And then just like the fireworks streaming across the sky, came the tears streaming down my face.

Thankyou for reading! :)
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