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Happy Days Kiddos! Part 2

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The second part :)

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Part two for Mr Frankie and Mr Gerard! :D

Gerards POV
I dived out of that awkward tiny box and sprinted over to Frankie, tripping over Bob's toe and bashing my head off the bed frame. I stumble upwards as i hear fits of giggles from everyone, especially Frank. This made me laugh too. I went around to his side and gave him a huge, long hug before kissing him deeply. I had missed him so much and seeing him happy was so amazing. He looked sicker than before, but i still thought he was so pretty. He still had that glimmer in his eyes, he still had that soft olive skin that i loved the touch of. He didn't have his dark, thick hair anymore though. Not that it really mattered, without his bangs it only meant i could see more of his face. " Seventeen and engaged." He laughed, his warm breath caressing my neck. "Aww!" Mikey, Ray and Bob chorused mocking the moment. I flipped them off and got my gift for Frankie. " Woo present time!" Bob was so hyper today down to his red bull. I carefully passed my gift to Frankie, praying he would like it. He unwrapped it cautiously and shot me a baffled look. " A blank disk?" He asked me, one eyebrow raised. He looks adorable when he does that. " Well, it looks blank but its not. But you have to wait until everybody leaves before you listen to it." I tease him and he suddenly looks interested and intrigued. Again fucking adorable. Ray passed over his present next. " A Black Veil Brides calender. Thanks man." Frank smiled gratefully at Ray. " Maybe now you'll remember our coffee dates!" Ray joked, never getting over the fact that when they thirteen Frank slept through a coffee date they had had planned for over a month. " Haha i'll never miss another one brother!" Frank said hi fiving our fluffy headed friend. " This is from me and Mikey. We split the cost." Bob announced looking proud about something. " Yeah, we wanted to get you something fucking amazing but we were both broke so we shared the cost." My little brother smiled passing the neatly wrapped gift to Bob. " Oh! And Mom, Ricky and Hanna wanted to give you this." He added passing over a second wrapped up package. As he did this, we were joined by Jamia, she was smiling as always. " Oh! I can come back later. Sorry i didn't realise." She said heading back out of the door. Just as she was about to push the door and leave i called out. " No, no stay. We're opening presents." I shock even myself. She nods with gratitude and takes a seat next to Bob who blushes. Nice and smooth Bob, yeah right she can totally tell you like her. Frank gasps. In his lap is a brand new laptop, courtesy of Bob and Mikey. " Thankyou so much guys! This is perfect! I don't even get my own desktop at home!" He finished hugging them both. " You're very welcome! We're just happy you like it." Bob said. Jamia smiling at him, making him turn tomato coloured again. The last present. He carefully removed the ribbons and bows and in the package was a set of car keys. Along with a note that read "Look outside!" We all rushed to the window and right outside was a black brand new chevy 1975. Everyone cheered, so happy for Frank and so in love with his new car. I couldn't help but feel sad inside. He had all these amazing presents and me, his own fiancee couldn't afford him half the things he got.

Franks POV
The guys left a long time ago for trick or treating and horror movies. They've taken my car to Gerards apartment as there is a car park there. Gerard has stayed with me a little longer and we're just laying together. I've missed him so much. "I'm sorry Frankie." He says breaking the calm silence playing with my fingers. I look up at him. " What are you sorry for?" I ask concerned. He hasn't done anything wrong as far as i know. He looks sad, " I've failed you. I couldn't get you a half decent present for your birthday. I couldn't even buy us a half decent home. I'm not even good enough for you to marry." He said looking as if he's about to break down. I just stare at him in disbelief. Utterly shocked as to why in gods name he would ever think that for a second. " What? Are you kidding me? Until you came back to Jersey i had been nothing. I was a drug abusing alcoholic. I was a recluse Gerard. I sat in my room all day. I didn't eat or sleep for days on end. I only managed to get back on my feet when school started again because i had no choice. And Hanna? Hanna was a great friend and we started dating because- i thought she'd get me over you for good." I tell him. " And as for today, you gave me the best present. You broke the fucking law to come and see me, and i love our home. I miss it alot. Our shitty, dirty, tiny little freezing cold pit." I laugh and Gerard starts to giggle too. It is then my phone rings. " We're two minutes away honey." It's Mom. Worst timing ever. I kiss Gerard again deeply and stroke his face. " You're definitely good enough and i like our mess of a home. And we have a car to share for when the heaters break again." I laugh and we kiss once more. We embrace for a while before Gerard turns to leave. " It was great seeing you Frank. I'll get you back home soon. I love you." He calls before leaving again. I can't help but sigh. Why can't all days be spent with Gerard? Then i remember my gift. I put it in the casette player and i hear my favourite sound in the world. Gerards sweet, angelic voice. " Hey Frankie, I love you i want you to know that and for the record i fucking hate this song but it's so appropriate for you so i tried to mix it a little and make it better. Er... yeah- i love you always and i hope you like this." And then a familiar tune begins to play. And it's Gerards amazing singing voice. " Would you know my name? If i saw you in heaven, will it be the same? If i saw you in heaven? I must be strong and carry on, because i know i don't belong, here in heaven." I smile and snuggle down into the extra duvet my Mom brought for me and drift off into the best sleep i've had in a long time. All because Gerard's voice is right there next to me.

Aww! Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton! Thankyou for Reading! :) xx
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