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Happy Days Kiddos!

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Frankie birthday!

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Woo! The next chapter!

Gerards POV
That following morning i had driven him back to the hospital and has managed to sneak in with him without being recognised. Linda and Frank were frantic with worry and had just woken when i took him back in. As expected i was blamed for that too. " Kidnap! And breaking your ban! You scum!" Frank Sr. had spat at me. I didn't give a fuck and neither did Frankie as he jumped to my defence. He's rad. He seriously is amazing. He saves me these days. I swear, without him god only knows what dark and empty land i would live in. The last few weeks had been really difficult for everyone. Frank was completely hairless now and he was sick and exhausted every day. I still wrote to him though, and called at least twice a day. Unfortunately, my ban was still in place. I had only seen Frank once in the past three weeks. It hurts me more than i thought possible. Just knowing that i can't comfort him whenever he's sick, or i can't cuddle up to him when he's sad. I can't even tell him he is still so beautiful although his hair has gone. Ray and Bob visit him weekly though and they take pictures and fill me in on how he's doing. I see alot more of them these days, and i like it alot. I feel like i've never been away. It's just the misery. The dark days that haunt me whenever Frankie isn't by my side.

One Week Later

Rays POV
"Remember your last birthday in that fucking field? Man, that was so funny!" Bob laughs excitedly in the passenger seat as we head to the hospital. Today is Halloween AKA Frank's birthday. And me, Bob and Mikey have a surprise for Frankie. Not only the fact we're visiting him with a cake and presents. But we have a let's just say, special, magnificent, expertly crafted gift for the boy. He can only open it when his parents leave the room though. That's the only catch. Hopefully, they'll take a hint and get that maybe he wants a few hours with just his buddies. But Franks parents like to be with him alot which i totally get. " Turn! Turn!" Mikey yells. And several cars beep as i quickly just make the right turn to the hospital.

Frankie's POV
They're all here. My Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Dad's new girlfriend, My Grandma, My Aunt. All us Ieros. " My dear Grandson is seventeen!" Yells grandpa giving me a huge hug and placing an envelope on my lap. " You're present!" He announces grinning at my Grandma who winks in reply. I open the envelope and pull out my card. There's a photograph of me as a baby with my grandparents. Fucking adorable of them, i must say. And then from the card spills out $200 dollars and a tiny piece of paper that reads: 72 Just Street, Infinity tattoo parlour, 2.00pm, Saturday 6th December. I hold up the piece of paper and give my Grandparents a confused look. " You wanted back tattoos hun, we booked you in for two of them and paid in advance." Grandma smiled. I was so astounded. I love getting tattooed and this was just amazing for them to do. I knew they didn't exactly love me covering myself in ink. Mom and Dad glared at them horrified but they just brushed it off without a comment. This is why i love them so much. " Well, this is from me and Elly." Dad announced handing me a large,neatly wrapped gift. I opened it up and saw that inside was an amp for my guitar. Now i was not complaining at that either. " Thankyou so much! Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Elly!" I said smiling, truly overjoyed and so appreciative. Next Mom wanted to give me a gift. " For my beautiful, wonderful son." she said handing me two packages. Expertly wrapped with bows and ribbons all over. Again, i ripped them open with excitement thrilled to find a nightmare before christmas DVD and a brand new Black Flag shirt as well as a pair of Levi's. I hugged her and thanked her again. Aunt Angela? Me and her aren't exactly close but her being awesome and giving up her time to visit me meant alot. She had baked me a cake for my birthday, with a catch. It was shaped like a t-shirt and written across it in perfect icing letters was the smashing pumpkins. A pumpkin of icing underneath the writing and black icing all over. This birthday was not as bad as i imagined.

Mikeys POV
3pm. Bob and I raced to Franks hospital room juggling with our presents. We bumped into Linda on our way. " Hey Linda." I said panting heavily from running up two flights of stairs. She eyed me suspiciously. " Oh! My sorry dear! You're Mikey Way! I'm so forgetful!" She said laughing slightly and patting my shoulder. " We're just seeing Frank's relatives out and then I have to head home for a little bit. His Dads going home for tonight. Could you please keep him company?" She said. Yess! Everything was falling right into place with our plan. " Sure Linda. Our pleasure! We can't wait to give him his presents!" I said before smiling and continuing up the stairs shouting a " see you soon!" to Linda for polite effect. We reached the top and just in time Ray arrived in the lift with Franks best present.

Franks POV
So quiet and still. I had wanted this all day. I loved my family and it was so nice of them to give me gifts and visit but i was just down. Down, because i should be at home, i should be healthy, i should be with Gerard. Tears were beginning to surface when just as i felt myself about to cry an excitable chorus of happy birthday began as three of my friends came through the door holding a cake with a picture of all of us playing twister printed across it. I couldn't help but giggle and cheer them on. They ended the song and set off party poppers before a loud bang And then i was delighted to see that jumping out of a huge box being pushed along by Ray was my Gerard.

Woo! Part two up later today! Man, i should be asleep right now! 28 days until mr Iero turns thirty! :) x
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