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Sun down, Moon up

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Frank and Gerardy!

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Hey folks of ficwad!

Franks POV
I'm confused. Where did everyone go? Why am i surrounded by doctors? My visions blurry but i can make out relief on their faces. I hear the click clack of high heels and there in a matter of subjects is my mother. Her cheeks are stained with tears and i hear my dad sniffling lightly. He never, ever cries. Or even if he does, nobody ever sees it, he doesn't let them in. " Honey, we were so scared." Mom says whispering to me as she strokes my cheek as she always has done. I don't say anything because something is missing. I know just what it is too. " Where's Gerard Mom?" I say looking straight up at her, genuinely worried about my fiancee. " Uh... Frank-h-he's gonesweetie." She stutters and then quickly ends her sentences without stopping to breathe. Gone? What could she mean by that? He couldn't have left the hospital, he wouldn't leave me here alone if i was awake. Completely passed out is a different matter but if i was still living and breathing like i was i knew there was no way in hell he would have left me with choice. " Gone where?" I say my concern building up deep inside of me. She looks around for a second before turning and looking at my Dad and that's when i know. " Dad, where is he?" I say shaking with anger. " He's gone home son, you need to learn to cope without him." He says as he starts to fight tears that are building up. I doubt he's ever cried this much in a year. " Where is he Dad? I swear to God, i'll fucking scream if you don't tell me." I say. Mom glaring at me for my language. I know she hates it when i curse but nobody cares. I have to find Gerard and get him back.

Gerards POV
Frank fucking Sr. Kicked me right out of the hospital and i'm now banned unless i'm admitted as a patient for the next six months. That includes if any other of my relatives or friends are ill and have to be treated there, God forbid that though. Mom's all pissed at me too because she was apparently planning on marrying there and now i can't go as planned so she has to change her venue. Do i really give a damn though? No to be honest. The only think i care about right now is getting back to Frankie.

Donnas POV
"I'm sorry Mrs Way but sanctions just can't be lifted that easily. This is a hospital, we have to be strict." The lady on the other end of the phone says to me. My weddings pretty much ruined then. Only a little longer left of being Donna Way and then i would be Mrs Donna Richmond. Alicia was coming back over specially for the day too. Mikey was so excited. I couldn't exactly call everything off. Although my son is a terror sometimes he has the best interest at heart for Frankie. No, it would all be okay. The wedding was going to be at the hospital. Linda and Frank Sr. could still come and if everything goes to plan, so can Gerard.


Lindas POV
" Frankie, i don't mind staying with you. Your Dad will be leaving soon. I know you're mad but please understand that he's only looking out for you." I try to reason with my son. Although it feels more like i'm desperately trying to convince myself. My soon to be ex husband had been good lately. Ignoring Gerard, avoiding confrontation and keeping everything stable for everyone. The fighting was not getting worse at least and everyone was glad to see that. However, he should have let Gerard stay. I had asked him to let him stay but he wouldn't listen. Then i remembered my poor son alone in the hospital bed and so i left them, hoping my ex would do the right thing and would saunter into the room with Gerard in tow. But no, he had to be the control freak. Again.

Gerards POV
I was waiting for something to happen. Lying on my back staring up at my glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Frank had brought them for me a little while ago. He had a bit of a fetish i think. He said they'd look pretty in the nightime and if i'm honest they really did. Not to mention they were keeping me rather entertained. Every insomniac should buy some. I hear light knocking on my window. Very suddenly mind. I creep over and peek out from behind one of my red curtains. And i have to look twice because there in plaid pyjamas and a denim jacket is Frankie. The streetlight illuminates his face, bringing out every single flaw that made him even more beautiful than he was without them. I rush downstairs and let him in, enveloping him in a huge bear hug. " Ouch, Gee can't breathe." He says laughing softly though. " You're crazy! It's freezing! You're sick!" I almost screech but he just giggles at me so i have to join in. " You did it for me. I though you deserved a surprise!" He exclaims and with that we head up to my room and spend the whole night snuggled up, just talking about the past, the present and the future. Especially our Wedding day.

Thanks for reading! :)
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